I can’t wait to see this movie.

How about you?

I just saw it tonight. It’s nice! I like!

But what’s truly frightening is what the character of Borat, who’s extremely racist and bigoted, brings out in the people who open up to him. Wow. If you go see it, you’ll understand.

In any event, I highly, highly recommend it. Extremely good.

  • m.takhallus

    I have not laughed so hard since Airplane!

    But beyond just funny bits, Borat/Cohen gives the movie a story arc, and a heart, and even has the sense to end it before he’s worn out his welcome. What a smart piece of work. Brilliant. And knowing something about the filming of documentaries (loosely defined in this case) I want to send kudos to the producers — they worked their asses off on this thing.

  • m.takhallus

    One other point: the theater where I saw this, a mall cineplex at an early evening show, was about 90% full, and that audience was a demographic wet dream. A TV exec would have an orgasm walking into the room: an entire audience 18 to maybe 30. I was the oldest guy there. Movie execs, TV execs, they’re going to throw money at this guy. They’re going to ship it to him by the tanker load.

  • Seb

    I really want to see was in charge of PR for this movie. That person is a freaking genius.

  • Pete

    Once again, the media machine totally over hypes the next big thing so that when I finally get a glimpse of the latest “genius” I am invariably disappointed. This guy/character is just a rehashed, lamer version of Andy Kaufman’s “foreign man.”

  • J

    In Borat , Sacha Baron Cohen gives another incredible act along with Ali G. SBC is a true genius, and people should not be offended by this work of pure genius. He cannot be anti-semitic as he is Jewish himself.

    He is Hilarious,The Movie is Hilarious.

    Borat is a MUST see.

  • Nick

    This was one of the best movies ive ever seen and i dont see why people cant develop a sense of humor and stop being offended by such little things as a few racial remarks. A true masterpiece in my opinon