Cho Seung-Hui's Last Words

Cho Seung-Hui's Last Words


After he killed the first two people, he took some photographs, shot a video and sent it in the mail to NBC. This is most likely THE explanation as to why there was a lull in the violence at VA Tech that day.


Sometime after he killed two people in a Virginia university dormitory but before he slaughtered 30 more in a classroom building Monday morning, Cho Seung-Hui mailed NBC News a large package, including photographs and videos, lamenting that “this didn’t have to happen,� the network said Wednesday.

Cho, 23, a senior English major at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, killed 32 people in two attacks before taking his own life.

NBC News President Steve Capus said the network received the package in Wednesday morning’s mail delivery and immediately turned the materials over to FBI agents in New York.

The package included a long, “rambling, manifesto-like statement embedded with a series of photographs,â€Â? Capus said. The material is “hard-to-follow … disturbing, very disturbing â€â€? very angry, profanity-laced,â€Â? he said.

It did not include any images of the shootings Monday, but it did contain “vague references,� including “things like ‘this didn’t have to happen,’ � Capus said in an interview late Wednesday afternoon.

Cho wanted to be remembered.

He certainly got his wish.



  • Monica

    What an asshole.

  • jdk

    seems like he was tired of being called an ‘asshole’ by people like Monica. In most civilized countries he would have gone and blown off some steam somewhere, got into a fight and it might have ended there…but given that semi-automatic weapons are apparently Americans “god given right” and such an easy thing to get in America he was able, tragically, to make his fantasies real.

  • yeah

    agree with jdk.

    stop the hate.

  • yeah

    agree with jdk.

    stop the hate

  • Monica

    jdk –

    What are you talking about? How do you know if I have ever called anyone an asshole before, EVER? And then you have the nerve to suggest its people like me that causes this guy to kill 32 people.

    That makes no sense at all.

    Maybe you’re just freaked out over this massacre. But that doesn’t excuse you for suggesting that my attitude causes people like this to go crazy. You don’t know me from anyone. Why am I not allow to express outrage at this mad man? And then how can you hold me responsible for this man’s insanity when I express outrage after he commits an absolutely horrific act.

    That makes no sense and I think you owe me an apology.

  • reetu

    He was very tensed, may be had some family problems. Something bad must have happend to him, which eventually trapped him into trauma. It is quite surprising, despite having had the Shooting history from the past, effective laws had not been imposed in Buying and selling of Arms. Why would somrone need Gun? Locals in Aghagnistan or Iraq don’t carry gun, though the place is considered the dangerous across the globe than why would an American need to carry a gun. The security provided in US I guess is no where else provoded. See if WE: THE PEOPLE realize the importance of humanlife, brotherhood, humanity, than why kill others. and why is it so difficult for us to understand and have the feeling of humanity and brotherhood. Animals fight food food we for religion and so called depression. Waht are we running after?

  • misterdubs

    Let’s not blame an inanimate object for what happened at Virginia Tech. Cho is not the victim of “lax” gun control laws. Cho was obviously disturbed and was determined to kill, so had guns not been accessible, I’m sure he would have picked another “tool” with which to carry out his plans.

    Focusing on his “tools of choice” blinds us to much larger issues and more compelling questions:
    *What drove him to kill?
    *What specific signs and behaviors were missed?
    *Why did no one speak up, and if they did, why weren’t they heard?
    *What infrastructure is in place to identify and then help (or isolate) potentially violent individuals?

    Stricter gun control addresses none of the above. The fact that he chose guns instead of strapping on a bomb vest is, I believe, a cultural choice.

    These murders didn’t happen in a vaccuum; as more investigation is done, it will come to light that there were many roadsigns leading towards that fateful day.

    Perhaps we should ask ourselves,
    “If we knew (or know) someone who is disturbed and potentially violent, what would *we* do?”

  • JC

    lol, Monica…calm down

  • Hasan

    Misterdubs has asked very good questions. But where are the answers?
    I wonder why no one has questioned the racist tendencies in western societies. Nothing can justify such an insane act, everybody admits it, but isn’t there any truth behind Cho Seung-Hui’s words ”Do you know how it feeels to be humiliated”.
    Sorry for shortness of my English, I am not able to explain all that’s in my mind. But I just want to remind everybody that: Western societies generally have a racistic sense of superiority that humiliates others. This can not justify any violance, yet it is an unjustifiable truth itself.
    I hope no one will misunderstand my words.

  • ABBY

    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Cho’s manifesto? Does anyone know a website where it might be posted? I’d like to read it. Thanks.

  • Tommy

    Let’s not blame an inanimate object for what happened at Virginia Tech. Cho is not the victim of “lax� gun control laws. Cho was obviously disturbed and was determined to kill, so had guns not been accessible, I’m sure he would have picked another “tool� with which to carry out his plans.

