Giuliani’s “Republican” Problem

Giuliani’s “Republican” Problem


If you’re going to get the Republican nomination, there are some things you’ll probably have to agree with the majority of Republicans about. Two of them are abortion and gay marriage. I’m not saying that all Republicans feel this way, but the majority? Yep.

And in that vein…Giuliani may be staring an insurmountable problem in the face…as Rich Lowry of NRO notes:

…this from the Wall Street Journal poll today: “Fully three of four Republicansâ€â€?including a majority of those backing the former New York City mayorâ€â€?say they would have reservations if they learned Mr. Giuliani supports abortion rights and supports civil unions for gay and lesbians couples.â€Â?

Good luck Rudy. It’s gonna be a tough slog.

  • virgenclackey

    gud one!.

  • virgenclackey

    gud one!gggh.

  • Transplanted Lawyer

    But he’s easily the most electable choice that the GOP has available. Take a look:

    So the question is, would Republicans rather enforce internal ideological orthodoxy upon themselves… or keep the White House? Because it looks to me like that’s a forced-choice question.

  • Sue

    good stuff in a right perspective. Also, American problems should be addressed in a global context, which would be meaningful. But many our reporters lack global knowledge. Anyway, two great books are worth reading: 1. China’s global reach; 2. China and the new world order. Both books offer sweeping views on current global affairs, which are highly relevant to the American issues.

  • wj

    Of course, if you want to move the Republicans back towards the center having Rudi nominated, and lose, would be counter-productive. So whether nominating Rudi would be a “good thing” sort of depends on whether the Democrats nominate someone who is likely to beat him. We shall see . . . .

  • sleipner

    Of all the possible Republican candidates, Giuliani is the one that makes me throw up the least…

  • Brian Johnson


    Interesting comments you have on this Blog.

    Perhaps you should visit Congressman Ron Paul’s web site? Congressman Ron Paul is a man who truly believes in freedom and he is running for the Republican nomination for president in Texas.

    Why don’t you visit his website, watch his video and show him your support?

    @sleipner – He wont make you puke….LOL

  • DosPeros

    Brian –

    He is great. I will vote for him. He is making a splash among true intellectual conversatives. I’ll even give money to his campaign.