Global Warming, Hurricane Katrina and the National Science Foundation

Global Warming, Hurricane Katrina and the National Science Foundation


The National Science Foundation commissioned a study on Hurricane Katrina. The question being asked? Did global warming have any effect on the strength of the storm?

Here’s an excerpt of the release from the group that conducted the study, the National Center for Atmospheric Research:

Global warming does not guarantee that each year will set records for hurricanes, according to Trenberth. He notes that last year’s activity was related to very favorable upper-level winds as well as the extremely warm SSTs. Each year will bring ups and downs in tropical Atlantic SSTs due to natural variations, such as the presence or absence of El Nino, says Trenberth. However, he adds, the long-term ocean warming should raise the baseline of hurricane activity.

So a big deal? Sure, but don’t let this little piece of information be an errant reminder. Our planet is getting hotter, and while it could be a natural occurence, in all likelihood our behavior is making the Earth warmer than it should be right now. Yes, we’re spewing quite a bit of pollution into the air, and it has to have some sort of effect.

Don’t you think?

  • Brian in MA

    No. Over the course of history Earth has been much hotter and much colder.

    Almost the entirety of what we now call the temperate zone was tropical a several million years ago, then we got blasted by an Ice Age.

    It is narcissistic to believe that man is at once no different from the animals and at the same time believe that we are the source of every increase or decrease in world temperature.

    By the way, in the 70’s the doomsayer meme was “global cooling”. Global warming being significantly caused in source by humans is science fiction. It is simply a means for the Democratic party to keep everyone voting for them because they “care about the environment” and of course, rather than videoconferencing from one location, they feel the need to take a private jet everywhere to tell you just how evil people with hummers are.

  • Ken Dickman

    If you care about global warming , bring back the propeller aircraft .

    Stop the jet aircraft from poluting the upper atmosphere , have them fly at lower altitudes & then their exhaust will mix with water vapor &
    fall as rain.
    Katrinas are the result of sea warming, resulting from under-sea vents ,
    resulting from solar wind activity , resulting from sunspot activity ,
    resulting from planetary angular separation , contact me for my PDF file on the :- short & long term planetary effects on sun & earth . ” Dicky “

  • DosPeros

    If you’ve ever flown into Mexico City — the equivalent of a human toilet bowl – you know that pollution must have SOME effect on SOMETHING.

  • Kevin

    “It is narcissistic to believe that man is at once no different from the animals and at the same time believe that we are the source of every increase or decrease in world temperature.”

    Until I start seeing reindeer driving hummers, I’m inclined to believe that yes, human beings do have a disproportionally large impact on the environment.

    Also, Everytime this topic comes up it seems like someone has to bring up how much warmer or colder the earth was in the past. Thats all well and good, except that warmer or colder earth would be incapable of supporting 6 billion humans. Crops dont grow too well in the Sahara or Amazon. They don’t grow very well on a glacier either.

    Lastly, I strongly disagree with demonizing the messenger (i.e. greenies in private jets) as a means of discrediting the message. Global warming isn’t a problem because Democrats suck is neither a logical nor a valid arguement.

  • Pete

    Brian says;

    “It is simply a means for the Democratic party to keep everyone voting for them…”

    Um, I don’t think anyone has voted Democratic since the 90’s. Yuk, yuk.

    Anyway, this is how I think this will play out. One hundred years from now 100% of energy produced will be pollutant free and renewable. This will happen not because we are environmentalists but because the alternative’s will become cost prohibitive both economically and politically.

    The damage we will have caused will be a blip on the screen. Oh, and then an ice-age will come and reduce the human population to about 3% of what it is today.

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    Remember this fact: The greatest damage that humans have done to the environment is…(drum-roll please)…Farming.

    The entire natural ecology of the planet has been destroyed, and the surface of the earth has been completely terraformed to suit our needs. It is the worst natural catastrophe since the meteor that killed the dinosaurs, and it all occured before the industrial age began.

