Clinton/Bush Fatigue

Clinton/Bush Fatigue


One reason why people may not want Hill in ’08…too much George and Bill…

Eleanor Clift spells it out:

If Hillary were elected and re-elected president, it would mean the presence of a Bush or a Clinton on every ticket from 1980 to 2016�36 years.

That certainly puts things in perspective.

However, while many Americans have had pretty much enough of the Bush clan, what about the Clintons? Do you want to see another one in the White House or are you done?

Me, I’m just about done. Hill would have to give me a very good reason to vote for her if she won the nomination. And it has to be more than a laundry list of programs.

In short, we’re looking for vision…not a list of entitlements.

  • Alan Stewart Carl

    By 2008, there will be eligible voters who have never lived in an America without a Bush or a Clinton as president. Hillary supporters will undoubtedly say that’s a silly reason to vote against her … but it’s not just a vote against her. It’s a vote against the era of politics she represents. There’s no guarantee that a new surname in the White House would make things any less divisive — but there’s a lot more chance that things will change without Clinton than there is that things will improve with her.

    The only way I vote for her is if the Republicans run a complete loser. And, even then, I’d go third party in a heartbeat if a reasonable candidate existed.

  • Justin Gardner

    For me to go R, I’d have to see somebody come from the It’s My Party Too PAC crowd.

    And to that point, I’d be interested in seeing what a Giuliani/Whitman ticket would have to say about where this country should go, wouldn’t you?

  • Vicki Frei

    I’d just love to see some pol with some intellect who doesn’t EVER SAY the word “entitlements” – or it’s synonyms…. and who doesn’t pander to those who pust that agenda.

    No one is “entitled” to anything. I don’t know who invented that bunch of bull, but I’m pretty tired of it…. and no, I don’t think I’m “entitled” to Social Security in 4 years – I don’t need it, though I did do my nice little thing as far as making sure I paid in everything I should have prior to retiring (for the second time) in October of 2004. So I guess the nexgen down the road can take my pay-in when they retire…. or whatever….

    But “entitlement” – the word AND the programs – should be outlawed.

  • Jim S

    I couldn’t vote for a Republican until the whole party has had enough of a revamp for none of the current leadership to stand a chance of staying in the leadership. That pretty much eliminates that possibility for at least the next two election cycles.

  • Justin Gardner

    Well, I don’t usually say it Vicki but when she ticks them off, guess what it sounds like? She needs to show us her passion, not list what she wants. That’s all I’m saying.

    And Jim, it’ll be hard for me too, but not impossible. However, I think it’s much more likely that I’d vote for an Independent instead of a Republican. But you never know…

  • Jim S

    I just can’t bring myself to give one iota of power to people who serve Dobson and Friends.

  • sleipner

    Frankly I think there are better candidates than Hillary, and that she would serve better continuing on as a senator with all of the prestige and respect she can bring to that role as a former first lady. Plus there’s far too many people with a severely negative opinion about her who would never vote for her – from both parties.

    I’m almost hoping that the Republicans pick some nutcase like Frist or Romney to run…that would give the Dems the best chance to win, no matter who they pick.

    And Vicky – it’s sad when I see people as devoted to Darwinian survival of the fittest as you – moving our country from “Bring me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses” to “If you’re poor, or mentally or physically ill, you will be kicked out to sleep on the street til someone rapes and murders you.”

  • reader_iam

    What am I missing about Vicki or her comment here? I’m having trouble seeing how we’re getting from what the comment says to “If you’re poor, or mentally or physically ill, you will be kicked out to sleep on the street til someone rapes and murders youâ€Â?.

    Seems a little over the top. Must be a history I’m missing.

  • sleipner

    What do you think happens to people who can’t work for whatever reason and don’t have a financial safety net, if we “outlaw all entitlement programs” like Vicky wants? Somehow a caring billionaire will adopt them out of the goodness of his heart and let them stay in his Malibu mansion until they’re on their feet again?

  • reader_iam

    Ah. I see. We’re not actually serious about engaging the topic as Justin set it forth (hint: take a look at the finale of his post), or even as it’s developed in comments.

    Sorry to have taken up your time (and that, when I stay away long enough, I forget why I stay away from engaging here; best for all if I remember not to forget).

  • Vicki Frei

    I guess it’s easy enough for folks to froth at the mouth when people like me make statements about their “entitlements”….

  • Jim S

    Actually, Vicki, it’s much easier for people like you to assume that the negative reaction your Darwinian vision provokes is because the person reacting is receiving benefits. I agree with sleipner and I’m not receiving anything from entitlement programs and never have. I do know some people who do receive something from programs like that and it’s for the very basic reason that they can’t work at any job which would allow them to make a living. It must also never be forgotten that in the real world there are people who might be able to work in spite of their health problems but those same problems make it virtually impossible to find a company willing to hire them.

  • Vicki Frei

    “much easier”…. I doubt it….

    It’s not worth the argument, however.

  • Ryan

    I was born in ’88…I’ve never lived without a Bush or Clinton in the white house….all I can say is, IM SOOOOOO READY FOR ANOTHER CLINTON!!!!!!
    I will be casting my FIRST vote EVER for president in November 08 for the FIRST female president!!!!