Keeping Your Brain Sharp

Keeping Your Brain Sharp


I just ran across a great post about the mind and some tips to ensure it’ll be happy, healthy and wise for many years to come.

Here’s a taste from ririanproject:

10. Improve Your Skill At Things You Already Do
Some repetitive mental stimulation is ok as long as you look to expand your skills and knowledge base. Common activities such as gardening, sewing, playing bridge, reading, painting, and doing crossword puzzles have value, but push yourself to do different gardening techniques, more complex sewing patterns, play bridge against more talented players to increase your skill, read new authors on varied subjects, learn a new painting technique, and work harder crossword puzzles. Pushing your brain to new heights help to keep it healthy.

13. Sleep On It
Previewing key information and then sleeping on it increases retention 20 to 30 percent. You can leave that information next to the bed for easy access, if it is something that won’t keep you awake. If you are kept awake by your thoughts, writing everything down sometimes gets it “out of your mind,� allowing you to sleep (so keep a pen and paper nearby).

17. Cycles Of Consciousness
Your consciousness waxes and wanes throughout the day . For most it seems to go through 90 minute cycles, with 30 minutes of lower consciousness. Watch yourself to recognize this cycle. If you learn to recognize and track your mental state, you can concentrate on important mental tasks when your mind is most “awake�. For creative insight into a problem, do the opposite. Work on it when you are in a drowsy state, when your conscious mind has slowed down.

There are 22 suggestions in all, so read them all and take heed.

  • Vicki Frei

    Heh. Hmmm. Great post on “brain-power”, Justin. I’m thinking that poster Jake Barnes must have got a bit confuzzled about which post he intended to reply to….

    And thanks for the link to ririanproject – I lost it due to a drive crash, and hadn’t got around to trying to hunt it up again!