    I’m sure that whatever climate change occurs because of pumping Co2 into the atmosphere will pale in comparison to the effect agriculture has had over the past 1000 years. Anyway, so what. Farming has changed the climate, but it has also been invaluable to human beings. Industrialization is even more benificial to people, despite possible environmental consequences.

  • Meredith

    In reading these comments, I am struck by how a few of you seem to be making really wild statements as if they are completely supported by scientific facts. Farming is the most damaging to our environment? Humans aren’t responsible for environmental problems? Global warming is science fiction?

    I don’t think I need to refute these claims because one can easily google global warming and have lots of legitimate reports and studies at their finger tips. There IS a reason that this topic has started to pop back up again in the news lately. Global warming is a problem, and it is a fact that we need to start worrying about our environment and alternative energy sources. I doubt that we are in imminent danger of imploding anytime soon, but we are a little late on getting some plans going. It’s time to start caring people. Let’s not let political issues prevent us from taking care of business in this country. If we don’t stop that, we will destroy ourselves.

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    ….I am struck by how a few of you seem to be making really wild statements as if they are completely supported by scientific facts.

    ….it is a fact that we need to start worrying about our environment and alternative energy sources.

    How is this different?

    There is no such thing as objectivity, we all present what we believe are facts supported by evidence. You don’t think terraforming almost the entire surface of the earth was the most destructive thing humans have ever done to the natural ecology of the planet?

  • Meredith

    Jimmy, it’s different because there is support for the fact that we have some environmental concerns to look after. Just google “global warming.”

    Where is your proof?

  • Trickish Knave

    Meredith, the other side can also google and find information to refute your doomsday environmental outlook. The problem is the the ‘proof’ is subjective.

    It’s time to start caring people. Let’s not let political issues prevent us from taking care of business in this country.

    People do care. It isn’t politics that motivates me to drive my truck to work. I need a truck to haul my shit around and at the same time provide transportation. The global warming issue is something that would probably gain more support if it weren’t for whinning greenies and Al Gore’s dumbass shoving it down our throats.

  • Meredith

    I don’t have a doomsday environmental outlook. If you had actually bothered to read what I wrote, you would know that. You’re right that the other side can come up with info, but consider the source.

    You’ve got to be kidding me about liberals shoving things down everyone’s throats. Where have you been since 2000? The administration since then has done everything it can do to turn back the clock on environmental activism. The worst that can be said of Gore and “whining greenies” is that they might sound like annoying PSA’s. But please do continue to be stubbornly uncooperative and use them as excuses. That seems to be working out really well.

    Listen, I don’t even know if I will have children, but I care enough about your future generations to leave this planet in good shape so that it isn’t gone quite so soon.

  • Kevin

    “The global warming issue is something that would probably gain more support if it weren’t for whinning greenies and Al Gore’s dumbass shoving it down our throats.”

    Translation, I don’t like the messenger so I will ignore the message. The republicans have done their job well with Al Gore. 8 years ago he won the popular vote and came within a few hundred votes of winning a the electoral victory. Now he’s a “whiny greenie”, someone not worth listening to.

    What did we get instead, a republican, an oil man who wasn’t going to screw up our economy with some greenie bullshit. and look at the results, oil is so much cheaper now. Oh wait..

  • Stefano

    I am really amazed with all these qualified people to dispute Science. I thought Scientits were highly intelligent people who had PHD’s. are specialists in their area of concentration, dedicate their lives to it, conduct research, and published in peer review journals. Now legislators, conservatives and other anti-gloabl warming folks are qualified to dispute the science on global warming without any scientific training.

    We trust science to improve our lives in medicine and technology, but when it comes to global wariming and evolution, they just don’t get it right.

    I am really at a loss, what is the resistence to Global warming being true? Why should I beleive you over science? I honestly don’t get it? What is the resistence really about?

