Finally, A Specific Game Plan for the Democrats.

Finally, A Specific Game Plan for the Democrats.


From Seth Chalmer, also quoting Jared Lefevre of The Split Rail. Jared:

1. A strategy for Iraq, set in clear terms…

2. Securing ports and borders…

3. Initiatives to support the development of green technology. Governmental power (grants, tax breaks, etc.) should be used to support a growing industry that will not only protect us from the decimation of the environment but give Americans a new, lucrative market to dominate….

4. Universal health care.

5. Strengthening civil liberties protections.

6. Election reform. Uniform voting requirements, equitable distribution of equipment.

7. Investigation of Big Oil’s windfall profits and the energy futures markets.

8. The restoration of Congress’ ability to appoint Independent Counsels to investigate government abuse.

9. A non-partisan, independent Ethics Committee to oversee the Legislative branch.

10. Either endorse the Senate immigration bill, or unveil another plan. My own personal idea (in addition to the “pay a fine, wait in line” proposal) is to grant citizenship to those who enlist in the armed forces, become fire fighters or police officers, work for the government, or join the Peace Corps and remain in those positions for five years.

Seth adds:

1.Fix education. Increase teachers’ salaries three or four times over to attract more highly qualified teachers, but give schools the ability (and duty) to fire poor teachers based on student performance. Make the Right more willing to go for the large spending increase by tossing them a well-regulated voucher program. (For more details, read The 2% Solution.)

2. Confront tyranny in the world. Do it more calmly, consistently and fairly than the President and Republican party have done — with a much wider range of appropriate actions in between empty words and bazookas. And without giving China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or anyone else a free pass. We need a constant, reasonable system of carrots and sticks.

3. Enhance veterans’ benefits.

4. Reform Congressional internal rules. The majority leader should not have veto power over any bill. But currently, he all but does, because even if a committee votes a bill to the floor, the majority leader can pocket-veto it by refusing to schedule a vote.

5. Give US labor laws sway over all US territories. You can argue for raising the minimum wage or lowering it — you can argue for regulating or deregulating — but whatever they are, our federal laws to protect workers must apply everywhere. Whatever rules we enforce in Maryland should be in effect on the Mariana Islands too.

6. Reform the prison system. Find new models and methods. Cut recidivism, prison abuse, prison gang/drug activity and other atrociously common problems.

7. Gay rights. I think Democrats need to embrace and champion them. Marriage, adoption, workplace rights, and the right not to face discrimination. The hard core of anti-gay voters aren’t going to vote Democratic anyway, and it’s just the right thing to do.

8. End slavery worldwide, including sex-slavery, debt-bondage, etc.

9. Simplify the tax code. I’m not married to any single plan. (But for a good look at the problem, read Perfectly Legal.)

Go over to Jared’s and Seth’s for the context and the links. Then comment and amend . . . there or here.

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  • Callimachus

    Most of those look more like goals than plans.

    Abd when the points get specific, they get troublesome.

    Among a few quibbles:

    Increase teachers’ salaries three or four times over to attract more highly qualified teachers, but give schools the ability (and duty) to fire poor teachers based on student performance.

    Errrhem; the teachers around here are making spectacular salaries AND have benefits everyone but a state legislator would envy. The problem is urban vs. suburban schools; teaching in those are two different jobs.

    Also the micromanaging and overmandating of the classrooms stifles real teaching. Also, the need is for qualified math and science teachers; we can get all the English and SS we want.

    Also, with the entire education system here run on real estate taxes, you’ve just doubled my tax rate.

    Also, the problem with vouchers is not right v. left so much as a serious constitutional block; I just don’t think they’re the answer.

    So, in a word, no.

  • Brian in MA

    And I assume the Democrats are planning to fund this from the magical money tree that grows inside the courtyard of the capitol building.

    And I concur with Callimachus, they do sound more like broad platitudes and goals then any sort of plan, and they include the standard “and its the Republicans fault” line.

    Why is it that I think after we had 8 years of slick willie galavanting around the world with a Democratic congress that the Democrats, if they regain power, will do nothing?

    I especially shudder at points 4 and 5. “Universal health care” is what I like to call “a black hole for taxpayer money”. Remember that BS they tried to pass in Massachusetts? Yeah, we had a health INSURANCE proposal where we knew neither the coverage nor the cost, but we did know that it would be bankrupt within 2 or 3 years and would need “additional funding” in order to survive. What this means for us Morlocks is that the government decides how much you pay in, has no requirement to give you anything because they have not defined the plan, and have made a promise to pillage the contents of your wallet in later years to continue this slush fund, err, “health care initiative”.

    The problem with 5 is that it is too broad. Let me guess, because they don’t want to engage in racial profiling, they will be randomly searching white guys at the mexican border looking for coyotes, and when searching for terrorists they will pull over little old ladies in wheel chairs because clearly they have a chance to be plotting nefarious misdeeds – after all, they have Hover-round!

    And goals 1 and 2 coming from Democrats are laughable. 1 is laughable because the Democrats have already stated openly we can’t win the war, and for all the flack they give Bush for “not having a plan”, anyone who checks out the White House website can tell such is not the case and the Democrats are trying the “if you repeat a lie often enough” strategy.

    On 2 we’ve got the liberal Democrats giving protections and benefits to persons who have infiltrated our country and defrauded our government, while screwing over those of us who are actually citizens.

    And 7 clearly shows no understanding of economics, and therefore if the Demos ran with it we should not trust them to run any program in which they would be spending other people’s money(e.g. you, the taxpayer’s). Oil companies are still making the 7 or 8 cents a gallon they have always made, more gallons of oil are simply being bought. As a percentage of gas price, we pay twice as much in taxes on gas then oil companies make in profits. However, if you follow the hiostory if the Democratic party and specifically the powers that be today, they have never met a tax hike they didn’t like and never met a tax cut they didn’t loathe.

    And goal 6 sounds like whining to me. “Clearly we aren’t winning elections for some reason, the voting system must be flawed!” Yeah right. Our voting system is fine, and if the Demos engaged in persistent whining only shows that they are not only unable to win elections, but are sore losers as well.

    Just think of something better than the Kossacks, they are 0 for 15.

    As for me, I’m praying to the lord for an actual conservative Republican to try and run for office, someone who stands on principal and doesn’t pander to special interests. Unforunetely, Laffey is running for RI Senate, so its more praying for me. I can’t get a firm lock on McCain, don’t know much about Guiliani, and not sure if Condi is running. Gonna be a long two years.

  • ryan P

    Hey there i love the points you brought up especialy this one “. End slavery worldwide, including sex-slavery, debt-bondage, etc.”
    i would love to hear what you have to say as to how you would think we could go about doing that

  • Ian Jones

    Brian, I completely agree with your reservations over the funding of these policies. You say that universal healthcare equates to ‘a black hole for tax payers money’. I too remain sceptical over whether such a monumental policy can be introduced at no detriment to the tax payer. Certainly, the manifesto appears broad and vague, and perhaps deliberately so. It is simply short sighted of the Democrats to make these extravagant promises with no apparent acknowledgement or concern for the financial ramifications.