Kit Bond Retiring?

Kit Bond Retiring?


I’m a Missourian, so any news about a Missouri senator has some amount of special signifiance. Apparently, Bond wants to be the President of the University of Missouri school system, a very cush job with a fat salary.

From Wonkette:

According to a Wonkette operative who heard this from two different sources, Republican Senator Kit Bond is going to bail on the Hill and become Chief Lord of the University of Missouri.

In a dastardly move that won’t change the Balance of Power (unless it also involves somebody sneaking into Tim Johnson’s hospital room), Republican and Missourah Guv Matt Blunt will do a Dick Cheney and appoint himself to the Senate seat.

Of course the current UofM President, Elson Floyd, may have something to say about that

The University of Missouri Board of Curators has approved a two-year extension to the employment contract of President Elson S. Floyd, retaining his services until 2010. The Board also voted last Friday to give President Floyd a raise of $21,000, or 6 percent. This is the first pay increase President Floyd has accepted since he assumed the University presidency in January 2003. His new salary in January 2006 will be $371,000.

The Board also deemed President Floyd’s performance during 2005 to be satisfactory, allowing for the deposit of $50,000 into a deferred compensation plan, per his November 2002 employment agreement. The deferred compensation may only be paid once President Floyd receives satisfactory job evaluations for five consecutive years.

“As I stated publicly at the Board meeting in Kansas City, Dr. Floyd is the best University system president in the United States, and I am pleased that we have secured his services through 2010,� said Tom Atkins, President of the Board of Curators.

Hear that? “Secure his services through 2010.” However, the story does state that his contract extension was one for 2 years, meaning it would be up at the end of 2007.

And by the way…$371,000? I told you it was a cush job.

  • Iconic Midwesterner

    “And by the way…$371,000? I told you it was a cush job.”

    Yeah that’s $371,000 in Columbia, Missouri….that’s what… being paid $700,000 in DC?

  • Austin

    It’d be nice though, if Bond went to UM, then Blunt appointed Talent to fill the vacancy. 😀

    It’d even be acceptable if Blunt filled the vacancy himself, then Talent ran for Governor. Bond going to UM would give Missourians an opportunity to recall one of our strongest leaders back to public service, so I think it’d be a great idea!