  • Brian in MA

    Wrong Kevin. For all our “oil President” talk, we haven’t built a refinery in 30 years or drilled in Alaska have we? Al Gore is a shady, dirty politician who can’t cut it in a place called reality. He “invented the internet”, he went to Saudi Arabia to rile up our enemies, and now he’s trying to convert us to the church of world doom.

    There is no evidence to support human intervention as the cause of global warming vs planetary climate cycles.

    Here’s a newsflash, Humans populate the top mile of the earth’s crust. The remaining several million miles are subject to planetary forces FAR beyond human control.

    Al Gore was NEVER someone worth listening to, aside from being a left wing eco-moron who uses up more gas flying back and forth from the Sierra Club one time than the rest of us use in an entire year, he has the audacity to say he “invented the internet” and is in general a whiner not worthy of anyone’s time.

    There is nothing but anecdotal evidence to suggest that we evil humans are causing the world to die a swift death. Should we be more careful about pollution etc? Well, Duh. But I hardly think that the temperature rising 1 degree over 10 years is something to worry about. EGADS, its now -49 in Fargo and 156 in the Sahara Desert, we’re all DOOMED! ABANDON SHIP! WE ONLY HAVE 10 YEARS! DOOMED I SAY! The Earth existed long before humans and will do so long after. This “global warming” nonsense is just a means to prevent human progress.

  • Trickish Knave

    Meredith, I did read your post and to make it easier for you actually quoted you. Perhaps it is not I who should read more carefully.

    You’re right that the other side can come up with info, but consider the source.

    Ahh, I get it. Only sources that defend global warming are allowed.

    But please do continue to be stubbornly uncooperative and use them as excuses.

    Haha, now who’s mindreading? Uncooperative because I drive a truck? Thank you for contributing to the reason I can’t stomach talking to whinney greenies. You still think cell phones cause gas pumps to spontaneously explode too?

  • john


    You are a bitter man, considering the Republicans have been in power for quite some time, of Congress, the Presidency and the Court. Gore has very little impact on the decisions of Americans and still you spout off like he’s running for president. This kinda fits in with the if they don’t agree with me they are idiots bit typical of your posts. Look, if you think that the increases in the climate over the past fifty years you clearly are not willing to look at the evidence. When almost all credible climatologists agree that the climate is climing significantly for geological considerations within the past fifty years verse all other recorded time, you are blinded by your hatred of “greenies” to at least admit that the data might tell another story. On the bright side, at least your admitting that the Earth is billions of years old opposed to 4000.

    We got to the moon in a matter of a couple of years essentially. We can dedicate that kind of energy that will assure that maybe this greenie mumbo jumbo might just be right, and we are actually be having some impact on the world we live on. Hey we could also cut off funding for terrorists by not buying oil from the middle east too… bonus. Terrorists are still evil, right?

  • Brian in MA


    Fact: Democrats complain about gas prices.
    Also Fact: Democrats refuse to let us build more refineries and drill in Alaska.

    Fact: Democrats complain about global warming
    Also Fact: Democrats put more CO2 in the air than the rest of us combined flying around scolding us for how much CO2 we put in the atmosphere.

    Fact: Credible climatologists agree that the world is warming but disagree on whether humans are a significant factor compared to say, volcanic eruptions, other geothermal activity, or solar flares.
    Also Fact: The Democrats only accept those credible climatologists who say humans are the cause of all or most global warming.

    I would not reccomend calling me “bitter” john when you seem to think that I would believe the earth is only 4000 years old, a claim I have never made. Nor have I made the argument that the earth is not warming, I am simply saying that humans are not the base cause of that warming. Furthermore, the assumption that global warming is a bad thing is ridiculous. If temperatures do increase we may lose some polar bears but we gain tropical areas. The earth has changed numerous times over its existence and it is foolhardy and narcissistic to believe that humans have the same or more effect than the rest of the relevant cosmos. To illustrate: the moon, a giant chunk of otherwise uninteresting rock floating above us, is responsible for the tides. The idea the earth doesn’t have an equally powerful, if different, effect on the planet’s cycles is ludicrous.

