Iraqi Constitution

Iraqi Constitution


Salam Pax decides to reluctantly support the proposed Iraqi constitution.

After a lot of soul searching and nail biting I have made up my mind about the draft.

I don’t like it. I believe we should have done better. And I am especially angry about the US administration for jumping around and cheering about how great this document is, just stop it.


I am also scared of the prospect of having to go through the whole process again, of stopping the ball rolling. Like a cartoon character that has just ran off a cliff I am afraid that if I stop my feet from running and look down I will plunge into an abyss.
I don’t have enough faith in us to say let’s scrap this and start with another transitional government. I feel exhausted.


If the vote were tomorrow I would vote YES and hope that the next elected National Assembly won’t have as much of a religious majority as the current one. I have opted for the ‘optimistic idiot’ option again; I know I will be disappointed.

In the meantime I am putting on my headphones and pretending the world does not exist.

A lesser-of-evils choice married to an irrational hope that things will be better than they look — welcome to democracy in action, pal. We know the feeling.

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