2nd Largest Oil Field Drying Up Faster

2nd Largest Oil Field Drying Up Faster


Coming to a gas pump near you?

It was an incredible revelation last week that the second largest oil field in the world is exhausted and past its peak output. Yet that is what the Kuwait Oil Company revealed about its Burgan field. The peak output of the Burgan oil field will now be around 1.7 million barrels per day, and not the two million barrels per day forecast for the rest of the field’s 30 to 40 years of life, Chairman Farouk Al-Zanki told Bloomberg. He said that engineers had tried to maintain 1.9 million barrels per day but that 1.7 million is the optimum rate. Kuwait will now spend some $3 million a year for the next year to boost output and exports from other fields.

However, it is surely a landmark moment when the world’s second largest oil field begins to run dry. For Burgan has been pumping oil for almost 60 years and accounts for more than half of Kuwait’s proven oil reserves. This is also not what forecasters are currently assuming.

Who knows…this may be what pushes us to have another space race to find truly renewable energy sources. Right now there isn’t much pressure. People are buying big cars, leaving all their lights, etc. And I’m just as guilty as the next person.

Yes, we need a serious slap in the wallet, and that could be in the offing sooner rather than later…

The implications for the global economy are indeed serious. If the world oil supply begins to run dry then the upward pressure on oil prices will be inexorable. For the oil producers this will come as a compensation for declining output, and cushion them against an economic collapse.

However, the oil consumers then face a major energy crisis. Industrialized economies are still far too dependent on oil. And the pricing mechanism of declining oil reserves will press them into further diversification of energy supplies, particularly nuclear, wind and solar power.

Wind and solar? How likely are they to cure the energy crisis? The future is most likely with nuclear energy, but try convincing a public who grew up with Three Mile Island that it’s smarter and cleaner to build more nuclear energy plants.


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  • http://washingtonscandal.blogspot.com/ Royce Penstinger

    Let’s see…Entergy’s Indian Point Plant here in New York is is currently leaking dangerous radioactive wastes into the ground that are migrating into the Hudson River from leaking spent fuel rod containment pools. Then, we have the truck carrying 6500 pound of fuel grade uranium being returned from Japan for reprocessing that tipped over last week in North Carolina…Global Nuclear Fuel denies it, but if it was coming back from Japan for reprocessing, that makes it SPENT FUEL…which would explain the exclusionary zone that the DHS threw up around the accident to kill the story….visit my blog, and you’ll find several recent articles that explain why the public is leary about Nuclear Energy.

  • Peter Parry

    Justin Gardner says “right now there isn’t much pressure” to reduce reliance on Oil. Hello?? Ever heard of global warming Justin?

    Oh and if you are a skeptic – every week a new study shows further damage and evidence of global warming – one reported in the media today was: “Almost every one of more than 300 large glaciers studied worldwide is in retreat, international glaciologists reported in October in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. This is “essentially a response to post-1970 global warming,” they said.”

  • http://www.kozoru.com Justin Gardner

    Peter, what I was saying is there aren’t many external, financial pressures. Not yet at least. And yes, I know about global warming and it concerns me that we’re not doing more. That was one of the “read between the lines” points of the post.

  • http://ergosphere.blogspot.com Engineer-Poet

    I believe there are ways we could replace both electric generation fuel and petroleum motor fuel with renewables; recent advances in fuel cells have given us efficiency boosts which make it possible.  I wrote up an analysis:  Sustainability, energy independence and agricultural policy (duplicated with slightly more user-friendly formatting at my blog).  Adding more energy from wind and nuclear would make it even easier, though I have not tried to add them to my analysis yet.

    Regardless, we need to get started yesterday.

    (I hope this accepts HTML… I hate not having a preview!)

