America To John Kerry: “It’s Over Pal.”

America To John Kerry: “It’s Over Pal.”


He finished dead last in a likability poll of potential presidential candidates.

What? Nooooooooooo!

Kerry was last with a rating of 39.6. In three earlier polls this year, he never scored above 46.3.

While many presidential contenders have a chance to make “a good first impression” on voters, Brown said, “Kerry has to convince people who don’t like him that they are wrong and that they should change their minds.”

Yeah, that’s likely…

So, you wanna guess who the top three are? Something tells me you know already…

In the current poll, former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, a Republican, ranked first with a mean score of 64.2, followed by Democratic Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, 58.8, and McCain, 57.7. All three are potential presidential candidates.

So…who were the top Dems behind Obama? Well, you know both of them. One guy is named Bill and the other goes by Joe. They placed 5th and 6th respectively.

Where did Hillary rate? She was 9th…beating out New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson who rated a 10th on the richter scale. But hey, both of them scored higher percentages than Kerry every did, so they’ve got that going for them. However, I just don’t think Hillary has the charisma to get a majority of the country behind her. Now, I think she can get the Democratic base behind her, but then again…I do remember a certain guy we nominated back in 2004…

To me, Hillary represents politics as usual, and if she’s going up against a potential game changer like Giuliani, she’ll get her ass handed to her. She doesn’t have Bill’s charsima, and much like Kerry, she’ll never be able to learn that skill in time. No way.

  • daveinboca

    Rudy Giuliani had the incredible insight that enforcing laws on the books would drive down crime in NYC. Those who jumped subway gates and wiped windshields demanding dollar bills were arrested or forced off the streets.

    And the Quinnipiac Poll has just released the results of the most popular politicians in the USA. Guess who sits at the very top? Rudy, the Great Giuliani. The man who will not compromise with crime or criminal terrorists.

    The sad truth is that Rudy’s popularity will not win him the presidential nomination. The next three most popular pols are McCain, Obama and Condi Rice. Except for Obama, who might be asked to be VP because of his age, none of the above may be among the top two candidates because of the mossback nature of the Republicans.

    Actually, a McCain/Lieberman ticket would probably sweep in a Republican Congress on its coat-tails, but again, perhaps far too daring for the party of Rove’s imagination.

    Even Mitt Romney might have problems, but perhaps the Republicans have learned from the mid-terms and will realize that a move toward the middle will be necessary to ensure that the GOP does not become a permanent fringe party.

  • Bruce

    The real fantasy is thinking the Republican party base would have anything to do with Rudy once the details of his record as NYC mayor came out and the media drags out the many skeletons in the guys closet. Hell the video of him dressing up as a drag queen is priceless. Rudy is all hype and little substance… And you can forget about any fantasies of the guy carrying blue states.

    As for McCain/Lieberman… Haha Lieberman? The guy is about as likable as Kerry. Go Joementum!

    Hillary… God I hope not. A liberal she is not. She is one of those spineless extreme centrists devoid of any actual views not dictated by committee. She is a representative of the beltway democrats that the left netroots is trying to steak through the heart. No way this democrat will vote for her useless ass.

    Obama… He is a clean slate so it speak. His inexperience is actually his selling point. Would I like to see him run as President? Probably not. But then again Bush proved voters don’t really care about their President having any experience worth a damn for the job.

    McCain… True conservative with an image problem. His image problem is that many “conservatives” think he is too moderate or too liberal. As a liberal I think he is a wingnut. He is going to have to fix the perception problem with his own party. His kissing up to the christian-reich these last few months is probably him trying to turn it around. Good luck on that bud.

    I tend to think Bill Richardson would be more viable as a democratic candidate and that his numbers are strictly a product of the fact most voters don’t know who he is.

    Time will tell I guess…

  • Bruce

    Oh… Mitt Romney is Mormon. Does anyone honestly expect that the Christian radicals in the Republican party will hold their nose and vote for a “cultist”?

  • Lins

    Without identification there is no pursuasion! Take a lesson Kerry…The average American doesn’t ship an entire English barn to the US and transform it into a mansion. Nor do we claim Purple Hearts for a nick in the butt! Yeah, you’re an elitist–but now you’re a rejected elitest! Didn’t help that you had a stubborn, rude, shrill accented wife, either!

  • Justin Gardner

    Listen, I’m no fan of Kerry, but that Purple Heart comment is completely out of line. Go rant somewhere else you hack.

  • rob

    To Lins. I had to hold my nose to vote for Kerry, but every one of your “issues” are non-starters, and not the reason he failed to connect. Your comments are rude and don’t even contain good snark.

    And what the hell is pursuasion?

  • Dusty

    Purple Heart comment out of line??? Anyone can put in paperwork to receive a Purple Heart, Justin. (Name calling (“you hack”” denotes you’ve already lost, so don’t even try to rectify it.)
    I turned down a Purple Heart in Viet Nam because the ‘soldier’ in the next cube got one for cutting his thumb on a rusty beercan. An injury in a war zone. Yeah right. Kerry’s scrape-injury, whatever wasn’t even as ‘drastic’ and the beercan sliced thumb.
    AS A VIET NAM VETERAN, I resent your minimizing a DESERVED Purple Heart.
    By the way, Mr. Gardner, what branch of the military dod YOU serve in that makes you an expert on the appropriateness of a Purple Heart?

  • Clary

    Why should McCain get a pass from his shady background? Dumped on his first wife, moved to Arizona, took up with a former bootlegger who is the largest beer distributor in the southwest, married that guy’s daughter, took up with Charles Keating, ocnvicted master fraud artist who took almost $100 million from unsuspecting old people, used Keating’s private jet and home in the Bahamas for recreation. And those are just the things that have been published in the newspapers.

