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A very interesting article by Cass Sunstein on wikis in the Washington Post is available here.

  • bob in fl

    “In the past year, Wikipedia . . . has been cited in judicial opinions 4 times as often as the Encyclopedia Britannica in judicial opinions…”

    What the **** are judges thinking in referring to ANY encyclopedias in judicial opinions? These decisions are supposed to be made from legitimately published law journals & reference books. And how can they justify citing Wikipedia when anyone can post false info or edit real info, making it the least reliable of all references?

    I hope this is a prejudiced opinion, which demands a retraction in every blog, website, or traditional publication where it has been published. Oh, I forgot. The author got the information from Wikipedia. So Marc, what is your excuse?

    If I ever have to face a judge, I guess my best defense is to edit the appropriate entry in Wikipadia & pray the judge doesn’t rely on legitimate sources.

  • Marc Schulman

    Excuse for what? For saying it was an interesting article?

  • bob in fl

    You are right. You only posted the article without comment. My apologie for my caustic statement about you.

    I found it a very interesting article, but it seems readers don’t find it so. There have been no comments on the original article & only one here all day. Where did everyone else go?