  • Dennis Kenney

    Did you or anyone else ever test this invention? If so what were the conclusions? Can it generate enough hydrogen to run a car?
    Found it on the news link on this web site. I feel the author is a little suspect but the origional invention looks honest. What’s your opinion?
    Dennis Kenney

    This file was originally posted on the KeelyNet BBS on December 3, 1993 as
    The Next Step in
    Energy Production, Engines and Lighting
    by Jerry W. Decker for KeelyNet
    (with apologies to the Dallas Morning News, the Van Nostrand Scientific
    Encylopedia and the US Patent Office)

    For years we have heard stories about a demonstration of a car that ran on
    water here in the Dallas area. Never was there any text substantiation or
    other documents relating details. Many of our friends had also heard the
    story with hints of a green pill or powder that was added to the water while
    in the gas tank that somehow made it combustible with no further actions
    taken beyond the simple ignition via a high intensity spark.

    About three years ago, our friends Howard and Joanne Bond sent us a short
    newspaper clipping describing the demonstration. The article indicates a
    patent was secured for the “something” that made the car run on water. That
    has kept me inspired all this time and made me keep an eye and ear out for
    additional information.

    The basic story as I heard it was that the inventor of the traffic light, Dad
    Garrett, failed to get a patent on the idea. Every city adopted his traffic light
    invention for which Dad Garrett received little in return. He and his son
    Charles invented other devices, among them a means of making an
    automobile engine run on water, but I never heard of a patent issued on this.
    To promote the discovery, a public demonstration was held at White Rock
    Lake in Dallas somewhere around 1934. The event was covered by news
    media of the day and we understand there was a Pathe’ or Movietone
    newsreel. An automobile was towed to the lake site. We do not know the
    type of automobile or whether it was a 6 or 8 cylinder engine. A gallon of
    water was removed from the lake and put into the gas tank. The car was then
    started and driven around the lake with no problems.

    Several months back, I decided to do whatever it would take to dig up this
    patent, if it existed. I knew from the article that a Dad Garrett and his son
    Charles had invented this “something”. I did not know the year of this
    alledged patent and so had to go through several volumes looking for
    anything relating to Garrett. Sometimes inventors assign their invention to
    companies and that posed an additional problem if such was the case.

    I finally did find a patent issued to Charles H. Garrett on July 2, 1935 and
    called an ELECTROLYTIC CARBURETOR. The number was 2,006,676. Since
    the microfiles only go back to about the mid-40’s, I had no option except to
    order it from the patent office. A letter was sent to them with $2.00 ($1.50 for
    the patent and .50 for mailing costs). After almost 3 months, I got a letter
    saying that patents had now gone up to $3.00. So, another letter with the
    extra $1.00 FINALLY got me the patent about 3 weeks later.

    I have been calling it a HYDROLYTIC CARBURETOR because of WHAT it is
    combusting and have been totally amazed at the simplicity of the
    technology. Several of our associates have received advance copies of it
    and are quite impressed, saying they will build and test it. We too will test it
    and openly share our findings.

    Please feel free to pass this file around.
    The newspaper articles are included in this file for the exact information as
    published from the 1935 demonstration to the latest modern report of which I
    am aware.

    Bob Aldrich of Survivor BBS in LA gave us additional patent numbers
    pertaining to the Horvath patents for electrolysis to power an automobile
    engine. Of those patents, the Garrett patent was NEVER listed as a “prior art”
    patent. That is quite odd as it PRECEDES several of the points made by the
    Horvath patent, not to mention being SO SIMPLE. Experiments will be
    carried out on the Garrett design and we and our fellow experimenters will
    share our findings for those interested. The potential is ENORMOUS.

    What follows is the story confirming that no green pill was involved in the
    process and which Howard and Joanne Bond sent to KeelyNet.
    Dallas Morning News – 1992 – Long Format
    Headline : Early inventor builds water-powered auto
    Date : September 6, 1992
    Section : TEXAS & SOUTHWEST
    Page : 48A
    Edition : HOME FINAL
    Author : A.C. Greene
    Word Count : 398
    Text :

    The late Henry “Dad” Garrett was a multi-talented Dallas inventor with a bent
    for electrical contrivances, and in 1935, he and his son, C.H. Garrett, patented
    and exhibited an automobile that ran on water — actually, on hydrogen after
    the water was broken down by electrolysis.