    Let us assume the greenies are right and the end is near. How exactly do they propose to get us on green technology in a matter of years if humans doing so much as breathe out CO2 puts a massive strain on the atmosphere. If they are right we would have to squelch progress, not move ahead with it. Enviromentalism is at odds with progress. Progress requires energy and energy makes waste. Environmentalism has zero tolerance for any waste, so even if we wanted to search for “greener fuels”, we’d make so much waste in the process the “think green” crowd would never allow it.

  • john

    “Fact: Democrats complain about gas prices.
    Also Fact: Democrats refuse to let us build more refineries and drill in Alaska.”

    These are the only solutions? Offer other tangible alternatives to just finding more oil.

    “Fact: Democrats complain about global warming
    Also Fact: Democrats put more CO2 in the air than the rest of us combined flying around scolding us for how much CO2 we put in the atmosphere.”

    What? Hardly FACT Brian, and most of your points refer to a few democrats and not all. At least call them Lefties or something along those lines to separate them from other Dems. I rarely refer to all republicans when I speak of people so far on the right they forget where the middle is, Know anyone like that?

    “Fact: Credible climatologists agree that the world is warming but disagree on whether humans are a significant factor compared to say, volcanic eruptions, other geothermal activity, or solar flares”

    Check this again, maybe I spend too much time watching/ listening/ reading the Leftwing Propagandist Meme you hate, but most of the credible climatologist I’ve heard of accept the notion that green house gases contribute to global warming. Now Fox News tends to choose the climatologists that lean another way, but they have a vastly smaller pool of experts to choose from.

    “The Democrats only accept those credible climatologists who say humans are the cause of all or most global warming.”

    That’s because it is they are defending their point. A point that from the majority of climatologists, humans do have some impact on global warming.

    Actually, I give you credit for believing the world is more than a thousand years. But that is not why I think your bitter, Brian. The overall tone of your posts handle that. And your correct, the earth has changed a number of times over the Billions of years it’s been floating around out there, the concern is not that the Earth is changing, however, that the earth is changing at a Rate that has never been seen by the very minor period of time humans have been writing down weather. And you keep tossing about these assumptions that the Earth is changing naturally by other factors than human contribution, and you don’t seem to be backing that up with any scientific data to support it.

    “If they are right we would have to squelch progress, not move ahead with it. Environmentalism is at odds with progress. Progress requires energy and energy makes waste. Environmentalism has zero tolerance for any waste, so even if we wanted to search for “greener fuelsâ€Â?, we’d make so much waste in the process the “think greenâ€Â? crowd would never allow it.”

  • Lewis

    Science can’t always predict the weather 2 weeks out with a good degree of accuracy. Not only, many grand scientific theories thought to be gospel truth have later been proven false, like for example, all the planets revolving around the earth.

    The scientists have in some part based their projections of warming on temperature data taken over the world the last 100 years or so and averaged. Has anyone questioned the accuracy of the temperature measurements and other metrological data taken so long ago? Scientists are looking for a couple degrees increase in “average” world temperature. That’s an incredibly tiny trend that can easily be swayed by inaccurate data or statistical computational errors. Throw in the fact that in the past, there have been climate cycles. For example, the mini ice age that occured during the 1300’s I think.

    Bottom line for me is that I’m glad Gore has an opinion but I can’t buy all the hype based on the science. I’d be more worried about nuclear bombs screwing up the world climate rather than somebody’s Hummer.

  • DosPeros

    Holy shit, I leave for 8 hours and a brawl breaks out. Well, the Democrats do suck and Mexico City at 3000 feet smells like you’ve flown into a cloud of acid-laced fecal dust. Will the acid-laced fecal dust bring about an apocolyptic environmental change killing 97% of humanity? I don’t know. Does our policy towards planet earth necessarily have to hinge upon the “extend” we are going to fuck the place up, the level of our earth-raping tolerance.

