In a Nutshell, Bad Dreams

In a Nutshell, Bad Dreams


Hezbollah and Hamas, as well as their patrons, Iran and Syria, are in the vanguard of a relentless Islamist-jihadist march that challenges human values on a global scale, from Indonesia to Iraq, Lebanon to Palestine, and as far away as Chechnya and the “Mad Max” land of Somalia. The jihadists’ goal is reversing a 200-year history of achievements: Democratic values, freedom of expression, separation of church and state, establishment of civil societies, and the emancipation of women and human beings from theocratic and autocratic rule.

~ Youssef Ibrahim, in a New York Sun op-ed claiming that America (in Iraq) and Israel (in Lebanon) have erred grievously by “fighting terror on the cheap.” America needed twice as many troops in Iraq from the get-go; Israel so far “has pledged just 10% of its reservists.”

For a very alarming (some may say alarmist) view of what’s afoot, you might also want to read two other Sun op-eds (it may require free-trial registration but is worth it), Yehudit Barsky’s Judgment Day:

For more than a year, Iran has been preparing, together with terror organizations it controls and finances, for a confrontation code-named “Al-Qiyamah,” which is Arabic for “Judgment Day.” Hezbollah’s unprovoked war against Israel may well be the first step in this Iranian-inspired conflict. [ … ]

Participants in Iran’s “Judgment Day” plans include Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hezbollah cells in Europe, North America, the Persian Gulf region, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the leaders of Iraq’s insurgency, and the Mahdi Army of Iraq’s Muqtada Al-Sadr.

And especially John Batchelor’s Green Light:

President Ahmadinejad has [… ] given the green light to Damascus to escalate the Lebanon front by launching long-range missiles into Tel Aviv. Syria and Hezbollah have been told they are to fight on with the certain expectation that Israel will respond to the escalation by bombing Syria’s strategic sites and its supply lines into Lebanon. Iran has also told Syria that it expects â€â€? hopes â€â€? this phase of the campaign will draw in the American warplanes and logistics.

In Beirut, the spiritual leader of Hezbollah, Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, has issued a fatwa forbidding the entry of international troops or authorities into Lebanon. This means that the prospect of an imposed ceasefire from the United Nations Security Council or from NATO is now minimal or impossible [ … ]

In Damascus, the Assad regime has prepared itself for an epochal war that will transform the Syrian culture into a martial cult such as was achieved under the current president’s father, the late Hafez al-Assad. [ … ]

What this all means right now is that Iran can and will continue to resupply Hezbollah on the Lebanon front with arms, ammunition, special forces, sophisticated logistics, an intelligence apparatus, and the long-range Katyushas and missiles that pepper Israel. [ … T]he Kurds in northern Iraq, ostensibly America’s strongest ally in the liberation and democratization of Iraq, are openly cooperating with the Iranian military convoys. The Kurds have made a deal with Tehran that looks to the future and the establishment of an independent, oil-rich Kurdistan. [ … ]

A decision to strike Jerusalem has not been announced. Nonetheless, high-explosive warheads are poised to strike civilian populations: at least one Scud-type missile has already been found underwater in Haifa harbor. [ … ]

Iran believes that when America comes into the fighting, Iran can use the American troops in Iraq as tactical targets and strategic hostages. Iran wants America to strike in force at Tehran and the strategic sites on the southern coast. Iran is desperate to give battle. It believes that America cannot manage a crisis in an election year (e.g., 1980), and that the United Nations Security Council will impose a ceasefire quickly. At that point, Ahmadinejad and the Partisans of the Mahdi will emerge from their deep and hard sites to survey their empire, smoldering, famished, grieving, but victorious over the American crusaders, stretching from the Hindu Kush to the Mediterranean and the ruins of Israel.

(Is the reference in the post title familiar to anyone?)

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