    Dad Garrett was already famous for his work. In 1920 he set up WRR in
    Dallas, the world’s first municipal radio station, and was its first announcer.
    He was the first man to build a radio in his car, and he developed radio
    transmission from the car for police use. He also invented an automatic
    electric traffic signal, possibly the nation’s first.

    Eugene P. Aldredge recalled the Garretts: “I had rented a small office on the
    seventh floor of the Allen building in downtown Dallas for my letter service,
    and one of my early customers was the eighteenth floor National Electric
    Signal Co. owned by Dad Garrett and son C.H..

    “I was informed that the two were experimenting with an automobile that
    used water for fuel, that they carried on their experiments in a workshop
    adjacent to their office on the top floor, and that two separate explosions
    (from dangerous hydrogen) had nearly blown a hole in the roof of the
    building…Neither was hurt.”

    On September 8, 1935, The Dallas Morning News first announced that the
    water-fuel concept worked — at least it worked for “several minutes,” the
    article reported.

    A few months later, Pathe’ News filmed the car driving along Garland Road
    with the driver stopping at White Rock Lake to fill the fuel tank with water
    before cruising off. In 1970, Karen Klinefelter wrote, “Aptly enough, the film
    was shown on Pathe’s Stranger than Fiction feature program.”

    C.H. Garrett said the only items needed to convert a gasoline-engine auto to
    a water burner was an electrolytic carburetor and installation of a generator
    of double normal capacity for the breaking down of the water.
    He claimed instant starts in any weather, no fire hazards, cooler operation
    and plenty of power and speed. The car was not marketed, and no one
    seems to know its ultimate destiny. Both Garretts died a number of years

    [A.C. Greene is an author and Texas historian who lives in Salado.]

    The original September 8, 1935 article that I found on microfilm in the Dallas
    Dallasite Patents Invention
    Which He Claims Substitutes
    Water for Gasoline as Fuel
    C.H. Garrett, Dallas inventor, gave a private demonstration Saturday of a
    recently patented contrivance which he said substituted water for gasoline
    as fuel for internal combustion engines.
    He said it broke up the water by electrolysis into its component gases,
    oxygen and hydrogen, using the highly explosive hydrogen for fuel in the
    motor cylinder.
    The working model operated a four-cylinder engine for several minutes in
    the demonstration, at varying speeds and with several starts and stops.
    Garrett said he had operated the engine continuously for more than
    forty-eight hours.

    The inventor said the idea itself was not new. He explained that difficulty had
    been encountered heretofore in attempts to store the dangerously
    inflammable hydrogen. He claimed to have AVOIDED that trouble by making
    and exploding the gas in the SAME PROCESS without a storage chamber in
    which the flames from the motor cylinders might react.

    Water, he explained, is broken down into its component gases by passage of
    an electric current through it from electrodes immersed in the water.
    Hydrogen collects at the negative pole and oxygen at the positive. The
    hydrogen, Garrett said, is MIXED WITH AIR (78% nitrogen and other
    gases…Vanguard) and introduced DIRECTLY INTO THE CYLINDERS.
    The inventor said he had been working on the device for eight years,
    assisted by his father, Henry Garrett, traffic signal engineer for the city of
    Dallas, inventor of the traffic signal system, now in use here and holder of
    several patents on such contrivances.

    Garrett said attachment of the electrolytic carburetor and installation of a
    generator of about DOUBLE normal capacity to furnish power for the
    breaking down of the water were the only changes needed to convert a
    gasoline burning automobile into a WATER BURNER!
    He said the electrolysis chamber would have to VARY IN SIZE with the size
    of the motor used. One of ABOUT A QUART CAPACITY being big enough for
    the ordinary automobile.
    He claimed instantaneous starting in any weather, elimination of fire
    hazards, cooler motor operation and fulfilling of all motor requirements in
    power and speed.

  • http://ergosphere.blogspot.com Engineer-Poet

    If it’s on keelynet, you should RUN (not walk) to a physicist for an explanation of why it’s hogwash (unless you can find it yourself with a search engine).

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