Is Rudy The New Straight Talker?

Is Rudy The New Straight Talker?


He’s not backing down from his pro-choice stance, and it may be winning him regard in conservative circles as a man who puts principles above pandering.

From the Telegraph:

Whereas his rivals John McCain and Mitt Romney are engaged in attempts to disavow previous statements and recast themselves as social conservatives, Mr Giuliani’s pitch is that “for most it’s never about one issue” and consistency is preferable to pandering.

“I believe you’ve got to run based on what you are, who you really are,” he told The Daily Telegraph. “I find if you do it that way even people who disagree with you sometimes respect you.”

Mr Giuliani noted that his pro-choice abortion position had not changed in nearly two decades. The former mayor declined to draw the contrast himself, but Mr McCain’s critics point out that in 1999 he said he supported the Roe versus Wade abortion ruling, though he immediately retracted that and said he had spoken in error. Mr Romney was pro-choice in 2004 but now declares himself to be pro-life.

“I’m just telling you the most honest answer to the question, which is the same answer I gave in 1989,” Mr Giuliani told The Daily Telegraph. “I would advise my daughter or anyone else not to have an abortion. I’d do anything I could to help and assist with an adoption. I would like to see it ended but ultimately I believe a woman has a right to choose.”

In other news, Giuliani leads Hillary in opinion polls

In a match-up between the early 2008 frontrunners, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) leads New York Senator Hillary Clinton (D) 52% to 43%. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds Giuliani’s lead growing in recent months. His current nine-point advantage is up from a six point lead in January and a four-point lead in December.

Giuliani has solidified his title as the most popular candidate of Election 2008�his favorability ratings have inched back up to 70%.

Yeah, I know, not that this means much at this point, but something tells me that Giuliani is going to come off as the only politician who’ll give it to you straight, and after 8 years of the Bush administration people are going to be looking not only for that, but somebody who can unify both sides. Giuliani has the potential to stand for both and actually mean it.

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  • Jim S

    While there is a certain school of conservatism that will respect Guiliani it’s not the brand of conservatism that has been tipping the balance in Republican primaries and caucuses lately.

  • Justin Gardner

    While there is a certain school of conservatism that will respect Guiliani it’s not the brand of conservatism that has been tipping the balance in Republican primaries and caucuses lately.

    No doubt, but wouldn’t it be something if people responded to Giuliani’s candor instead of pandering? Could they move beyond it?

    I think if Giuliani comes out during the debates, because he’s definitely a contender, and just lays it on the line as “Here I am, here’s what I believe, and there’s nothing wrong with that,” I think it’ll frame him as a new kind of Republican, one who’s less cynical than the Dems and more believeable to the independents.

    I guess time will tell, but we’re going to follow Rudy closely. He could be the real deal.

  • DosPeros

    Giuliani has also said that if the opportunity arose he would nominate “strict constructionist” to SCOTUS. What do you think that means to pro-life conservatives?

  • Alan Stewart Carl

    Giuliani has said he believes Roe v. Wade was improperly decided and would support its overturn. However, he would also support keeping abortion legal through state laws.

    I like the idea of a leader who has the intellectual honesty to admit you can’t twist the Constitution to fit personal ideology.

  • Bob J Young

    Giuliani may be trying to paint himself as the new “straight talkerâ€Â?, but he (like Hillary) is a politician. Nothing they say hasn’t been pretested in focus groups.

    There was a period when he went out of his way to carry Bush’s water on Iraq, in a very partisan kind of way. When the general election starts, all his past misdeeds will make their way into the spotlight.

    There was one moment a year or two back where he lost my support, my memory isn’t quite as sharp as it once was, but I definitely remember thinking his stance was so absurdly partisan that I would never vote for him. He was trying to blame everyone but bush and the republicans for the disaster in Iraq.

  • Marc Schulman

    Another thing about Giuliani: we know he can keep his cool and lead during a crisis. The same can’t be said about any of the other candidates.

  • amanda day

    I am impressed with what i have seen so far regarding Rudy…and i am a democrat by nature!! No politician is unblemishable nor are they generally super-honest, but I do feel a new approach to open basic truth telling, and i like it no matter what party or which candidate is comes from…I too shall be watching this candidate closely!!

  • Jeff Ellis

    The power of the whole antiabortion, so-called “radical” or religious right in the Republican Party today has been far too overstated and the idea that Guiliani’s moderation will automatically make it impossible for him to win is, quite simply, ludicrous. If you believe what you’ve heard from the mainstream media as of late, then you’d have to wonder why Alan Keyes isn’t President right now.

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    Jim Ellis is right. Too many media pundits and analysts think that red state conservatives are ignorant idealogues. Rudy says he will pick judges from the exact same mold as Roberts and Alito. Do liberals really believe that social conservatives from the mid-west are too stupid to understand what that means?