Protect Our Borders Now!

Protect Our Borders Now!


A new study released by the Center For Immigration Studies points out that terrorists have been using our own system to slip into the US for years:

WASHINGTON — Some used false documents to enter the United States; others let their legal visas expire once in the country. And at least 21 foreign nationals became naturalized U.S. citizens before being charged or convicted as terrorists.

In all, at least 94 foreign-born visitors accused of terror activity between 1993 and 2004 exploited federal immigration laws to enter or remain in the United States, according to a study being released Tuesday.

Distributed by the Center for Immigration Studies, an advocate for stricter immigration policies, the report provides newly compiled data on U.S. terror arrests to illustrate gaps in the nation’s border security, visa approval and immigration systems. It was written by Janice Kephart, who served as counsel to the 9/11 Commission that investigated missteps leading to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Some of the findings?

_Twenty-two of the 94 either had student visas or other applications approving them to study in the United States; another 17 used visitor visas to enter the country.

_In at least 13 instances, suspected and convicted terrorists overstayed their temporary visas.

_Seven of the 94 were indicted for using false driver’s licenses, birth certificates, Social Security cards and immigration records.

_Twenty-one became naturalized citizens.

So what are we doing about it?

Tightening U.S. borders has become a top priority for Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, who last week called immigration enforcement an issue of utmost importance. The Homeland Security Department has enacted a slew of programs, including stricter background checks, visa security systems and sharing intelligence with international allies, to harden immigration laws against terrorists, spokesman Russ Knocke said.

This is simply not enough. I think it’s fairly safe to assume that once these other avenues are shut down, we’ll start seeing terrorists trying to actively slip through our borders by foot. We need to secure these wide, unguarded stretches of land sooner rather than later. Let’s take a proactive approach to our own safety, instead of waiting until it’s too late.

  • ford4x4

    I think fixing the border problem is a major concern for most Americans. However, we can’t convince our congressmen, senators, or president to do anything about it. I just don’t understand how they can just shrug their shoulders about it.

  • Meredith

    OK, but we need to be careful about starting up a “War on Immigration.”

    “94 foreign-born visitors accused of terror activity between 1993 and 2004” is really not that many people, especially when you considered that they were “suspected” of terrorist activity, not necessarily convicted. I am suspicious that this is just an excuse to spend more money and time keeping “illegals” from taking jobs and using up government resources (i.e. – Average Joe’s valuable tax dollars that he doesn’t want to be spent on those people).

    I think there is always room for reasonable and well-thought-out security measures, but I have heard too many proponents of tighter immigration enforcement admit to the types of things I mentioned above.

  • Justin Gardner

    I would never agree with any type of Immigration War. However, I think it’s a reasonable request to secure our borders furthers. To do anything less is to turn a blind eye to a seemingly wide-open avenue for terrorists to get into the country undetected. If people smuggle drugs into this country everyday, what’s to stop terrorists from smuggling nukes in? Remember, it only takes one mistake and we have a situation none of us could imagine.

  • Steve Hampton
  • Lori S

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    Is it really breaking up families to send them back? Consider this….

    Mexican Women Beg: “Close the Border”
    By David Yeagley | May 11, 2006

    Not all Mexican women want to have “anchor babies� in the Unites States. The real Mexican women of Tecalpulco want their migrant men to come back home and take care of the babies they left behind. “Close the U.S. borders!� they say. “Send our men back home!�

    Tecalpulco is a small village in Guerrero, Mexico, on Mexico’s southernmost border. It is just north of the city of Campuzano. Tecalpulco is famous for hand-made craft and jewelry. There is an internationally known artisans establishment there called ArtCamp. Vacationers know the place. The artisans run a coop, and they’re subject to the pressures of global market manipulation.

    But their men don’t care. They’ve all moved norte, to join the mass trespassing movement in America.

    And the women of southern Mexico are tired of this nonsense. They have expressed their protest to, where a number of pieces on Mexican issues have been posted in recent weeks. has received direct mail from the artisanas campesinas, the women who make the famous jewelry.

    I’ve gotten permission to post this correspondence. The women write from the heart in imperfect English, as one might expect.

    Here is the first, from May 4, 2006:

    When our men went to the United States they were young and adventurous; They have had their adventure, now we want them to come home to us and to their families and to their home country. Close the border so that the ones who are here do not leave. We have work now and the men can help us to sand-down and polish the jewelry.

    Our group is of women from the village of Tecalpulco. The tradition of our village is handcrafted fashion jewelry. Since the men have left, we women have organized a good business of fashion jewelry production in cottage industry. The men can help us, they don’t have any excuse to stay [in America].

    Thank you very much from the hearts of the women of Artesanas Campesinas.

    Rosalinda Mejia Baron

    Eva Albavera Viveros, Contact Person
    [email protected]

    001 762 62 73481
    001 762 62 22758

    So, the women of southern Mexico, far south, have lost their migrant men to the craze of invading America. Their husbands, the fathers of their children, have abandoned them for some grand “revolutionary� fling up north.

    Here’s more, from May 9:

    We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for acknowledging us as persons, we are so grateful that you recognize us for who we are, village women of Mexico.

    We, the women in Mexico, are living under very depressed conditions for a long time. Most of the man in the villages have gone to the United States to work there and have left the women here with the children. At the beginning they were sending money but that was every 6 months or every year, and they weren’t always sending us enough to cover our basic needs. Frequently, these men drop out of our sight all-together.

    We are campesinas, we have our cornfields and do work them, but we have learned that in modern times we can’t live off of them. We have to buy cooking gas, daily food, shoes for the children, school materials, etc. Now that the kids went into school again we barely got enough money to buy their uniforms and we are now working hard to pay the school every month and saving money to buy the rest of the materials that they need. It is impossible to live like this, yet we have no choice except to survive, even though we are inside a pattern where everything is costly.

    We never asked anything from you, still we want to ask you to close the Mexico border to illegal migration because our men go north to get money and they remain up there sometimes with another woman and we don’t like it; we want our men to be deported since they are breaking the laws. Please isn’t there a way to have these men deported back to their homes and families in Mexico? That would be the best to happen for us! because we need their help in sanding and polishing the jewelry we have been producing.

    Thank you, thank you so much in the name of the Rural Artisans Women of Taxco!


    Tamara Hernandez Danel

    This is as plain as it gets. Among the so-called migrant hordes of banditos are deadbeat dad, carelessly leaving behind their wives and children to fend for themselves. So, where’s the voice of international protest here?

    In Europe…………………..

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  • Tony Park

    I always found the notion of a “war on immigration” as absurd considering the origins of this country was because of immigration.