Giuliani Leads Among White Evangelicals?

Giuliani Leads Among White Evangelicals?


Really? Wow.

From the Washington Post:

In the Republican race, former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, who recently made clear his intentions to seek the presidency, has expanded his lead over Sen. John McCain of Arizona. Giuliani holds a 2 to 1 advantage over McCain among Republicans, according to the poll, more than tripling his margin of a month ago.

The principal reason was a shift among white evangelical Protestants, who now clearly favor Giuliani over McCain. Giuliani among this group of Americans despite his support of abortion rights and gay rights, two issues of great importance to religious conservatives. McCain opposes abortion rights.

More on why McCain is in trouble…

In the latest poll, the former New York mayor led among Republicans with 44 percent to McCain’s 21 percent. Last month, Giuliani led with 34 percent to McCain’s 27 percent.

When Republicans were asked to rate Giuliani, McCain and Romney on a series of attributes, Giuliani was seen as the strongest leader, the most inspiring, the candidate with the best chance of winning the general election, the most honest and trustworthy and the one closest to them on the issues. McCain was seen as having the best experience to be president, but only by a narrow margin.

Only by a narrow margin. Looks like McCain peaked early and now a younger, more interesting Giuliani is moving in. What will John do?

And here’s an interesting tidbit about Gingrich…

Former House speaker Newt Gingrich ran third in the latest poll with 15 percent, while former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney was fourth with 4 percent. Gingrich has not said he definitely plans to run, and without him, Giuliani’s lead would increase even more, to 53 percent compared with McCain’s 23 percent.

Hmm, could McCain convince Gingrich to run so he could siphon off votes from Rudy if he promised Newt a spot in his cabinet? Stranger things have happened.

Okay, that’s enough about Rudy for one day.

  • John Free

    I’m a white Evngelical and this is hogwash…

    White Evangelicals are pumped up about Duncan Hunter…Hello???

  • http://none Jim Corbett

    Actually, white evangelicasls and common sense conservatives are excited about Sam Brownback. Just ask them. Brownback is on the rise.