  • tsand


    You guys can’t stay on topic. What about John Edwards? While he sat out of the Vietnam war, which might make him a bit weak against McCain, he does have the campaign experience. Edwards may still be only Vice President material as Obama.

    So, I wonder what the odds are on the following:

    Kerry/Hastings (Alcee)

    God I love politics

  • Alababa

    Dusty is wrong on several counts. He says Justin lost the argument by calling Lins a hack. It’s a logical fallacy (ad hominem) to use an insult as a substitute for a viable argument, but name calling in and of itself is not a fallacy. For instance, if I simply said of Bush’s Iraq policy “the man is an idiot”, that would be considered ad hom. On the other hand, if I said Bush is an idiot because he clearly didn’t tell the truth about WMD and links to Al Qeada, didn’t listen to his generals about proper troup levels, and had no exist stragegy, that would be a valid argument. Bush can still be called the idiot that he is. As for being “an expert on the appropriateness of a Purple Heart”, I would think the military panel that handed them out would be more qualified than a lone nutwing who has a axe to grind.

  • okie

    For ’08, the Republican party needs a candidate that’s strongly positioned to the right. Romney is about as close as anyone in the projected field to date.

    The “centrist” position is a bunch of crap. People don’t walk the fence in their political persuasions as they apply in every day life. Most folks want lower taxes, tough law enforcement (on the books), and a strong military. That is essentially conservative. Except for the left-leaning nutjobs and pronounced socialist, I’d say 50% of the country votes Republican- proven in previous elections, 40% votes Democrat and 10% vote Kooky parties (Green, Libertarian, Druid, Alien, etc.)

    So, a strong conservative candidate can expect 45% Republicans, 10% Democrats, and the remainder will be 30% Democrats, 5% Republicans and 10% Kooks who vote for the Democratic nominee

    55% Republican wins
    45% Democrat loses

    Take that to the bank…if a REAL Conservative runs (Romney, Gingrich, etc.)

  • DanTampa

    As far as your remark on who is more qualified… shows you don’t understand how PH’s were handed out in Vietnam. They were handed out like bubble gum and I admire Dusty for turning one down…because there were men seriously hurt in Nam who were truly deserving.

    Just because Kerry could put three pieces of bubble gum in his mouth, and still come home and bad mouth his fellow soldiers…was not impressive to me…and spoke volumes to many Americans. Hardly the enduring trait I look for in a presidential candidate.

    It would appear the polls results concur.

  • BobinJackson

    Not to get off topic, but how many PHs were handed out in Vietnam? Not a big fan of Kerry either, but I sure do enjoy cold hard facts, when I see veterans being insulted.

  • Alababa

    As for Kerry, the man doesn’t have what it takes to win, let alone govern. My point about Purple Hearts is that before the Swift Boating of Kerry, (in a very shameful display of cynicism by Karl Rove), Kerry was respected as a vet. It pisses people off that he spoke out against the war in Vietnam, but very few intelligent people argue it was an intelligent war on our part. Kerry was brave to speak out, and the notion that speaking your conscience is somehow unpatriotic is, well, unpatriotic. This should clear up some of the misinformation that’s been spread by the Republican noise machine:

  • Pete Abel

    The really sad part of all this is that I’m still not convinced the majority of Americans vote on record, or issues, or anything other than “gut” … i.e., do I like this guy? Would I sit down and have a beer with him?

    A colleague — one of the most honest and effective lobbyists I’ve ever met (yes, I said “honest”) — was asked a week before the ’04 election to predict the winner. He said Kerry would lose because he was viewed as a “talking tree, and talking trees just don’t win national elections.” Same probably could be said for Bob Dole.

    At the end of the day, right or wrong, like it or not, the race for the White House remains, more than anything else, a popularity contest, with the votes based pretty much on the same things we considered in high school. And I use “we” in the broadest possible sense — not directing it to any single population, but literally, to the aggregated voice of all Americans. Nor do I intend this as judgmental, only “what it is.”

  • ChrisO

    I’m no huge Kerry supporter, although I did vote for him in ’04, but this bullshit about his medals is just that. Everybody crying about his Purple Hearts seems to be ignoring the fact that he also won a Bronze Star and Silver Star. If we’re going to declare anyone who’s not in a VA hospital a fraud because they were handing out Purple Hearts by the boxful, then I guess we’re going to be insulting quite a few servicemen. As for the charge that anyone who hasn’t been in the military is unqualified to have an opinion on this matter, I guess Dusty will agree that the fat ladies from Nebraska with the purple band-aids on their cheeks at the Republican Convention were particularly repulsive.

    A lot of the noise about Kerry’s Purple Hearts comes from the doctor who allegedly treated him. I think it’s amazing that 35 years after the war he can still remember the exact nature of the minor injuries he treated. I’d like to see someone throw the names of other guys he treated at him and see how sharp his memory really is.

    And by the way, for an interesting take on the poll in question, read this column by Eileen McNamara in the Boston Globe.

  • ChrisO
  • ChrisO

    And okie, your comments are hilarious. I have to admire the resilience of all of you guys who try to paint the recent election results as good news for the Republicans. The notion that the Democrats ran all conservative candidates is a myth. What in the recent results supports your premise that the electorate will automatically vote for the guy who promises to cut taxes?

    It’s been proven in recent elections that the Dems only get 40% of the vote? In what country? Kerry lost by 3% and Gore won the popular vote. And the Dems just trounced the Republicans in the mid-terms. Try to at least stay in shouting distance of reality.