Grover, Go Away.

Grover, Go Away.


  • Joshua

    With that outfit, maybe he could get a job acting in those Capital One commercials.

    “Who’s on your ballot?”

  • Justin Gardner

    “Who’s on your ballot?�

    Heh…hopefully nothing that Grover was behind.

  • DosPeros

    Americans for Tax Reform is a large umbrellic organization which attracts all sorts of individuals which vehemently disagree with each other on a host of issues, but are unified on the issue of the size of the federal government and taxes.

    I’ve been to an ATR meeting and met Grover. Trust me, he’s not going any place and he’s a great American (and yes, that implies that there are bad Americans – for instance, socialist Americans.)

    What– your a hack if you don’t invite the local wire-rimmed commie to your party? Pooh-hoo, whiner.