A cure for cancer?

A cure for cancer?


It sounds too good to be true. But everything I can find says this could be legitimate.

A molecule used for decades to combat metabolic diseases in children, may soon be available as an effective treatment for many forms of cancer, University of Alberta researchers are reporting.

In results that “astounded� school scientists, the molecule, known as DCA, was shown to shrink lung, breast and brain tumours in both animal and human tissue experiments. The study is being published today in the journal Cancer Cell.

Besides being known and safe, the drug is in the public domain — meaning if this pans out, treatments would be dirt cheap. On the downside, it might be difficult to get it through clinical trials and bring it to market, since there’s little or no profit in it for drug companies. So public financing of the trials may be necessary.

And those clinical trials are crucial. Lab results and even animal testing are nice, but the drug industry is littered with compounds that passed those two hurdles and failed in human testing. Such trials are expensive and take time, so any actual treatment is still years away.

But if this works, it would be way, way cool.

  • http://cunt.com dustin

    hooooly fuckin shit ima young smoker and in some years from now im probly gona need this medicine, but rich people cant make money off it so im fuckedb – wat to do wat to do but riot in the streets

  • http://uranidiot.com U. R. Idiot

    Dustin…you’re an idiot!

  • Anonymous

    My recommendation is to do the obvious and quit smoking. Don’t wait for BigPharma to do grow a conscience- they’ll take huge losses if DCA supplants their expensive cancer treatments. I predict they will pressure the FDA to block it production. Their doctors care about cancer patients; their lawyers care about money. Guess which group has more influence over government regulation? Thank you, Geogre Bush.

  • http://none anonymous

    Read about Royal Rife and see that some 70 years ago there was a cure for cancer. He invented a microscope that could see live virus and bacteria and thus enabled him to find a cure using sound. His research was 100% effective. Unfortunately, a fire destroyed his work and completely smashed his microscope(into a million bits, and lost pieces).

  • http://midtopia.blogspot.com/ Sean Aqui

    Uh-huh. And I’m a Martian. Rife (and the various exploiters of his name) is a well-known fraud.

  • http://bintalshamsa.blogspot.com bint alshamsa

    As a person living with an incurable cancer, this is the sort of news that makes me feel hopeful. I’ve also participated in cancer research (as a research assistant, not as a subject) and from seeing all of the sort of progress that is being made with cancer, I truly believe that within our lifetime it will go from being a deadly disease to one that can be managed and controlled like Diabetes. Thanks for the news!!