The Shortest State Highway…

The Shortest State Highway…



And it’s in Kansas. Who knew?

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  • Dyre42

    I was guessing Zell Miller Parkway which runs from 575(?) in GA to his driveway.

  • JustAnotherIdjut

    It was probably a $3billion pork project that some senator is very proud of himself for.

  • Justin Gardner

    Yes, because the highway is paved in gold…

  • Chuck Sullivan

    I never knew that such a highway exist. Well, how would I know since I’m not much of travelling person. But I’m glad I knew about this anyway. I might use this when I go to Kansas next time. :)

  • Charles Kovacs

    @ Justin: LMFAO, really? paved in gold? haha interesting I must look for this shortest State Highway when going to Kansas in the future.

  • Jean Bullington

    @ Just Gardner. Really?is it true that the highway is paved in gold? amazing if its true.

  • patrice

    OMG! highway is paved in gold i can believe it.