The Cody Statement

The Cody Statement


For all you gay/bi/etc. Republicans out there, Dennis Sanders reprints in full why some of you stick to the principles you believe in.

From NeoMugwump…

We are Republican because we believe in limited government, free markets, a strong national defense, and personal responsibility;

We strive for Unity without the tyranny of uniformity, because the greatness of the Republican Party, like the greatness of America, is found in our tolerance for diversity; […]

We pledge, in short, to be “Cody Republicans�: a Republican who is very traditional in holding the ideals of rugged independence, integrity, fairness and being respectful of your friends and neighbors; and persistent in our commitment for those ideals to apply equally to all.

My question is simple: Does the Republican party uphold most of those ideals anymore?


  • wj

    Another question might be: which party presents a better chance of being changed to represent these ideals in the future? Admittedly, the answer is less overwhelmingly obvious than then answer to your question. But not much.