Unity 08 Guest Blog Post

Unity 08 Guest Blog Post


I’ve written a post over there about what our founders might think of our current political system.

Take a look.

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  • Charlie

    In all reality, the founders might actually be very pleased with contemporary political manners. Just look to how things were settled between Aaron Burr and Alex Hamilton. Politics were brutal back in those days, so much so that they even coined a new word to describe it………………..and that word starts with a ‘muck’ and has a “rake” attaced to it.

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  • Colleen Smith

    This is outrageous! Do not be duped into this! Heed the warning! Why, ask yourself, are the networks that have ignored all the parties we have in this country and insist this is a two party system, NEVER willing to present issues from the perspective of sincere hard working third parties and now, boom! Now, these controlling networks who we all know, or should, that they withhold information from the American people all the time, every day. They especially stifle political parties outside of the two rotting major merging parties that have turned their backs on the voters who in good faith supported them. HELLO! This is underhanded! You want crime to go down in your neighborhood? Do not by any means sit idly by while they take away our God given right to protect ourselves. Crime rates soar when the law abiding citizens guns are banned! Bloomberg? New York? WAKE UP! This is a blatant maneuver to implement nation wide gun bans. Check out the Constitution Party. They ARE THE ONLY HOPE FOR AMERICA AND AMERICAN CITIZENS! Please do not be fooled by this trick. Do not be naive. Do not be DENSE! We need to restore our blessed constitution and we are extremely remiss for not protecting it and preserving it rather let these self indulging insincere politicians run our country into the ground and now citizens are actually falling for this? WAKE UP!

  • http://jdwesley1yahoo.com John Wesley

    We would get some improvement if Obama, Kucinich, Edwards were elected. But not enough people ask who is paying for the bill you are sponsoring or your political campaign. We need to
    provide media reform and enhance net neutrality so that people know WHAT IS REALING GOING ON.
    you can get a lot of news now on Link.org or free speech. ort on the internet, or on cable and
    satellite TV. 9415 or 9410 on Satellite, 3– on cable. Listen to these people BEFORE YOU BECOME
    ENERGIZED. You will be really energized after informing yourselves. A good President would be
    Ralph Nade, Bill Moyers I am not so sure about the rest.

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