Obama Talks Iraq

Obama Talks Iraq


…in 2002…and nails it.

If this is a guy who’s being accused of not having enough experience, then maybe we should consider people without enough experience more often if they can demonstrate a track record of such astute observations.

(h/t: Sully)

  • bob in fl

    Nice post, Justin. I have to say, regarding Obama’s inexperience, that it may very well be a plus. He hasn’t been around enough to start accepting the party line as absolute truth, as so many politician’s have. In other words, his inexperience has enabled him to still be able to use his brain.

    Like me, it sounds like he reads all of the newspaper rather than just the front page headlines. The fact that there were no WMDs, no al Qaida connection to Iraq, & no Iraqi development towards nuclear weapons, (along with authoritative people backing up the claims) were in the mainstream publications. They Just weren’t placed under front page headlines or on Faux News.

  • DosPeros

    I don’t think experience is a very big factor in policy analysis (if it were the entire blogosphere should be shut down). College professors and all of academia bank on this fact.

    Experience is a very big factor in effective policy implementation and actual execution of strategy. Obama is a smart guy, no doubt. Very articulate. But intelligence and articulation are the easiest elements of effective leadership.

  • GN

    Great post, Justin

  • Lewis

    I’m impressed. Now that going to war is a mute point, I want to hear what he thinks the risks are if we pull out of Iraq like he’s proposing. Things like what happens to the innocent Iraq people we leave behind, stability in the region, impacts on the world economy should the region explode, our ability to persuade other world trouble makers to be less aggressive, and etc.

    I don’t recall hearing him talk much about this, at least not yet. I’d expect (hope) he’d do the same thoughtful analysis. In the video, he clearly demonstrates the importance of planning ahead and calculating risks before implementing a major strategy adjustment.