No More Propaganda…For A Year…Starting In October…Maybe.

No More Propaganda…For A Year…Starting In October…Maybe.


This is good, right, what the House did today?

The U.S. House of Representatives approved a provision on Thursday designed to bar government agencies for one year from hiring journalists and public-relations firms to secretly tout policies as news. [Emphasis added.]

Wait a minute, this seems like a good idea. Why only one year?

Because the measure is attached to a spending bill, the provision would last only one year..

The bill and this amendment still have to pass the Senate and President.

Isn’t this practice of adding amendments to totally unrelated bills absurd? Why not require separate legislation for everything? Are we too happily married to ‘poison pills’ and ‘pork barrel’ spending to give them up? Isn’t a case like this — where good legislation would expire a year later — every bit as aggravating as these other ills?

Reuters: US House toughens law on publicity, propaganda