See, I Always Thought Fox News Was Satire…

See, I Always Thought Fox News Was Satire…


I’m a little late to the game on this “liberal news” satire show being developed by Fox News, but before we get into the finer details I just wanted to point out that the shows they feel their satire will compete against are on COMEDY Central.

So apparently this move by Fox means they’re okay with being compared to a channel devoted to telling as many fart jokes as possible. It’s refreshing to see them being this honest and I applaud their candor.

Three cheers!!!

Now Fox News Channel, a primary source of material for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, is teaming with the exec producer of “24” to try its hand at a news satire show for conservatives to love.

Joel Surnow, co-creator of “24,” is shooting two half-hour pilots of a skein he described as ” ‘The Daily Show’ for conservatives,” due to air in primetime on Saturdays in January.

If successful, the show could take its place on the regular schedule, adding satire to FNC’s formula of news and opinion.

“The way I look at it, almost every comedy show or satire show I see uses the same talking points against George W. Bush and Dick Cheney,” Surnow said. “The other side hasn’t been skewered in a fair and balanced way.”

And here’s quite possibly a big sign that this show isn’t going to be very funny…Fox Entertainment passed on it…

Surnow originally pitched the show to Fox Entertainment prexy Peter Liguori, who is searching for latenight programming for the Fox network. Liguori passed but connected Surnow with Roger Ailes, who in addition to Fox News Channel also runs Twentieth Century Television and the Fox stations group.

They. Just. Don’t. Get. It.

First off, the existing satire shows came up when Bush was President. So, the idea that this is all just one sided is bunk. Dems get skewered too, but the political reality of our time is Republican governance. And don’t think a Democratic president will get off easy. Anybody remember all the jokes about Bill Clinton even pre-Monica? No…me neither.

Of course, Colbert lampoons O’Reilly, etc., but how long have the right-wing pundit class dominated the landscape? 25 years? A lampoon on liberal talkers isn’t going to be nearly as funny because they’ve been around a grand total of 3 years! And it remains to be seen whether these liberal talk shows will ever gain any sort of serious foothold at all, let alone enough of one that there’s ripe material for lampooning.

I do have to say that FNC’s marketing certainly worked out well for a while, and when I first saw the “Fair and Balanced” and “We Report. You Decide.” taglines I shuddered at the genius of them, but this satire-news-show-thing is quite perhaps THE sign that things are about to go over the edge.

Mark my words…in 5 years Fox News will be at the bottom of the barrel as far as ratings goes and they’ll have to drop this conservative-leaning stuff in favor of somewhere that’s more in the middle. And trust me, Murdoch will clean house. He’s done it before, and he’ll do it again.

…in the always fair and balanced world of Bill O’Reilly, we’re left with this gem of a quote about iPod owners

“I don’t own an iPod. I would never wear an iPod. Did you ever talk to these computer geeks? I mean, can you carry on a conversation with them?”

I know what you mean. You can’t really talk to geeks like these

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    As long as Fox is the only right-leaning news network on TV, and all of the others remain leftist, then Fox will contiue to dominate in the ratings, if only because the left-leaning networks split the liberal audience between them.

    If you don’t think The Daily Show has a leftist slant, you are kidding yourself. It is “The Onion” on TV. Its still funny though.

  • Justin Gardner

    If you don’t think The Daily Show has a leftist slant, you are kidding yourself.

    Oh, I’m not saying it doesn’t lean left, but what I’m also saying is that it will lean right if Dems get control again. Again, look at comedians and the Clinton years. They weren’t making fun of Tom DeLay then. It’s only when guys like that got into power and started doing goofy stuff that they got lampooned. That’s just how it works.

    My prediction for Fox still stands. We’ll see I guess.

  • sleipner

    Hah, as if Fox is the only “right-leaning” news network. They’re the only one that’s so blatant about it that even righties like Jimmy can’t claim they’re “fair and balanced.” Most of the rest lean right as well, conservatives repeating their mantra “liberal media” hundreds of times does not make it true. In fact, it used to be true, until most of the media was bought out by conservative corporations.

    It’ll be really interesting to see if anyone can tell the difference between this new “satire” show and their existing “news” programming.

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    Sure sleipner, CNN, MSNBC, Headline news, BBC, PBS, ect… not to mention the big 3 ABC, NBC, CBS…all part of that vast right wing conspiracy.

    Comedians during the Clinton years made fun of Bill’s sexcapades and nothing much else. We’ll see if John stewart satirizes socialist philosophy, multinationalism or liberal-academic elitism during the coming years; just like he made fun of corporations, Christians, and bible-belt america for the past 6 or 7 years.