    Pollution is an negative externality of our petro driven economy. Given enough facts, we could calculate the shifted-cost of each individuals emissions if we had some set price for the environment. The perfect market solution for the environment is not that “noth’in” is done, but that the generator of emission is charged for his emissions.

    The value of the environment is subjective and so we get conflicted values. The anti-environmentalist don’t want the earth to be swamped and for everyone to die, nor do they really believe that there is NO EFFECT from pollution. They just value their own current economic safety, at the moment, more than any threat to the enviroment with the current scientific evidence. Reasonable people can disagree on our impact on the environment and the relative value of the temperature.

    Al Gore is on Letterman and Syriana just came in Netflicts. Good Lord. Al Gore, claiming the end is near, is not a good eco-marketing strategy. He said verbatim, “The scientific debate is over.” Really? Global warming is an empirical fact? That is bullshit. Why doesn’t he just say, “The scientific debate continues, but if I’m right and the anti-environmentalist is wrong — it means humanity is doomed.” Doesn’t the prospect of doomed humanity (along with significant supporting evidence) carry the day over polly-anna-ism (supported by lesser evidence)? If is he so certain of his position, why doesn’t he encourage the continued debate — obviously there are scientists with conflicting theories on the effect of the floating cloud of acid-laced fecal dust.

  • Meredith

    My sources are scientists. They are people, as mentioned above by Stefano, who have spent years working on MD’s, PhD’s and the like. They are not partisan, at least while they are doing their jobs, which are to conduct decades-long scientific experiments to determine what climate shifts we are having, how pure our air and water are, how we’re doing on natural resources, etc. Sources which do NOT count on this topic are politicians, who usually have a response akin to, “Nuh Uhh – no there is not global warming – that’s just something leftwing nuts say.”

    I don’t know why you keep freaking out about your damn truck. I never said you were an evil person for having one, that I thought it was bad – I’ve never said anything about you owning a truck! The point is, people like you are basically demonstrating that you will not listen to anyone who is trying to educate you about global warming if they are liberals. I’ll bet that if a conservative tried to talk with you about it, you would accuse him or her of being a closet liberal.

  • Meredith


    You didn’t cite any facts above. Do you deny that there is damage to the environment? Do you deny that global warming exists? Or, do you just deny that humans did it? Was it cats? Are scientists just making this stuff up for fun? Are they being paid to say things by Al Gore?

    I personally believe that Osama and his buddies in Iran and Iraq are to blame for all of this. It’s most likely that all their production of nuclear weapons and WMD’s has released a lot of nasty chemicals and poisonous gasses which are destroying the environment. The solution? I say we nuke ’em.

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    God damn farmers tearing up the earth and changing the natural ecology of the planet. Countless species of plants, insects, large and small animals alike, all gone extinct. Erosion of coastlines and hillsides, massive destruction of forests and grasslands, depletion of soil minerals, fertilizer run-off pollution, not to mention the climate change this has all caused.

    The only solution is to become hunter gatherers again…wait, didn’t native Americans hunt the wooly mammoth to extinction, and the aboribgnes do the same for the Australian egret? Damn. We should all kill ourselves then.

  • Meredith

    OK Jimmy,

    You go first.

    (Sorry – of course a joke – I couldn’t resist)

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi


  • Trickish Knave


    I will listen to an intelligent conversation about the subject but so far you have failed to present one. The only reason I brought up my truck is because you insinuated that I perpetuate the global warming problem, and I assumed since I wrote about my gas guzzling truck, that you were making a comparison. Evidently, your statement was just a blanket response having nothing to do with what I wrote.

