Dems Support Steele In Maryland

Dems Support Steele In Maryland


State leaders have harsh words for the national Dems, and it could have the potential to swing the race:

A coalition of black Democratic political leaders from Prince George’s County led by former county executive Wayne K. Curry endorsed Republican Michael S. Steele’s bid for the U.S. Senate yesterday.

The support from Curry, five County Council members and others barely a week before Election Day reflects their continued disappointment that the Democratic Party has no African American candidates at the top of the ticket and a sense that the county is being ignored, officials said.

“They show us a pie, but we never get a slice,” said Major F. Riddick Jr., a former aide to then-Gov. Parris N. Glendening and a former county executive candidate. “We are here today to say we’ve waited and we’ve waited and we’re waiting no longer.” […]

“The party acts as though when they want our opinion they’ll give it to us,” said Curry, Prince George’s first black county executive. “It will not be like that anymore.”

Harsh words, but they definitely ring true.

And frankly, after watching the debate on Meet The Press between Steele and Ben Cardin, I was inclined to take another look at Steele. He seemed very poised and his message was clear. He didn’t seem like a partisan hack at all, and I was certainly ashamed when my fellow Dems put him in black face earlier this year. Disgusting stuff.

This will be an interesting race to watch next week. I can’t wait.

  • gal

    He doesn’t *seem* like a partisan hack. Doesn’t mean he isn’t one. He’s quite slick. He has not won me over in the least, most likely because I don’t agree with all his stances on issues.

  • daveinboca

    I once lived in Prince George’s County where wealthy blacks and whites live in racial harmony, far from the cocktail chattering-class inane psychobabble of Montgomery County “liberals” who are all appendages of the US government sugar-daddy in D.C.

    Steele, who as lieutenant governor is the first African American elected statewide in Maryland, said he was humbled by the support. “I said I did not want this [campaign] to be so much about party but about the people,” he said. “And these people understand that.”

    Ron Walters, a political science professor at the University of Maryland, said the endorsements could be significant. “This is going to go through the black community like a rocket,” he said. “It’s going to be the talk of the county, the state, maybe even the nation.”

    The Maryland Dems are dependent on the black vote, but throw only occasional political crumbs to their single largest constituency. The unions and old-time Baltimore white nabobs control the party, and have selected one of their hacks, a party-line white limousine liberal, instead of a qualified black who was narrowly beaten in the primary.

    I hope Steele pulls out a victory, as the hypocritical smug stand-patism of the liberal Maryland Dems needs a shake-up very badly.

  • TJ

    Michael Steele towers over the Dems’ cynical apparatchik in principals, gravitas, and energy. This race shouldn’t even be close.

  • DosPeros

    Where’s my favorite pimp, Jesse Jackson?

    We know your out there, Jesse, and your itching…itching to start bitch’in…scratch’in to start patch’in…oppitty goobity gook…look what I found, a new compound…Steele in a Bush…Oreo cookie wookie, cracker jacker…stop the insurrection or I’ll show you my….

    Where is Reverend Al? This race obviously needs a jump suit, a bull horn and some marches.

  • gal

    So how do you all like Steele’s bumper stickers that say:


    How’s that for truth in advertising?

  • BrianOfAtlanta

    If Cury and Riddick can persuade enough of their fellows to swing a significant part of the black vote to Steele, it will be a much needed shock to the system for Maryland’s Democratic Party. I used to live in Maryland, and it’s true that the black vote is taken for granted and it’s the whites running the show in the state.

    Besides, Maryland has had some rather uninspiring senators lately. Mikulski was senator while I lived there and she was certainly a yawner.

  • Heather Vargas

    Take another look at all the debate in this election at:

    It’s been quite an exciting 3 way race here in Maryland and a candidate can win by a plurality with 34%.

  • Jim S

    But Steele is a Republican. In 2006 that trumps all. Like the rest of his party he will talk the talk of independence from the Bush administration but in the end on most important issues he will cave into the desires of the leadership. So unless you like the agenda of the current Republican leadership voting for Steele is cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  • CaliBlogger

    Um, I’m not about to defend the Maryland Democratic party, about which I know zilch.

    But teach tham a lesson that could hand the Senate to the GOP?

    The action by Curry et al. is precisely the sort of parochial behavior that constantly undermines the Democratic party.

    And they announce this a week before the election?

    Looks like Jesse and Al need to move over, Wayne Curry’s the new demogogue in town.

  • gal

    Exactly, Cali. I hate to admit it, but this time around it’s definitely not a vote for the man, it’s a vote for the party.

  • Heather Vargas

    I’m on Kevin Zeese’s campaign. I have to tell you Democrats endorsing Republicans is NO BIG DEAL! That’s no different that Peace Activists supporting Ben Cardin because they don’t want Michael Steele in office. If 2006 is the year to vote the Party, then nothing will ever change, and we’ll never be able to break away from the confines of the political parties that do not represent our view.

    And as voters, we will never be able to vote for the candidate we want in office, because we are too concerned with Party labels, skin color, religion, or gender.

    Let me tell you, I’m not going to vote for Hillary Clinton just because she is a woman!

  • Tom

    What a joke. Cardin beat Kweisi Mfume (a.k.a Frizzell Gray) in the primary because Mfume is a loon, and even most Democrats perferred Cardin.

    So now a bunch of black Democratic leaders are crying in their beer, and supporting Steele because he’s black? Isn’t that, well, racist? Does that mean I should vote for Cardin because he’s white?

    Give me a break.

  • Tom

    Heather – it was nice to see Zeese in the debate last week. He said some things I really agreed with – and a bunch that I didn’t.

    But the truth is he has zero shot. Zero. Say it with me – Z E R O. His numbers are improving. Last week he was up from 0 to 1 %.

    If Cardin loses by less than a percent, a lot of people are going to feel really dumb.

  • Heather Vargas


    Two candidates will lose in this race. One will win. Let’s hope all the votes get counted!

    And the most important thing about our participatory democracy is that we can change the rules of the game so voters don’t have to worry about feeling dumb (ie institute IRV-which the Democrats in the State Legislature blocked).

    Additionally, if the media was providing fair and accurate reporting in this race (and other races around the country) then voters would know about all choices on the ballot instead of only some voters knowing about them, which means Zeese would have more name recognition, feasibility, and as candidate in this race he can win with 34% of the vote, just like his opponents.

    The most interesting thing in this race (besides the fact that voters have had an opportunity to hear from all three candidates most of the time) is the discussion about how race and party are factoring in.

    Check out for more!


  • Kevin Cutter

    I am proud of how Mr. Steele is running his campaign by laying out the truth instead of spinning the issues. Proud of Mr. Curry stand up against the Democrat party taking black voters for granted. Although, why shouldn’t the DNC take their vote for granted with a recent voting trend, 90% support. Now that trend is crazy considering how liberal policies have in the last 25 years has hurt American values.

    “Steele Democrat” bumper stickers are great. Just like “Reagan Democrat” bumper stickers. So true!

  • Steve

    I am registered Democrat. I am supporting Steele tomorrow. He is intelligent poised and frankly breaks the cardboard cut out mold. Cardin is as cardboard as a pizza box. I have been disgusted with my parties race bating and shameful ‘slavish’ comments. We are not guaranteed the african-american vote, and after watching what was done to Mfume we don’t deserve it.

  • Jeanne Dance

    I just need to understand how I can vote for a Democratic candidate
    and then have that candidate turn around and give his support to the
    opposition. Will someone explain this to me. It would seem to me
    that I would be better off voting for Steele.