Booty Dancers in Haditha Iraq

Booty Dancers in Haditha Iraq


Or, how to get more jihadists to hate you.

Please see this link.

If you aren’t anti-war by this point, you need to at least become anti-Bush-running-the-war.

  • DosPeros

    now this aggressive use of pornography in a city which last year witnessed the revenge-massacre of 24 Iraqis by our marines.

    Has there been that pesky little thing called a “trial” of these soldiers, which you have found guilty? Hell, maybe you should be named a special prosecutor since you’ve already attributed a motive (“revenge”) to the “massacre”. Have you even heard their side of the story?

    It is funny how conveniently used is the U.S. Constitution. When dealing with terrorist phone calls, oh by all means, we are ensconced in the omnipotent protection of the 4th amendment, but if you are a U.S. Marine, the 6th amendment just seems like a bureacratic technicality to be skipped over in the pursuit of public condemnation.

    Isn’t the Murtha the Mouth getting sued by one of these evil Marines?

  • eteraz

    Hi there,

    even assuming that all the soldiers are found not guilty for a ‘revenge massacre’, the fact that the city is a place where we DID kill 24 iraqis in one go, makes these performances in particular bad taste.

    never mind the pragmatic consequences of how such things appear to iraqis who are more than eager to focus on news about our troops which paints them out as rapists (you may have heard about the three marines who gang raped a 15 year old).

  • Meredith

    What about entertainment for the female soldiers? I know that porn/strippers are second only to food and water for some men, but seriously . . . . I am just generally offended by such displays on the basis that women don’t really get a piece of that action. Why? Because most of us don’t want to have strange, sweaty men shaking their stuff at us. I guess I just don’t like booty dancers anywhere.

  • Bob Aman

    For some strange reason, the Jim Wilson’s photo in the New York Times was photoshopped to remove the microphone cord the girl was holding. Weird.

  • eteraz

    So does that mean she was singing?

  • Lonely Federalist

    Yes…which is a bit different than the impression you get with the photo-shopped alteration…without the microphone stand, it looks like you merely have a stripper on stage, instead of a singing girl in cut-offs and boots.

    But let’s ignore that little detail!

    We’re supposed to be shocked..shocked and outraged!

  • Lonely Federalist

    ugh *stand=cord*

  • Glen Wishard

    You mean the Jihadists would love us if we sent Peter, Paul, and Mary over there?

    Sorry, the whole Jihadist rant against infidel decadence is a total non-starter. Yes, being free and societies, we have pornography. In fact, with the Soviet Union on the ash heap, we now have an uninterrupted empire of porn that runs clear around the globe. Are they going to kill all of us for that? I doubt it – the Americans who were kidnapped by Hisballah in Lebanon in the 80s were extensively quizzed by their captors on how to obtain pornographic video tapes.

    I suppose the humorless communist cadres of the Viet Cong were offended by the Playboy bunnies that went to Vietnam to entertain the troops, but I doubt if it had much effect on world history.

    I’m fed up with hearing Puritan lectures from Jihadists who hang 16 year-old girls and beat their own wives and daughters to death. The price of a booty-free society seems pretty steep.

    BTW, I’m very disappointed with your statement:

    It then transformed itself into a war for the sake of morality. Yet, I’m curious: where is the morality in soft-porn? … In other words, we see the truth: the war has ceased being one of morals, and is now simply one of sex. The neo-con version of democracy promotion is a stripper named Deena who is “just turning 18.â€Â?

    Are you kidding me? Do you know what forms of entertainment that troops in WWII enjoyed? Do you think it was all Bob Hope and The Andrews Sisters?

    Does that mean that the fight against Hitler was all about sex? That the Allies’ version of democracy was a French whore with an ass full of penicillin?

  • DosPeros

    What ARE we thinking not appealing to the “pragmatism” of jihadists? We shouldn’t sexually objectify women like this, how insulting to them! We should be more pragmatic: Cover them head to toe in a black curtain, beat them, rape them and if they look us in the eye, drive a car, learn to read or walk side-by-side with a man — shoot them, hang them or stone them. With this new pragmatic policy, the consequence will be — the jihadist will invite the U.S. marines over for tea and crumpets.

  • DosPeros

    Glen, with all due respect, disappointment denotes expectation. That is a mistake.

    Eteraz — you have fascinated me ever since you posted your “skit” of incoherent delirium, which was promptly pulled off Donklephant, much to the credit of somebody. But for those morbidly fascinated to see an intellectual car wreck, go here:

    I don’t think that the problem is really naked U.S. chicks or our evil marines. I think the bigger problem is with Muslim like you, who say things like this:

    Many pundits, both inside and outside the community of immigrant American Islam, have rested their hopes upon us muted ones. They expect us to free global Islam from the Tazirs and Bin Ladens of the religion. Somehow we cows, chewing on the cud of our paranoia-stricken life, have been labeled “moderateâ€Â? as if we offer a counterweight to the extremists. We don’t.

    If anything, in the world after 9/11, most of us American Muslims are more concerned with hanging onto our jobs and our passports, and not being caught under the heavy hoofs of Ashcroft’s ghost-horses than on challenging the oligarchy of our imams.

    Really, Eteraz, to my knowledge John Ashcroft nor Gonzalez nor Bush himself nor the NSA haven’t tried to blow up U.S. airplanes. If you want to help in the war effort, maybe, instead of prejudging our marines, stuffing the blogosphere with moral condemnation over strippers or totting your fear of Ashcroft — you could go to the Iman’s and convince them that killing people isn’t a good thing. Just a thought.

