Turning Muslim In Texas

Turning Muslim In Texas


Wow, you have to see this documentary. American religious conservatives are converting to Islam in Texas. The documentary even states that Islam is the fastest growing religion in America because religious conservatives are picking up the Quran and realizing it’s the purest form of religion and could “save Americans from themselves.” Can anybody back these claims up?

In any event, check it out at Google Video. The video is Flash, but you can download it if you want. I did and I highly recommend taking a peek. It’s only 25 minutes long.

Also, if you so desire, you can contact the person who posted this on Google Video at [email protected] But please, view the video first and ask questions later.

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  • http://bronxpundit.blog-city.com William Dipini Jr.


  • http://philpolnotes.blogspot.com/ William Dipini Jr.

    Terribly scary.

  • http://pedestrianinfidel.blogspot.com John Sobieski

    That was too funny. I particularly liked that one zealot woman who made all the women line up shoulder to shoulder and do their prayers right and really mean it! Such a busybody for Islam. You can’t help but laugh at these stupid people who just jump into Islam with little or no research. They’re all losers.

  • http://www.donklephant.com Justin Gardner

    Heh…well I don’t think this is scary OR that they’re losers. They’re just trying to find their way in this world, much like all of us.

    But I do think it’s interesting that these very zealous religious folk converted from Chritianity because they see Islam as a purer form of worship. That’s what most people I know who practice Islam say, and I have to say that if highly regimented religious dogma with little room for interpretation begats purity, Islam is 99.9% pure. The diet, the waking up before the sun rises, the clothes. It certainly creates a very specific type of world, where there’s not a lot of diversity. That is a certain type of purity.

    However, I prefer my heathen pleasures for the time being.

  • Rabid Agnostic

    This has got to be a spoof. From one rigid mindset to another. Gods help us

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    Arm yourselves.

  • http://www.kozoru.com Justin Gardner

    Not a spoof. It’s the real deal.

  • Joshua

    Two thoughts:

    1) If – nay, when – the American moonbat Left finally collapses into irrelevance, someone will eventually have to fill that vacuum as a counterbalance to the Christian Right. For some time I’ve suspected that fundamentalist Islam might end up filling this bill, and this documentary certainly does nothing to dispel that idea.

    2) If America ultimately defeats al Qaeda and their ilk (likely) and manages to contain Iran long enough for the mullahs to lose their grip on power (difficult but doable), but fundamentalist Islam is still able to become a major political force in the West through non-terrorist means such as this, can we really say we’ve won this war? I don’t think so.

  • john


    Is this war against terrorism or Islam?

  • Ernie Spoon

    Monotheistic religion is humanity’s worst invention. Fundamentalist fanaticism, regardless if it is Judaism, Christianity or Islam, is destroying the fabric of civil society worldwide.

  • ochibashigure

    if it shows any thing it shows that this way of life is likely to change the face of the oxident , peacfuly. i mean i understand english in london turn to islam but how on earth would conservitaves texans complet with boots do.

    there is somthing attractive about it, it may be why the neocons are up in arms trying to put an end to islam through war on terror.

    dont you think

  • Timur

    If you have a newspaper from today ,yesterday and the day before it which would you read ???I supose the today news are most atractive.
    That is Islam…the final word from God,so if you want to stay on the right path try understand it or be the lost ship of Israel….what is the cost of reading the Quran ,we have only one life to spent on..so do your best to understand it.

  • Dr.Vajra Sharma

    I was born a Hindu and hated Islam, just like many here did. From birth, I was taught to hate Muslims.

    Then, for my master’s degree at Oxford, I took comparative religions. In the class, I met another Hindu girl, who had embraced Islam. We had a long debate, heated on my part, at times. She said, she was initially impressed by the status Islam had given to Women (as compared to Hinduism, and Christianity).

    My thinking about Islam changed, as my class progressed, and I could no more believe in Hinduism. I had studied Christianity also, but it was Islam which I chose.

    Those of you who ‘fear’ Islam, the only thing you should fear is fear itself. Islam will set you free. I am thankful I found Islam.

  • http://www.apostatesofislam.com/apostates.htm Wilfred

    I was like the converts featured in the documentary. The fact is, the vast majority of converts to Islam eventually leave the religion after a couple of months. They would be fed a sanitized version of Islam, but once they discovered the real content of the Qur’an and hadith, they would never be seen near the mosque again. I left Islam after realizing it was just as false as Hinduism or Christianity or Judaism. It was something new to try to get through the times, but at the time I honestly believed in it 100%. How naive I was. How naive we all are.

  • Bilal

    Please Visit Zaytuna Institute


    Also read the book: The Vision of Islam

  • Aylinn

    Their choose is the real one.
    Islam is correct and last religion, if you read Qurann you will see, why are they choosen?

  • Rob

    This documentary was simply a reminder to me how Texas is rife with superstitious and irrational people. Traditionally they are usually Bible thumpers, but this handful of Muslim converts aren’t much different. They are unable to think for themselves, take responsibility for their own actions and accept life and reality for what it is.

    People who convert to any religion tend to be confused people searching for greater meaning in life or “purpose”

    I really felt sick watching that lady indoctrinate her kids by going “Who made that leaf? Allah did!”. I was hoping one of the kids would say “Photosynthesis?”