    So far your acquaintances with scientists who study global warming are hardly an inspriration for me to take you or this subject seriously on the scope that Gore and his lemmings harrangue. I do my part to conserve and recycle. But a movie by Al Gore has as much influence on my ideas of global warming as does A Michael Moore movie on September 11.

  • Meredith

    Again, my statement was in regard to your blanket statement that you will not listen to any conversation about global warming if it comes from Al Gore or “whining greenies.”

    The point is, there is a lot of research and science behind this environmental phenomenon, and you don’t have to listen to me. The information is all over the place for you to educate yourself with. So far, besides rightwingers and politicans saying that it’s a vast leftwing conspiracy, I have not seen or heard anything to dissuade me from believing that it is a problem, whether it’s an imminent catastrophe or a gradual problem.

    Besides having another good reason so bash on liberals, I really don’t understand what the point is of denying the existence of this issue because it does and should matter to everyone.

  • Justin

    Ok it is pathetic how poeple belive global warming is false…..

    I mean have u not been out side in our summers in the past 10 years?
    seems tons hotter right? Wonder why?
    O yea and then poeple say “O the world gets hotter and colder thourghout the years” as in like the past when we have heat waves and ice ages and etc.

    but i mean lets say it only gets soo hot then starts getting real cold…..
    If the temp raise 20 degrees what will happen if it lowers 20 from the normal winter degree?
    Crops gonna die? preety sure…….
    So if morons like you would start now and get everone to join in and help our dam environment…..then maybe we can save our childrens kids from all this mayham….

  • http://donklelephant Josiah

    I think Al Gore looks like an idiot when he complains about Global Warming while he travlels the world in his private jet. He lives in a 13,000 sq. ft. house. What kind of energy does a house that size use? Why doesn’t he drive a hybrid and live in an energy friendly appartment? I think it makes it him look hypocritical. Climate change is too gradual to be determined within 50 or 100 years. Climate change takes much longer. I think there needs to be more research into Global Warming that is unbiased. We all know the evidence about Global Warming, but why don’t we hear counter arguements about people who DONT believe in Global Warming? I think part of being a true scientist is looking at different perspetives and investigating different theories other than just looking at one piece of information (the earth is warming) and determining that we evil humans have caused all of it (that’s a big conclusion to come from one data point).

  • “native American”

    Nobody or just one or two cultures just did global warming. I don’t care who you are democrats or republicans, minority or majority, rich or poor, we are all here. Now are we just going to push it off on everyone else or stand up and join this revolution for a healthy and proactive society. WE ALL DID THIS, WE ALL HAVE TO UNDUE THIS, OR PAY FOR IT WITH OUR CHILDRENS LIVES (as well as our own). I am sorry I don’t want my kids, your kids, their kids growing up in HELL. I use a car, fly in an air plane, smoke cig., have electronics; but to say that native americans hunted the woolly mammoth to extinction, and aborigines do the same, or that osama and his buddies (I hate them) are to blame for all of this. My reply is WHO WERE THE FARMERS? WHO INVENTED THE NUCLEAR WEAPONS, POISONES GASES, OR CHEMICALS? WHO REALLY HUNTED THE WOOLY MAMMOTH TO EXTINCTION? Indigenous people of turtle island did not take what we could not give back. Our greed and hatred of everything and everyone did. We live then we die that is our cycle as well as everything else. I would like to live longer the what is excepted of me and I want the world to still be here. Scientist will help me live longer and hopefully healthier. But science is not god or meant to be god. I think it here to help us. Lets not stray from the question. Global warming is happening what can we do to prevent it or do we wait for another Katrina or something worst happen before we decide to get off of our high horses?

  • Roy Yeo

    Folks, do we really need a reason to take better care of our home? Either way you look at it, Earth is getting warmer and we, like it or not, are a contributing factor. So we argue and argue and argue, and then what? Who is getting off their fat arses to do anything about it?

