Ten Worst Americans

Ten Worst Americans


There’s a little challenge going around some parts of the blogosphere to nominate your candidates for “Ten Worst Americans of All Time.” It’s based on a British survey.

Now, in our splendid partisan blog-topia, you probably imagine that, if you know the blue-or-red affiliation of each blog, you can pretty much nail 8 or more of their 10 picks.

Here’s Ed Morrissey of “Captain’s Quarters,” for instance. He’s often cited on the left as an extreme exemplar of rabid, right-wing, racist Rethuglican “hate speech.” And sure enough, his 10 starts out with Jimmy Carter at #10. So you just now where the rest of it is going.

Or do you?

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  • DosPeros

    Rethuglican — I love that. Similar to a Dumbassacrat, but very different. While one is a thug, the other is a dumbass. It is interesting, though, to contemplate how one is a “thug” with words — although I know just what you are talking about.

  • Joshua

    Here are my ten nominees (in rough chronological order). The ones in italics are ones that I’ve yet to see nominated anywhere else in the blogosphere so far:

    1) Benedict Arnold (traitor of the Revolutionary War)
    2) Jefferson Davis (Confederate president, who fought the bloodiest war in American history, for all intents and purposes, to preserve slavery)
    3) Nathan Bedford Forrest (KKK founder; the Abu Musab al-Zarqawi of his day and place, and a stand-in for post-slavery racism activists in general on this list; see Captain Ed’s entry)
    4) Carrie Nation (early Prohibitionist activist and stand-in for that movement as a whole on this list; Prohibition’s greatest effect was to make organized criminals rich and powerful, and eventually into “role models” for today’s street gangs)
    5) Tokyo Rose (American propagandist for Japan during WWII)

    6) J. Edgar Hoover (again, see Captain Ed’s entry, which pretty much says it all)
    7) Joe McCarthy (ditto)
    8) Walter Duranty (the Left’s first high-profile cheerleader in America; without Duranty there’d probably be no “Hanoi Jane” Fonda, Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan, political correctness, left-biased MSM, etc. and the Democratic Party would still be both powerful and respectable at the national level)
    9) Richard Nixon (Watergate, and the less obvious reason of starting the modern “War on Drugs” with all that it entails)
    10) Timothy McVeigh (American terrorist; helped carry out largest mass murder on U.S. soil before 9/11/2001)

  • Joshua

    By the way, here’s a link to the blog that started it all, which has since morphed into a link farm for other “Ten Worst Americans” posts across the blogosphere.

  • Devil’s Advocate

    Here is my list:

    1. Dick Cheney
    2. George Bush
    3. Karl Rove
    4. Addington
    5. Rumsfeld
    6. Wolfowitz
    7. Richard Perle
    8. Tom DeLay
    9. Jesse Helms
    10. Alfonso Gonzales

    And I could go on and on, since many of the above are competing for 1, 2, and 3. And I have not even mentioned the dead ones.

    In terms of pure evil, Cheney definitely takes first place, closely followed by Karl Rove, and Antonin Scalia

  • DosPeros

    I’ll go:

    1) Earl Warren
    2) Woodrow Wilson
    3) Micheal Eisner
    4) Margaret Sanger
    5) Alexander Hamilton
    6) 99% of U.S. Catholic Bishops since Vatican II
    7) George Washington — I would have been a Loyalist during the Am. Rev.
    8) Ted Turner
    9) David Corn/Susan Sontag/Noam Chomsky, exc.. — all the same person
    10) Joe Kennedy

  • http://www.northwoodsnovels.com ford4x4

    Off the top of my head, in no particular order:

    1) Joe McCarthy
    2) FDR (Founder of the modern welfare/entitlement state)
    3) Roger Baldwin (Founder of the ACLU)
    4) Nathat Bedford Forrest (did wonders for race relations in the US)
    5) Malcom X, Louis Farrakan, etc (See above)
    6) Insert a random Union Boss name here (priced American labor right out of the market.)
    7) Timothy Mcveigh
    8) Jane Fonda
    9) Nixon
    10) Carter

  • http://www.suche-spezial.com Peter

    The more relevant question turns on whether or not voters want the era of a rubber stamp Congress to end.

  • http://miriamsideas.blogspot.com miriam

    Alexander Hamilton?

    Nobody mentioned Al Sharpton, who presided over a riot in Harlem which killed one person. He also tried to ruin a young man’s life by foisting the Tawana Brawley fraud on the public, and now is hawking usurious loans to poor people.

    Sharpton has gifts, brains, a ready wit, a sense of humor. But he has used them for evil.

    Here’s a man who could have chosen a better path, but chose the worse.

  • Brian in MA

    Here’s mine:

    1. Cindy Sheehan (posing on her son’s grave for her own gain, dispicable)
    2. Margaret Sanger (free abortions for my eugenics plan to kill you idiots, retards, and ingrates!)
    3. John Kerry (the modern Benedict Arnold/hasbeen)
    4. Ruth Bader Ginsburg (no peeks, no previews, and the Supreme Court is a political tool to boot. Oh, and I can sleep on the job, too.)
    5. Ted Kennedy (and his car)
    6. Benedict Arnold (the purplecoat himself)
    7. Joe Mccarthy (a fearmonger is a fearmonger.)
    8. Hillary Rodham Clinton (The Racist Ice queen.)
    9. Lyndon B. Johnson (hey, thanks for sending us to war, nimrod. Nixon got the blame but you started the whole damn thing.)
    10. All the outspoken know-nothings of Hollyweird.