Why are people queuing for the iPhone 5?

September 21, 2012

Thousands of people queued up to be in the first group of recipients of the new iPhone 5. My only question is, Why?

Google still facing punishment in Europe

September 21, 2012

Google still facing punishment in EuropeGoogle has offered some concessions to settle claims that it unfairly restricts search competition in Europe — but the man in charge of competition policy there says Google hasn’t gone far enough yet and could face penalties.

Did Apple steal Swiss Railways clock?

September 20, 2012

Apple could be in a spot of legal bother, with Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) claiming the Cupertino-based company has infringed on one of its trademarks. All of a sudden the shoe is on the other foot.

Has Facebook cracked mobile ads?

September 20, 2012

Has Facebook cracked mobile ads?Facebook may have solved the problem of how to get ad revenue from mobile users without ruining their experience and driving them away. But the answer — getting other suckers to take the rap for displaying the ads — might not appeal to those who already find Facebook’s data handling a bit creepy.

German government: stop using Internet Explorer

September 19, 2012

German government: stop using Internet ExplorerIt’s one thing when internet security firms tell people to give Internet Explorer a wide berth while a bug remains unpatched. It’s another when a national government gives the same advice.

Apple’s iPad Mini leaks… probably

September 18, 2012

Apple has sprung a leak, or several, in fact. The latest has seen images of the new iPad Mini spring up online before Apple has even confirmed such a product exists.

Stuxnet and Flame could have three sister viruses

September 18, 2012

Stuxnet and Flame could have three sister virusesTwo major security firms say the people behind the Flame virus may have already developed three similar viruses that haven’t yet been discovered in action. The claims will raise more questions about the involvement of the US government in cyber-warfare.

Winklevoss twins forget Facebook, invest in SumZero

September 17, 2012

The Winklevoss twins Tyler and Cameron, collectively known as Winklevii, are trying their hand at social networking once more, and Mark Zuckerberg is nowhere in sight. Have this pair of multi-millionaires finally moved on from Facebook?

Scientists create a neural implant that improves the brain function of monkeys

September 16, 2012

Scientists create a neural implant that improves the brain function of monkeysScientists at Wake Forest University, the University of Kentucky at Lexington and the University of Southern California at Los Angeles, developed a neural implant that helped rhesus monkeys matching skills.  While it is a long road between animal experimentation and humans, this could point the way to a method of helping people with various forms of dementia like Alzheimer’s.

Chinese PCs ship with viruses preinstalled

September 14, 2012

Chinese PCs ship with viruses preinstalledMost virus creators rely on exploiting human behavior such as tricking people into clicking bogus links. Now it appears scammers in China find it simpler to just put the virus on the computer before the customer even gets it.

Apple sues Polish grocer, claims worldwide fruit rights

September 13, 2012

Apple sues Polish grocer, claims worldwide fruit rightsWe in Britain have a particularly versatile slang phrase “taking the piss.” It can mean gently ribbing a friend, light mockery, or pushing your luck beyond the limits of reason. Apple’s latest legal action is a perfect example of the last definition.

The iPhone 5 arrives… Apple doesn’t fix what isn’t broken

September 12, 2012

It’s here, finally, with Apple taking the wraps off the long-awaited iPhone 5 at a huge press event in San Fransisco. Just don’t expect anything exciting, because the iPhone 5 is anything but exciting. Well, to those of us who aren’t fanboys, at least.

Zuckerberg: Facebook phone makes no sense

September 12, 2012

Zuckerberg: Facebook phone makes no senseFacebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has flatly denied the company is working on making its own smartphone. He says that from a business perspective, the idea it makes no sense.

FBI innocent on Apple hacking; tech firm takes rap

September 11, 2012

FBI innocent on Apple hacking; tech firm takes rapAn American tech company has admitted it was the victim of a hacking that led to the publication of a million Apple device details. The revelation appears to prove the FBI’s denial that it was the source of the stolen data.

Spotify coming to Web browsers?

September 10, 2012

It looks as though Spotify is finally about to roll out a browser-based version of the service, but don’t expect price cuts to accompany this move to the Web.

A new Toys R Us tablet will join the children’s line up

September 10, 2012

A new Toys R Us tablet will join the children's line upToys R Us has a new proprietary tablet advertised on its website for pre-order.  It’s called the Tabeo and it retails for $149.  The tablet won’t actually hit store shelves until October 21st.  The specs at this point are a little sketchy.

Google’s Star Trek doodle is fun to play with

September 8, 2012

Google's Star Trek doodle is fun to play withUnlike a lot of Google’s doodles that are interesting homages to inventors, painters, and important events, today’s doodle commemorates the 46th anniversary of the original Star Trek.  Unlike most doodles that have limited movement or interactivity, this doodle is very engaging.

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