Maddox On 9/11 Conspiracies

Maddox On 9/11 Conspiracies


If you’ve never visited “The Best Page In The Universe,” what can I say…you’re missing out on so much.

As always, the author Maddox tears apart 9/11 conspiracy films like Loose Change with the greatest of ease.

One note, his site isn’t safe for work, but really…who cares.

  • DosPeros

    Thanks Justin for that link. That guy is funny. I direct all to “How to Spot a Pedophile.” He is obviously a very serious scientist.

  • Unknown

    To be fair, he only criticises the one loose change film, which despite having inconsistencies, does show a lot of incriminating evidence. He also uses childish insults about Dylan’s appearence and the fact that he is young, in order to try and emphasise his points. Other films not mentioned, which he intended to dismiss with his article include ‘Martial law / 911’ and ‘Terrorstorm’ by the increasingly popular Alex Jones.
    Also, Maddox links to Popular Mechanics, without actually explaining it himself, as a way of cementing his article. However, if he had done his research, he would have realised that this article has been heavily criticised itself. See .
    So basically he doesnt ‘tear apart’ conspiracy theorys. He just spits at one of them.