Early 2008 Polls

Early 2008 Polls


Yeah, they’re just polls…and they’ll change…but it’s fun to think about nonetheless.

From Political Wire, first the Dems:

Iowa: Clinton 31%, Edwards 20%, Vilsack 17%, Obama 10%
Nevada: Clinton 37%, Obama 12%
South Carolina: Clinton 34%, Edwards 31%, Obama 10%
New Hampshire: Clinton 27%, Obama 21%, Edwards 18%

Then Repubs:

Iowa: Giuliani 28%, McCain 26%, Gingrich 18%
Nevada: Giuliani 31%, McCain 25%, Gingrich 22%
South Carolina: McCain 35%, Giuliani 28%, Gingrich 15%
New Hampshire: McCain 29%, Giuliani 25%, Gingirch 14%

I think the big revelation here is Giuliani. McCain better watch out because Rudy really is a moderate and he could prove to be very attractive to a Republican moderate base…well, if they show up at the polls. McCain is much more likely to attract the true, fundamentalist Republican base.

We shall see…

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