  • FatalGoldfish

    People on the left who John Stewart has satirized in the last year:

    1.) Hugo Chavez (a representative of socialist philosophy if there ever was one)–Stewart even lambasted people like Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover for supporting him

    2.) John Kerry (he’s been pretty merciless, in fact)

    3.) Howard Dean (he actually apologized to Dean for previously suggesting the 50-state plan wouldn’t work)

    4.) The students of Columbia University who disrupted a speech by the leader of the Minutemen

    I came up with that in the last 30 seconds. If I had another hour I could come up with more. None of these bits, BTW, made Stewart very popular with the “Left.”

    I can’t help but get a laugh out of people who rant about what a leftie Stewart is, when the Daily Show gives more “fair and balanced” exposure to the standard-bearers of the right–like James Baker, John Ashcroft and William Bennett–than Bill O’Reilly or Rush Limbaugh would ever give Cindy Sheehan, even under threat of waterboarding.

  • James

    The SAD thing is… that more young folk get their “NEWS” from John Stewart… and think that it IS news.

    I think if the main news media focused more on making the news actually entertaining, more people would watch it.

  • BenG

    Fox News is a JOKE. Anybody who thinks that propaganda is ‘fair and balanced’ has quite a fairly unbalanced brain.

    Thanks folks, you’re all quite entertaining in your own way. Have a great weekend.

    BTW, watchin Letterman at the moment; now he’s way left, but still funny sometimes. Leno is better at pokin fun @ both sides and that makes him more tolerable, but not as funny. A conservative bein funny ? That’s an oxymoron–or maybe just a moron [sorry couldn’t resist]. Relax, some of my best friends r conservative and very funny. You’re just oversensitive. Guess it comes wth bein made fun of so much. Here’s a clue–STOP MAKIN IT SO EASY

  • DosPeros

    Mark my words…in 5 years Fox News will be at the bottom of the barrel as far as ratings goes

    Wishful words from an Air America supporter…but your words are marked.

  • The Babaganoosh

    If they are going to go ahead with the show, then it would be competing with the Colbert Report, which is way more to the left than the Daily Show (or maybe it’s just so much less funny – I can’t tell). Jon Stewart usually castigates the right wing nowadays, but he still makes it funny. He also takes his potshots at the left (remember him ripping on Dennis Kucinich? Hilarious). I would expect this satire show to fail, and fail miserably, but I don’t think FOX news will be bottom of the barrel in ratings five years from now.

    Unless they bring Keith Olbermann aboard.

  • sleipner

    I rather enjoy the Daily Show more than the Colbert Show, but some of Steven’s satires I think can hit far harder than the more direct Daily Show humor…

    I see both as being pretty lefty, but as some have mentioned here, it’s mostly because the right gives them SO much ammo for comedy…

  • Meredith

    It just so happens that I recently have been watching the Daily Show from 2004. I have seen 15 episodes of that season so far, and they spent almost the entirety of each show making fun of the Dems who ran in the primary: Dean, Kerry, Kucinich, Lieberman, Etc.

    If a Dem wins in 2008, Comedy Central will have to roast him or her. The Daily Show and The Colbert Report make jokes about political issues. If they stop making fun of the President in 2008, who are they going to make fun of? They’re not just going to stop the show . . . .

  • DosPeros

    Nothing annoys me more than Rock the Vote. Most 18-22 year olds should not be allowed to vote.

    funny shit…

  • gal

    “I think if the main news media focused more on making the news actually entertaining, more people would watch it.”

    Oh PLEASE! That’s exactly what’s wrong with TV news these days. It’s been dumbed down to giggling co-anchors and fluff bits about lame celebrities and whichever pretty blonde American girl has gone missing lately.

    No. Thanks. I don’t want my news any more “entertaining”! For that, I do watch Stewart and Colbert. I get my real news from NPR and online sources like Reuters, BBC, etc. TV news is mostly crap except for some of the more in-depth news magazines like Frontline on PBS.

  • gal

    I also think it’s a fallacy that young people believe that The Daily Show is “real” news. It’s on freakin’ Comedy Central, for crying out loud. Many kids do indeed know satire when they see it.

  • Aaron

    The Daily Show also has a “global edition” that airs on CNN International. Trix, its not just for kids.

    Oh, sure, the comedy shows will once in a while mock the left, and yes, when they are in power they will do a little more of that…see SNL skit about Pelosi…except, methinks they mainly made fun of her facial tics and gays not being accepted in middle america and not anything about her politics in general..okay maybe a little…