Walmart and the Democrats

Walmart and the Democrats


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You can read my take on Walmart, class and the Democrats over at NeoMugwump.

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  • DosPeros

    Walmart. I’ve got some relatives, (lovingly referred to as the shallow end of the DosPeros gene pool) in Michigan that flock to Wallyworld like Muslims to Mecca at every opportunity. They just can not resist the cheap patio furniture, the Kid Rock CD’s, the Nascar caps, the velcro shoes, the yard darts, the mud flaps, and all the other shit to waste the few pennies they manage to rub together. Furthermore, it gives them a place to beat their children. “I want a barbie doll.” Wham. “Shut the fuck up, Tina Ray!” Here’s an experiment you can try at home: Go to Walmart and yell, “Tornado is coming. Tornado is coming.” No one tries to leave, because they know that Walmart is safer than the double-wide. Oh, Dos, you’re just being mean. Yes, but its true. Across the country, imbecilic inbreds get married all the time in Walmart — copulating blue-vested, smily-faced cretins multiplying out of control.

    Look, we, the good-teethed people, have a responsibility to steer the culture towards enlightenment. The old adage is true: The problem with socialism is socialism, the problem with capitalism is capitalists. The Walmart Capitalists have no qualms about turning our culture into a bog of tacky, cheap consumerism in which poxed face zombies wandering the ailes splurging their last cent in some orgasmic fit of retarded delight.

  • Gene

    DosPeros says nothing that I would not expect a person with his biases and lack of knowledge to say. Talk about “Red-necks”, this person has a red-neck from the hills beat all-hollow in the bigotry category of thought and speech.

  • DosPeros

    Attention WalMart Shoppers! We have a blue light special on double-negatives in aile #2, courtesy of Mr. Gene. But really, I’m not so much bigoted, as I have an active dislike for a wide variety of people. Banjo playing Walmartian are an actual step up from the Starbuckians, if not in intelligence, attitude.

  • Gene

    DosPeros—I think you are just playing word games and are not serious. Get a life and move on to positive thinking.

  • Dana

    DosPeros certainly illustrates the point of the piece though, doesn’t he?

    How many lifelong Democrats do you suppose he and people like him have managed to alienate? Newsflash: the greater number of Americans are not wealthy and will shop where it is affordable and convenient to shop. Most of them are equal opportunity haters too and are more than happy to loathe people who seem to feel they are from some superior species based on their hobbies, interests, and choice of consumer goods.

  • Meredith

    DosPeros – funny stuff. I especially liked the blue light special on double-negatives comment.

    I seriously hate Wal-Mart because they are always dirty (especially the bathrooms), and their stuff is crap. It’s like one step above a damaged freight store. Other than that, it is an Evil Corporation. I’m sure Target fits in the “Evil Corporation” box too, but they just have cleaner, hipper crap.

    About class and Wal-Mart. Of course lower class people have to shop there – it’s cheap. Hell, I should not be shopping at Target with my student loan debt. I just don’t go there because I feel like I need a shower (or decontamination) after I leave. Dems dissing on Wal-Mart only hurts them on the class issue because many people who are middle or low class are confused (at best) about how to vote their interests. That nice little phenomenon needs to be fixed somehow, and then Dems can continue to rail about Evil Corporations (as they should), and I can continue to pay more for crap I don’t need at Target.

  • DosPeros

    My big issue with Walmart really has nothing to do with the prehensile tails of their costumers dragging the floor (which ironically enough, if applied with a wet-wipe does a nice job of buffing the floor), but rather how almost every municipality acts like a disgustingly cheap WHORE when Walmart (or any other big box retailer) swoons them. They sell out their own, locally owed shops & culture because of the promise of sales tax revenue. They give them huge property tax breaks to create these dirty pits of dispair.

    Look, I’m a Jeffersonian agrarian. I understand economies of scale – and I don’t like them. I’m not an undergrad libertarian, masterbating to Ayn Rand, who thinks that local governments should have no say in the social & cultural dimensions of their cities & towns. We elect city councils and when I vote for my city counsil member, I want someone who can think beyond the limits of the city coffers – who won’t sell out to huge developers (who couldn’t give two shits about the town or the people).

    These people are surprising hard to find, because people like Gene invoke class warfare/envy if they don’t bend over and take it from Walmart — “You’re just an elitist. You don’t like poor people.” I don’t like dog shit on my shoes and generally support local ordinances that says dog owners have to pick-up their dogs feces — that doesn’t mean I don’t like dogs.

  • Dana

    At the moment I live in one of those small communities that “sold out”.

    I’m not a huge fan of WallyWorld but in all fairness….what existed here prior to then was essentially not a gd thing. Those of us who could shopped via internet and/or drove 60+ miles to shop. As for wages and benefits: have you ever looked into what these precious “locally owned” retailers actually pay their employees? I can tell you that 90% of the time it’s the bare legal minimum and no benefits and never mind any chance of “moving up” that non-existant ladder.

    Contrary to what seems to be the prevalent belief not everyone lives in an urban or suburban area, there are still millions of people living in small towns, rural and semi-rural areas. We aren’t all “tabacky-chawing” rednecks and at last check only a small percentage had prehensile tails. Not a significantly larger percentage than I found living in the greater Los Angeles area in fact.

    Yes, having a Wal-Mart in the middle of San Francisco is probably ridiculous but in small town America so far there is no big rush of Nordstrom’s or Pottery Barn’s to move in so deal with it.

  • Polywood

    That article is way off compared to our Wal-mart in the PanHandle of Florida. The bathrooms remain clean after years and it happens to be one of the productive Wal-Mart stores per square foot in the region. I believe the quality of a Wal-Mart still comes down to managament from within the store. If you have a good manager at the store workers will be happier.

    I’ve also been in Target stores where employees didn’t know what they are doing. I prefer Wal-Mart anyway becuase of the hours and proximity. Walmart is within 15 minutes. The nearest Target is 45 minutes away. Wal-mart also now has the RedBox where you can rent $1 new release movies. Now I really like that.