One Republican Says Goodbye To GOP

One Republican Says Goodbye To GOP


I wonder how many more people like James Chaney are out there, sick and tired of the partisan rhetoric and divisive political power grabs.

From the Register-Guard:

My Republican Party was the party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Barry Goldwater, and George H.W. Bush. It was a party of honesty and accountability. It was a party of tolerance, and practicality and honor. It was a party that faced facts and dealt with reality, and that crafted common-sense solutions to problems based on the facts as they were, not as we wished them to be, or even worse, as we made them up. It was a party that told the truth, even when the truth came hard. And now, it is none of those things.

Fifty years from now, the Republican Party of this era will be judged by how we provided for the nation’s future on three core issues: how we led the world on the environment, how we minded the business of running our country in such a way that we didn’t go bankrupt, and whether we gracefully accepted our place on the world’s stage as its only superpower. Sadly, we have built the foundation for dismal failure on all three counts. And we’ve done it in such a way that we shouldn’t be surprised if neither the American people nor the world ever trusts us again.

My party has repeatedly ignored, discarded and even invented science to suit its needs, most spectacularly as to global warming. We have an opportunity and the responsibility to lead the world on this issue, but instead we’ve chosen greed, shortsightedness and deliberate ignorance.

Well put James.

Now, I’m going to come right out and say that I haven’t abandoned the Democratic party. I hold many liberal values very dear, but I can feel this guy’s pain. Neither party really “gets it” anymore and more than any other time in recent history, I truly feel people like myself and James Chaney are yearning for a 3rd way where ideas and reason trump ideology and rhetoric.

So I ask for James and myself, who will heed that call?

Found via The Moderate Voice via Done With Mirrors.

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