Money, Money, Money, Money…

Money, Money, Money, Money…


I’m just speculating here, but I believe we’re witnessing more money being raised earlier than at any other time in history. And hey, thank god for that, right?

No, but seriously…just read this and tell me if it doesn’t make you queasy…

“Clintonites tamp down expectations for first-quarter fund raising, sticking with estimates of up to $25 million, while boosting expectations for Democratic rival Obama. Obama staffer says $8 million to $10 million ‘would be a good quarter, but we’re going to do better than that,’ and Clinton ‘will raise more than everybody in the field.’ Edwards also is expected to do well in the quarter ending tomorrow.”

“Among Republicans, McCain, Romney and Giuliani are expected to be in the $20 million ballpark. McCain and Giuliani camps say they started late, though Giuliani has held 57 fund-raisers since the fall. Strategists in both parties predict Republicans’ take will fall short of Democrats’.”

It’s all about the money folks. Even if we want a viable 3rd party candidate, it’ll have to be somebody independently wealthy like Bloomberg.

My question to you is, in this ever expanding world of social media, could we have a YouTube candidate? Could we have somebody who just pops out of nowhere, uses a social technology to spread his or her message and excite the nation from the bottom up instead of from the top down? Edwards wishes he could be that guy, but he’s not.

Food for thought…

  • grognard

    The problem is not getting your name out, the problem is going through the Byzantine rules and regulations the two political parties have put up as barriers to getting on the ballot. Even having a party like unity 08 backing you the challenge to get on every states ballot is still daunting.

  • Timl

    Money follows support. There is no better system. If we keep the limits where they are, there is a least achance to keeep things slightly sane. I used to be totally behind public financing until I saw – first hand in 2000 – that when Federal dollars kick in, even when support for a candidate has dropped and he should get out, with the new money, the campaign staffs talk the candidate to stay in and fight the “good fight”. They also do this because most have no jobs to go to, bad prospects cause they chose a loser…and they dont want to gibve up free the free blackberrys and hotel rooms. This is also when these “life support” campaigns tend to do the worse damage to the eventual nominee…especially because now they are bitter.

  • sleipner

    The question is not whether or not to publicly finance campaigns, the question is how to go about doing it to make sure the candidate who wins the election is the best for the job, and is supported by the largest group of constituents, rather than just doubling the money of those who are willing to compromise their morals for cash.

    Just doing matching funds I think is bad, because then you perpetuate the whole problem with the wealthy buying politicians. What we really should have is a means by which a candidate gets a certain dollar amount for every person who supports them in their campaign. Ideally, have a national system by which I, for example, could put my name in for, say, Al Gore in the primary election, and then he would get either a flat amount or a percentage of the total dollars available, based on what percent of those who registered their support for a candidate supported him.

    The only way we are going to get out of the current paradigm of a bought-and-paid-for government is to somehow move back to the 1 person 1 vote method of electing officials. Currently the system is more like $1 million dollars donated / spent = 1% higher chance of getting elected = 1 more compromised Congressman vote next year.

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