It’s actually a t-shirt. I’m getting three. One for me, myself and I.

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  • Meredith

    I can flash all the gang signs. I learned to do it in high school (a mostly white, private, catholic one). I’m going to practice on this one, so that I can add it to my repertoire.

  • Callimachus

    I used to have a deaf-mute girlfriend, so the first thing I thought of was ASL. And I thought it was saying “I fucked your hamster in the ass.” Which is the kind of thing she would say in biker bars when she got cheesed.

  • XWL

    Gangs in the US have killed tens of thousands of people of color, and lead to the incarceration of millions over the past half century.

    There’s nothing, cute, ironic, or hip about anyone celebrating gang culture in any, way shape or form.

    (with the exception of GTA:SA, and only cause it’s such a well done game)

    That people see something like this and don’t see that from a moral standpoint this isn’t far different from using a swastika or confederate flag in a joking or ironic way is pathetic.

  • GN

    Say it louder … you speak the truth!