    I agree that he had tools that assisted in his killings. I agree with your further assessment pertaining to the questions that need to be answered, but legislation should be address to stem the problem, limit the scope of destruction/death, and provide us with a chance to focus on those question while limiting these types of occurances. Gun control is not a simple issue, and there are several strong points on both sides of the issue. Had Cho Seung-Hui had only access to a blade, a bat, a baton, a brick, acid, or some other mundane or martial weapon; the extent of the death and destruction would have been limited. Had he made and IED or had access to TNT, C4, or grenades; the scope of death and destruction would have increased most likely. All people use the tools they have available to them…even killers. Removing the tools does not stop them from killing, but it can limit their effectiveness.
    Let us not forget that this is not an issue of gun control and that many families will not be with their loved ones, including the Seung-Hui family who are also victims.

  • inshock

    all of the name calling and hatred ARE what causes these troubled kids to seek revenge! the Columbine kids, tortured and tormented, Cho – tortured and tormented. It is the kids who have everything and make fun of the kids who don’t, I was one of them, I hurt a lot of kids feelings when I was younger, I was mean and nasty, I made some girls cry because I made fun of them all the time. the hate and the abuse need to stop!

  • Arturo

    I agree with jdk.
    Chronic Social, Racial or national discrimination sometimes lead some people to this extreme actions.
    Monica, you are only one person, but there´s a lot of persons that does actions that destroys peoples in varios ways.

    Cho is just an example.

  • Mike

    This is what is going to continue to happen if parents don’t control their children. I’m not talking about the parents of the killers. I’m talking about the parents of the kids that treat others like fecal matter. Parents need to become better at discipline, and not spoil them to the point that they think they’re better than everyone else. Stop picking on the little guy, or the little guy will get you.

  • Monica

    There is nothing to indicate that Cho experienced “chronic social, racial, or national discrimination”. From all the interviews I’ve seen, tons of people tried to talk to him, get to know him, and he simply refused. Apparently his sister, who I assume grew up in almost the same situation as Cho, adjusted to life in the US with no problems.

    It seems that people here are creating excuses (or reasons) for this guy without anything to base it on except maybe their own personal life experiences.

    I personally thought high school sucked because how harshly kids treated each other, but that doesn’t mean I think this is what happened Cho to make his kill 32 other people.

  • Lauren

    Honestly, they he was picked on…I can say that I don’t care. No amount of being made fun of or being picked on should lead to the killing of over 30 people. Yah sure I have been picked on sometimes. That doesnt mean that I am going to go buy two guns and go nuts. He was a sick sick guy. Mentally Ill who just didn’t get help. He had no place even being at that university from what I have read about him being declared a harm to himself. It’s just sad the amount of people who are grieving due to his lack of concern for other peoples feelings. I have all the sympathy in the world for those who lost loved ones. I have NO sympathy for him. It pretty much all makes me sick about the world we live in. scary!

  • Abu Nudnik

    Monica! You killed him! You killed them all! You and that darned second amendment!!!

    Get a grip.

  • Arturo

    I agree with you Monica, but not everybody reacts the same way to rough treatment or experiences.
    And by the way, is there some excuse to put another person in the garbage ?

  • Monica

    Whatever, Abu. jdk said it was people like me that caused this guy to kill. I found it offensive and I responded.

    Arturo –

    Yes, everyone responds differently to the unjust acts that we ALL experience in our lives. And no, there is no excuse for putting another person in the garbage. Where does that question come from? Was Cho put in the garbage by someone?

  • srs

    I don’t feel a bit sorry for the murderer. If he were still alive, I’d love to just torture the crap out of him and make him suffer for what he did. Oh, no but he took the easy way out as all true losers do.

    And we need to get guns into the hands of more people who know what the heck they’re talking about and who know how to use them safely. If even one person had had a gun, the murders could have stopped just a quick as they began.

    People use the term semi-automatic for the shock factor, while most people don’t even know what it means. Some brainless reporter even made the comment that the shooter had had a 9 mm and a 22 mm weapon with him. Most people don’t know any more about guns than they see in movies.

  • second amendment

    Governments by far are the worst threat to personal security, not some korean dude with a lot of pent up anger.

    You hear about checks and balances in the government and in the constitution? Sure you have. That’s exactly what the bill of rights was: a check on the government’s assumption of power. And that’s exactly what the second amendment is about: a check on the government by empowering its citizens against an authoritarian government.

  • Todd

    why did cho kill all thoughs people?

  • second amendment

    Government is by far the more serious threat to personal security, not some korean dude with a lot of pent up anger.

    You know the term checks and balances in the government and the constitution. That’s exactly what the bill of rights is about: checks and balances on a power hungry government infrastructure. And that’s exactly what the second amendment is about: a check on government authoritarianism by empowering the people.

  • kam

    i think what that cho guy did was good, he killed dmany innocent people, but the teachers will be afraid to abuse the student in future. i read what he wrote, he said he is sacrificing himself for all the weak and helpless guys. and its true. first i thought he was a monster but after i read what he wrote i can see the benefit of what he did. you see in our world people only respect one thing — strength. if you are big and tall everyone respect you, if you are small everyone treats you like shit. cho showed that small guys can turn nasty if pushed too far, and that will make people afraid to pick on small guys, especially students. innocent people died, that’s unfortunate. but the same thing happens in a war, innocent die in order to correct some other evil. cho was kicked out of poetry and literature class for his writing, he was a shy guy so when he tried to hit on a couple girls in a somewhat clumsy way they ratted on him. society prepares the crime the criminal commits it.

