Capital Invaded! (Again)

Capital Invaded! (Again)


Washington DC was again invaded by a small prop driven airplane tonight.

The President was valiantly relocated. Rudely interrupted in the throes of voting, Congress too was evacuated. Pedestrians on Pennsylvania Avenue were hurried along by anxious “agents.”

The onslaught lasted for an excruciating ten minutes before the “all-clear” was given.

This was the latest in a string of attacks on the capital mounted by small aircraft. This time from the rogue state Delaware. The motives for the attack are not known.

The offending plane was a King Air 350, said Michael D. Kucharek, a spokesman for North American Aerospace Defense Command in Colorado.

After it was detected, two Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcons scrambled from Andrews..

The fighters “got the pilot’s attention pretty quick,” Kucharek said.

AP article: Police Briefly Evacuate the U.S. Capitol
Image: King Air 350
Image: F-16 Falcon

Should Delaware be added to the Axis of Evil?