Meanwhile . . . Find Cheaper Gas Near You.

Meanwhile . . . Find Cheaper Gas Near You.


Here’s how . . . I think.

In an e-mail newsletter I received this link:

It finds the cheapest gas station near you, without you wasting a gallon or two driving around looking for it.

Just plug your zip code in and it’ll tell you the lowest — and highest — price in your area. Check it out.

There’s a catch, and that’s why the “I think . . . ” I haven’t been able to try this out.

It doesn’t work with either of my active browsers, Safari or Firefox. It’s a Bill Gates party favor. Presumably it works only with Internet Explorer, maybe even only for MSN subscribers. My parents are. I’ll try it out on their computer and get back.

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  • Bob Aman

    If you’re on OS X, just use the Dashboard widget.

  • Meredith

    It does work on Windows. I received this message at work and then forwarded it on to my friends. I haven’t tried it on my mac though. Will try the Dashboard widget.

  • Tim

    It works just fine on Mozilla for Fedora Linux, which is about as non-Microsoft as you can get.

  • Bob J Young

    Try using
    It tends to be more up to date than MSN.

  • jimf

    works great with Opera….

  • Bradley

    Worked with Firefox for me.

  • Bob Aman

    And for more of a political angle, here and here.

  • Bob Aman

    I think MSN just excludes OS X users here.