Americans Still Don’t Like The Congress

Americans Still Don’t Like The Congress


I know…what a shocker.

Still, with approval ratings that are now lower than the President’s, one has to wonder exactly what the Congress can do to garner favor in this current political climate.

From Gallup:

PRINCETON, NJ — The modest uptick in approval of the job being done by Congress has dissipated for the most part after only two months. Congress job approval had risen over the last two months after the Democrats took over control of Congress in early January — fueled in large part by a jump in approval among rank and file Democrats. This month, however, Congress job approval is back down to levels quite similar to where it was in 2006. Democrats have lost a good deal of the positivity exhibited in the first two months of the year after their party took over.

According to Gallup’s monthly update on job approval of Congress — in a March 11-14, 2007, national poll — 28% of Americans approve of the job being done by Congress and 64% disapprove. This marks a substantial change from January and February, with approval down nine points and disapproval up nine points.

Want to know the reason? It’s pretty obvious. The war.

See, Republicans opinions haven’t really dropped, but Dems favorable opinions have dropped 44% to 33% and Independents have dropped from 33% to 24%. Sure, rising gas prices probably play a part, but there’s really only one major issue that’s on their mind: getting out of Iraq. They want the newfound majority they voted for in November to have some meaning, but it’s just not doing the trick.

Get read for more disappointment Dems and Indies.

The Iraq war isn’t ending anytime soon.

  • bob in fl

    They are disappointed because they are not realists. Sure, the Democrats have a majority, but that majority is not large enough for any meaningful change. As long as the Republicans stick together, little will change. Thanks to Alberto’s Whoops-es, that could be changing. Time will tell.

    Patience people. It took Bush 6 years to create this huge mess. Give Congress more time to fix it. They are, you know. the Senate voted 98-2 to strip the Patriot Act of the free ride to hire new US Attorneys. The House will follw, no doubt about it. Bush has already agreed to roll over on this one. If he doesn’t, the bill is veto proof.

  • SaneInSF

    Congress has low approval because 1) Democrats have already been exposed to being adept at playing the money game as Republicans were (hypocrites) and 2) the public isn’t stupid — Democrats are playing politics with Gonzo and nothing else. In the real world, if you don’t do something that your boss wants, you’re fired.