What Cheney Wants

What Cheney Wants


… in his hotel room. We saw that. SmokingGun also tells us what John Kerry wants. Or maybe it’s what Teresa wants. Sort of hard to tell the diff sometimes, know’m sayin?

Let’s see … “hates celery,” I’m down with that.Stringy water. Shit consumes more calories in chewing it than you get from digesting it. Wants Milanos. Points for that! Missed the extra cred he would have got for double Milanos, though.

“Never order tomato based products” ? Would that include Heinz ketchup?

For your convenience, Ace of Spades does the comparison with Cheney.

  • BrianOfAtlanta

    The Ace of Spades comparison was a bit raw for my tastes. I prefer the one WizBang did.

  • http://www.kozoru.com Justin Gardner

    Ha! That’s some list. Jeezus.

  • Meredith

    I think tomato is off the list, as are spicy food, citrus and chocolate because of heartburn/acid reflux issues. Those are all foods that are very acidic.

  • Katie

    The Cheney list is unremarkable except for two items, that all TVs be tuned to Fox News and the line about “if the hotel wishes to place a gift in the room.” Now the spokeperson did say later that gifts were not solicited, but it sure sounds to me like a not-so-subtle hint that a gift is expected.

    The shallow interpretation that these VIPs have prima donna tendencies as evidenced by their food preferences totally misses the point and the value of Smoking Gun’s Cheney item.

  • GN

    Dick’s needs and wants are REAL high on my priority list. It would be fun to make little FOX stickons for the TV screens, and then tune them MSNBC. Hey, we aim to please the customers..