Much Ado About a Military Background

Much Ado About a Military Background


What? No dog fight?

Hayden confirmed as new CIA director

  • DosPeros

    I’ll give it to the Democrats from not behaving poorly and helping to confirm a decorated officer and career intelligence professional. Unlike a Supreme Court confirmation, the country really doesn’t have the time for political grandstanding when it comes to the leadership of the CIA.

    BTW, does any body think it funny that one of the networks (I’m can’t remember which one) ran Enemy of State — (pretend Tom Clancey fell down a flight of stairs, suffered massive brain injury and then tried to write a B-grade flick about the NSA).

    Anyway, why couldn’t they have shown the Manchurian Candidate (the original) or Three Days of the Condor or any number of good movies? They could have made their point and profited from the current boogey-man national espirit — with a great cinema. Instead we get Will Smith and Gene Hackman with nerd glasses. God. Assholes.

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