Donklephant Down. Donklephant Up.

Donklephant Down. Donklephant Up.


Constant server issues have made watching our site seem a bit like going on a rollercoaster ride.

Thankfully we’re back up, and as the editor I can assure you that I’m doing everything in my power to make sure the site doesn’t go down again. That doesn’t mean it won’t, but I’m trying really hard to make sure the person who’s in charge of such things knows how disappointed I am with this inconsistency.

But please, stick with us. We’re committed to bringing you quality content day in a day out, and that will always be the aim, regardless of what network we’re in or who’s taking care of the server issues.


  • DosPeros

    Is this like FEMA’s reaction to Katrina — why don’t you prevent server problems rather than react to them? You knew that it would eventually happen, it has happen before — yet, you did nothing to prevent it. You could have set up an alternative website on a backup server. You don’t really care about us — I had to spend an entire day in my cubicle without Donklephant — that left me with Drudge, Defamer and scienTOMogy. Bastards. You hate…people…with computers…that like to waste time at work…. :)

  • Justin Gardner

    You got me. I do hate people with computers. But only white people with computers because white=bad.

    Nice one. 😉