  • eteraz

    can you please provide me a link to the photoshopped thing? that’s an interesting fact to know (of which I had no idea).

    as to OUTRAGE, i’m not really outraged, i just thing its a huge tactical error.

    a commentator, who is a soldier in iraq at the moment, and i, had the same argument in my comments section:

    in this link and those following it. you’ll realize that the issue underlying is the length of deployment, the lack of a plan, and the inefficiency that leads to have to ‘placate’ our troops who find themselves in a quagmire, as occupiers with nothing meaningful to contribute. you’ll also find a link to a post by sideways mencken in the comments which i encourage you to follow.

    as to my article on killing the buddha, i think the finer points of satire and literary reverse psychology are lost upon you. the ending of the killing the buddha article, the very last line, is a jab at the apathy that muslims find themselves in.

    personally i have a very clean conscience when it comes to muslim activism

    meanwhile, what have u done to contribute to society, except mis-read subtle essays.

    finally, my skit is not delirium, since a close reading would reveal that the democrat is the one going hysterics.

    the point that no one picked up is in the last comment by the intellectual, and i’m not going to bother explaining it to you.

  • Glen Wishard

    … you’ll realize that the issue underlying is the length of deployment, the lack of a plan, and the inefficiency that leads to have to ‘placate’ our troops who find themselves in a quagmire, as occupiers with nothing meaningful to contribute.

    If you listen to some of those troops sometime you’ll find that they think they have a lot to contribute. Even if Iraq is every bit as bad as you think it is, they still have a lot to contribute. But that’s another topic.

    Your comparison of girls in short pants to Abu Ghraib is so over the top, I would think the Ayatollah Khomeini would be embarrassed to say it. Anita Byrant, even. The only sane thing to say after something like that would be “I was just kidding.”

    As for your tut-tutting of soldiers for their taste in entertainment, which has nothing to do with “placating” anybody, here’s some Kipling to help you out:

    We aren’t no thin red ‘eroes, nor we aren’t no blackguards too,
    But single men in barricks, most remarkable like you;
    An’ if sometimes our conduck isn’t all your fancy paints,
    Why, single men in barricks don’t grow into plaster saints …

  • Brian in MA

    Oh no! The men who are putting their lives on the line for us are being engaged by scantily clad women! Horrors beyond horrors!

    Listen, I have a Muslim friend with a poster of Jenna Jameson in his room, the kind of radicals we’re talking about will kill you if you go to church or synagogue and pray every day wearing your sabbath best. I hardly think any alleged debauchery matters in the long run.

    Besides, I hardly think Bush himself sets up the entertainment schedule, he has more important things to do, like, you know, run the country and make sure terrorists aren’t trying to blow up planes over oceans.

  • Chris

    This is incredibly silly. I’m a Democrat who was opposed to this war before it started, and my fondest wish is to see the Republicans out of office. But to be outraged over this is ridiculous. Labelling it “porn,” even “soft core porn,” is an abuse of the language. How is it porn when it features women wearing clothes that are less revealing than what you can find on any beach? And the girls didn’t do a strip routine, so please stop referring to them as strippers.

    These soldiers are in a hellish job, and anything we can do to lighten their day is fine by me, within limits that are certainly broader than eteraz’s. I believe our soldiers should respect local culture, when they’re mingling with the civilian population. But this show was for our soldiers only. Iraq seems to me moving toward being an Islamic theocracy. When that happens, should our women soldiers be required to wear burkhas? Should they stop serving pork to the troops? There’s a huge difference between respecting local culture, and adopting it. Girls in hot pants are a part of our culture, like it or not, and one our soldiers are being deprived of. Let’s give them a break.

  • David

    The Jihadists hate us not for what we do, but for what we do not do: we do not embrace their version of Islam. Until such time as they grow weary of hating, or everyone embraces their version of Islam, they will continue to fight us with all their heart.

    Consider the journalist who was recently freed only after renouncing his faith and converting to Islam…

    I think that dancing girls have nothing whatsoever to do with their hatred, other than being an example of something which is forbidden to Muslims but perfectly fine for those of us who aren’t.

  • Eros Ramozzati

    SMs cannot ship pork products to ME theater due to muslim rules ironically.

    There is actually controversy as to whether Maxim is considered porn also there. And that is just not dealing with islamic customs but a General Order! (all in the name of “good order and discipline of the troops”)


    While there are specific restrictions for each five-digit military post office ZIP Code (APO/FPO), generally speaking, it is prohibited to mail the following to this region:

    • obscene articles (prints, paintings, cards, films, videotapes, etc.);
    • pork or pork by-products;
    • any matter depicting nude or seminude persons, pornographic or sexual items, or nonauthorized political materials. Although religious materials contrary to the Islamic faith are prohibited in bulk quantities, items for the personal use of the addressee are permissible.

    If I wanted to piss on a koran in a FOB in Iraq in plain site of a local nat’l worker, do you think I should be allowed to since we’re American?

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    Or, how to get more jihadists to hate you.

    The type of muslims who don’t try to kill Americans until they find out that exotic dancers are performing in Iraq probably deserve to die anyway.

    Do you really want to know how to get more Jihdists to want to kill you? Keep teaching that chapter 5 and chapter 9 of the Koran are the literal word of God Himself.