Bolton Goes Bye Bye

Bolton Goes Bye Bye


When NewsMax is reporting that John Bolton is dead in the water, you know it’s pretty much a done deal.

Key ‘graph:

There had been indications that Bolton might win Senate confirmation after the election when several key votes might be open to favoring Bolton. But the GOP’s apparent loss of the Senate has doomed that hope.

The White House is sending the Bolton nomination to the Senate this week while Republicans are still in control, but a source close to the U.S. mission to the U.N. tells NewsMax “This nomination is dead and we have known it for several days.”

Looks like Bolton might be the last one to go, as he was one of the more controversial figures in the White House gang.

What about Cheney? He’s obviously staying put. Condi ain’t going anywhere either.

Stay tuned, though…you never know what the GOP may do…

  • Bob J Young

    I’m hoping Cheney will be next. I figure it will be ,“to spend more time with his familyâ€Â? or “for health reasonsâ€Â?. On the other hand I’m halfway convinced he died years ago, and is just a reanimated human cadaver, raised by dark forces and driven by a craving for human flesh :-}

  • George W

    lol at Cheney being a zombie 😀

  • Abu Nudnik

    At least Cheney won’t waste time making vicious ad hominem attacks on a nonentity such as yourself , Mr. Young. Do these attacks have the effect of making you feel more alive, sir? If so, who is the “reanimated Cadaver?”

  • Lewis

    Boy that sure makes sense. We finally got a hard working diplomat in the UN who has given his all to try to make the UN less corrupt and more relevant. And it’s not in our “national interest” to do that? Even many dems admitted they changed their minds about Bolton.

    He may not be classy and is a bit abrasive, but you’re not going to straighten out that muck hole by being nice and pleasant to everybody. I actually started to think there was hope for the UN once Bolton got involved.

    If the dems can’t act more shrewdly than that, they’ll wind up in the wilderness again sooner than they expect.

  • ChrisO

    Right. A guy who’s initial nomination had so little support he had to be a recess appontment. But how dare the Dems use their power to deny reconfirmation to an appointee who was essentially shoved down their throat. Because after all, “some Democrats” have said they’ve changed their minds about him

    I think you’ll have to get used to the fact that the Dems run Congress now. They have their own agenda, and every move they make isn’t some petulant attempt to “get” the President. You win the elections, you get to run things. The Republicans certainly took full advantage of that fact for the last six years.

  • Lewis

    Chris you miss the point. To take out a guy who has been effective at changing the opinions of both sides doesn’t make sense. Repubs, who had dismissed the UN as useless, were starting to change their minds. Dems, who blew off Bolton on ideology, grew to respect the job he was doing enough to actually admit they were wrong about him. Like how often does that happen?

    And if your attitude about the dems is reflective of all dems, well enjoy the wilderness. All the hype about a dem mandate doesn’t ring true to me. Many races were very close and moderates were the big winners. It’s hard to tell if the dems were voted in or the repubs were voted out. There is a big difference in that.

    I’d personally like to see the ugly bitterness calm down and don’t mind seeing the dems in charge for a while. That won’t happen unless the dems quickly recover from BDS and exercise power wisely. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed.

  • Jasmes

    Bolton did what? Oh, pretty much nothing at the UN. Who likes Bolton?

    The real issue is who is going to restore the international community in their trust of us, and it sure ain’t Bolton.

  • DosPeros

    The real issue is who is going to restore the international community in their trust of us, and it sure ain’t Bolton.

    Well, if that is the real issue, I don’t have an issue. I was looking forward to a brass, sexual-harrassing maniac running through the halls of the U.N. chasing hot Swiss diplomats and such. I was hoping that he’d get drunk and pee on the door handle of Kofi’s office door and spike the water cooler with LSD and lace the coffee’s with Exlax. You know, behavior worthy of the esteemed institution. Instead…nothing. Just another boring hack in the cogs of international irrelevancy. Oh well, who’s next? I nominate my neighbors dogs, who enjoys shitting in my yard everyday.

  • John Warren Gotsch

    Bolton was a surprise! If the Dems are to be truly seeking a new non-political tone then they should confirm Bolton. Think of the alternatives that will come from this White House? Better the devil you know.

  • sleipner

    Bolton is yet another example of the gun-barrel diplomacy style of this administration. Do what I want or else. All he has managed to do is crystallize even further the antipathy and resentment the rest of the world feels towards our heavy handed and narcissistic administration.

    Bolton has to go. By the way, what are the laws about reappointments of recess appointed officials? Does Bush HAVE to do it the right way again, or can he make an end run around Congress again and put Bolton in for another year?