    Greenhouse gas emissions, the burning of fossil fuels, the depletion of of our natural resources, over-fishing, completely unnecessary V-12 6l engines… Who, in the face of all that, can boldly say that humans do not have an adverse effect on our environment? How can we be so irresponsible as to not own up to the gradual destruction of our own home?

    The earth may be getting warmer due to a variety of reasons, some of which are due to our own doing, some of which may be due to just the way Nature behaves. We’re not all right but we’re not all wrong either.

    What we can do is acknowledge that this is our home – our goddam one and only home – and that we’re damaging it to an extent. Rather than sit here and point fingers, we should do what we can to preserve it. Is this what we want our children to grow up with? Do we want to make our problems theirs as well?

    This is just disgusting.

  • Kamikaze_Johnny

    I have what everyone has posted and was wondering why there seems to be so much hatred to democrats and republicans and these so called “Greenies.”
    But on that note, I must agree that Al Gore is somewhat hypocritical as said by others in how he doesn’t seem to do much to help our planet. But i do not hate the guy, I just think there should either be someone else who can create examples or he himself should be the example creator. And those who say Global Warming isn’t true have their reasons, because it isn’t impossible that a party (not specifically democrats) could use a sort of scapegoat to gain presidency. History has told us that things like this happen where leaders claim one thing to destroy their people but yet it may not be much concern to anyone at all. I personally believe that global warming is real. But I wouldn’t but the blame on us humans quite yet. An increase of 1 degree (F) in 100 years does not seem like something that could burn us alive anytime soon. But something else has grabbed my attention so much. No one has mentioned that the sun is (according to astrologists) expanding and has been pretty much ever since it was created. Would this not be a possible contribution to very slight temperature increases? On the other hand, and you can use this against me, I am one who lives for myself. By this I mean that I am really not so scared for my children or grandchildren or any other future generations linked to me. I believe I would be dead before any significant deadly changes occur in our environment. I am looking forward to reading anything against or supporting me statements. Until then.

  • Roy Yeo

    Like I mentioned earlier, the earth is certainly getting warmer and the reasons behind it can be linked to what we have been doing on this planet and also simply because of how nature works – expanding sun theory, hot/cold cycles, etc. I firmly believe, as do you, that these are the 2 main contributing factors to global warming.

    Lest we be fooled, an increase of even 1 degree Celcius (33.8F), which is the kind of temperature increase we’re looking at over the next few years, can have repercussions on our environment. Already, the ice caps on both ends of our planet are melting. While 1 degree(C) may seem like nothing, micro-ecosystems could be wiped out with just that change. If you understand the butterfly effect, or even the domino effect, this translates to pretty extreme changes at the other end of the scale.

    While we may not be able to control nature’s course, we still have the power to control our contribution to global warming. We might be able to control it to the point which could contain the effects of this phenomenon to where it would still be bearable and less destructive than pictured. It really doesn’t take a ridiculous amount of effort on our parts. The simple act of switching off lights and electrical appliances when not in use, helps. Or switching to hybrid cars and alternative fuels. Recycling. Like I said, butterfly effect – every little thing that we can do the help, will aid the bigger picture.

    Fair enough that you live only for yourself, I’m not here to judge. What kind o legacy you choose to leave behind for your family and the human race is entirely up to you. It’s a little different for me – just because I may be dead before I see the drastic effects global warming might have on this planet doesn’t mean that I can bear to see my kids and grandkids pay the price simply because I was too selfish to care about what kind of world I leave behind for them.

  • Kamikaze_Johnny

    I do very much agree with you on the fact that little things that we do or save can help the environment. I have just in fact recently started recycling and have realized that all these bottles and cans add up and can bring in a little extra cash. All though I personally don’t believe that when I am dead, that I can see what is happening in the world, but you have helped me realized that I don’t need to be so stubborn and waste energy. And for that I thank you, Roy Yeo. But can someone tell me exactly what “Greenies’ are and what their main ideas and morals are?

