What’s with the pantsuit metaphors?

What’s with the pantsuit metaphors?


Suddenly, they’re everywhere.

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  • Confused

    As someone who periodically wears pantsuits, I primarily wear them in winter. But I will also wear them if I don’t feel like wearing pantyhose. After reading the article on Midtopia, I did notice that the quotes seemed to associate women with a powerful or well-known men. Personally, I think that a certain portion of the male population (worldwide) is threatened by female strength. Why? I have no idea. Any thoughts on this are welcomed.

  • wj

    Actually, I suspect the phrase is merely a triumph of political correctness: a way to suggest that the woman in question has the same (undesirable) characteristics as the man used for comparison without saying “she’s xxx in a skirt.”

    As for men who are threatened by female strength, that’s pretty simple: they suspect (know?) that they are weak. Being weaker than other men is bad enough; being weaker than “the weaker sex” would leave them with no basis for self-esteem at all. Of course, such men probably don’t deserve any esteem . . . . 😉