Apart from the inevitable poor taste jokes about the South Korean cloned dog claim, e.g. South Korea has apparently found a way to insure replicating a good meal (I know, very bad), the prospect of such a possibility does lead to some interesting questions.

A South Korean investigation panel looking into the works of a disgraced scientist said on Thursday it could not yet reach a conclusion on whether his team produced the world’s first cloned dog.

The same Seoul National University panel dealt a devastating blow to scientist Hwang Woo-suk, saying there was no data to back the fundamental claim in a landmark 2005 paper that Hwang’s team had produced the world’s first tailored embryonic stem cells.

A few months after Hwang grabbed headlines with the May paper on the tailored stem cells, he was back in the spotlight again. This time it was with an Afghan hound puppy named Snuppy, which Hwang claimed was the world’s first cloned dog.

While the jury’s still out on whether “Snuppy” is the world’s first cloned dog, it’s just a matter of time and $$ before such a claim is indeed reality.

So, when the technology would allow for cloning of the next rung in the evolutionary ladder (just above the Dog Genus) yes, that of the politician, who would you like to see get first cloning honors?

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  • Bush, of course, because of the delightful ethical conundrums it would cause for him!

  • Good job.