  • Roy Yeo

    You’re most welcome, Kamikaze_Johnny. I just hope more and more people can understand that this is not about Republicans vs Democrats. It never was. Politics are for self-important fools who promise you the world and offer you nothing. This is about the world we live in and the kind of history we choose to leave behind for the generations to come.

    No matter what one politician says to bend the truth, we must never ignore the fact that this is our one and only home. We haven’t got a spare lying around somewhere out in the solar system that we could just fly to. We can’t say “Earth sucks.” and then pack up and move to Uranus. We’re pretty much stuck here.

    This is not politics. This the common decency and respect that we ought to show our fellow human beings that share this piece of round flying rock with us. There is no side to choose here – we’re in this together. Let’s think about that a while.

    And as for Greenies, I thought it was a brand of dog treats… 😉

  • Daniel

    What a difference a year makes. I am delighted to see respectful discourse on this thread after the sarcastic outburst of name calling last June.

    Hi Jonny, I’ll take your question at face value and offer what I think “Greenies” are. I live on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada where the forests have evolved over the 10,000 years since the last ice age retreated. About 90% of these forests have been logged over the last 150 years. Greenies here are people who believe it is important not to log the last 10%. When you look at the island using Google Earth, you can see the thin strip of old growth forest on the coast…that’s all that’s left. There are lots of trees on the land, but a second growth forest is very different that an old growth forest in terms of how it contributes to the balance of nature.

    For example the forests generate oxygen, which we need to live. Forests moderate evaporation and filter water so water flows clean longer into the summer.

    Logging damage to spawning beds and over fishing have reduced the natural salmon stock. Logged hillsides cause flooding and erosion. There are concerns that lice from fish farming are damaging the natural fish stock. Drag net fishing scrapes the bottom of the sea, damaging the foundation of sea life. Industrial pollution can be found in all parts of the vast oceans.

    One need not be a scientist to make a simple observation…if we keep damaging elements of the system, it becomes less productive and may destroy the system.

    Looking at our “progress” in the last 200 years, how far can we go before the systems that sustain us start breaking down?

    Republicans (conservatives) and Democrats (liberals) all eat, drink and breath. Who will protect the source of our essential nutrients. The greenies are. Pull away the rhetoric and I hear people from all sides of the political spectrum caring about their families and communities. Clean air, fresh water and healthy food is the best we can do for them.

    I think one of the most powerful action each of us can take is to manage our own behaviour….and that includes listening to each other. Through dialogue we can find a common truth that is more rewarding than defensive bickering. Whatever your colour green, red or blue, Wise Democracy is one useful, non-political tool that is making a difference in our community.

  • Michael

    There’s Evidence! Google it! I’m right your wrong and there’s nothing YOU can do about it. Tha’ts what your all, well about half of you are basically saying, I ashore you in other words I ashore everyone that there hasn’t been ONCE not once where everyone has agreed on somthing, everyone has different options. Meredith, the way your speaking it seems like you are certain like you’ve traveled back in time to tell us that Global warming is among us. Because of proof? All these previous natural disasters and the earth is still here! How is that possible? I forgot this ISNT a natural disaster because us big fat meanie humans created this problem. Everyone don’t forget to put some deodorant on because its going to get so hot and sweaty were all going to die. Now, you say that because of temperature increases that its dooms day! a horrible fate is among us?

    Mercury is the closest planet to the sun (its next to the sun) and I think it would be safe to say its basicly RIGHT next to it. How come its still there? For some reason it hasn’t desinagrated in all that HEAT and how many million degrees do you think it is there?

    But wait I forgot because EARTHS temperature is rising that means are children and are childrens children is going to die along with the earth? Bye bye earth we really miss you…

    Oh yah its so HOT GUYS thats why the land parts int he earth are surrounded by freezing water!

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    Global warming is our fault, for sure. There’s no need to argue or get upset over it…just look at the facts