  • Xavier

    kam its people like u that make this world a scary place. cho was an unstable person with little self confidence and too much hate. regardless of what caused the hate we all get put down and put out in our lives. what makes a STRONG person is realizing that no matter what anyone else does to you or to others life is a gift and should be cherished. cho was childish, he wanted attention and felt sorry for himself. what he did was in no way right. if he had intentions they should have been carried out in an honorable way. no sane person will give him respect for this. he was nothing more than a pouty little boy that never grew up.

  • James

    Are you kidding? How is it that anyone can have sympathy for a mass murderer? I dont care if you have been picked on before and can relate . . . if you are here reading this you obviously survived the experience without needing to shoot people. There is NOTHING anyone can SAY that justifies murdering people. If you think there is then you need help. Have we all really forgotten that these are real people that died? You wouldn’t be so quick to defend him or call him a martyr if your sibling or friend was dead. I dont know any other way to explain this to you people who want to blame his “oppressors” or lenient gun laws . . . none of those things justify thirty-two people dying. He had so many options, this is NEVER necessary for someone to escape being ostracized or teased. About his work, if it was too violent to be read in class then he obviously had issues, who thinks/writes that kind of disturbed bullshit anyways?

  • David

    Things need to change over there in america.Everyone has guns and them in the hands of people like him means trouble.Until your gun laws are changed expect more of this in the future.
    This will inspire other hate filled people to commit similar acts.

  • John

    After reading all this blog about this sick individual Cho, dont be confuse about it all, this individual is sick in the head. We all have problems one way or the other but we just learn how to deal with it, it’s part of life. without problems then life would be lifeless no challenge. This person didn’t have good morals, doesn’t believe in any religion, no respect for others as a human being, mentally ill person that should have been in mental institute in the first place, and when people like him writes a stories and plays it in class should have been kick out of campus and turn him to mental institute for re-evaluation, cant let this kind of stuff happen to any of our Universities or any Schools anywhere! Bottom line is that PARENTS please raise your kids right, be there for them, support them, love them, show them good ethical morals and respect for other people, and teach them how to be humble and to others, take them to church so that they can understand how valueble life is and for other people. Because if you know your kid then he wouldn’t done this, and if you know your kid is sick then you would sent him to mental institute, so therefor you didn’t know your kid?

  • monica


  • lori

    My heart goes out to America, but there are some realities that should be addressed. It absolutely astounds me that educated people being interviewed are repeatedly saying that if the teaching staff and/or students had been armed, this carnage could have been prevented. My God, you can’t be serious: the wild, wild, west. As a Canadian living in Europe, we can understand your frontier mentality, the Canadians, Australians and some European countries were also frontier lands, but we got over it. Wake up America! I hope that the American tendancy to hide behind a veil of naivety will one day be overcome. Social institutions do good work and must be put into place. Strict gunlaws do not mean that individuals are never shot dead, but they do mean that the numbers are smaller and gaining access to a weapon is a time-consuming undertaking.

  • Miranda

    All you guys are doing is looking for someone to blame….

  • X: THC

    Question Marks…

    “This didn’t have to happen”, Cho Seung-Hui said, after brutally murdering thirty-two people at Virginia Tech University.

    And this terrible tragedy of sons, daughters, mothers and fathers didn’t have to happen, if we’d only listened.

    But we never listen.

    We never listen to those that are different from us- the outcasts, the lonely, the homeless, the ones that are unspoken for. We don’t try to understand. We shun them and put them out of our minds because of our fear that we will become like them.

    And these people become more and more lonely and alienated in their isolation.

    Words like “creep”, “deranged misfit” and “psycho” devalue this killer’s humanity so we don’t have to face how similar he is to us. Cries of “how could he have been stopped” are uttered by media quick to sensationalize and gain market share, when the words “how could he have been listened to” are never considered.

    Because we don’t want to listen.

    We don’t want to hear about loneliness and alienation when we’re all so busy with our lives, making money and making friends. And the unpopular, the ones that don’t fit in, the lonely ones are ignored or made fun of because we don’t care to understand anything about them.

    As a boy, Cho Seung-Hui “was picked on, pushed around and laughed at over his shyness” (Associated Press). When he started college, according to the Guardian, “his mother took his dormitory mates to one side to explain about her son’s unusual character and implored them to help.”

    And he clearly needed help, devaluing himself so much that he called himself “Question Mark”.

    There are more “Question Marks” out there. There are millions of them. And if we don’t listen to them, they will follow the same path again and again, because people are not connecting. We are becoming more and more disconnected from each other, creating more and more “Question Marks” every day.

    Most “Question Marks” don’t become murderers. Some just kill themselves. Most harm no one and live just as we do, needing antidepressants to appear what we call “normal”. They may be someone you know, someone you love.

    This “Question Mark” was once a little boy, who cried, and smiled and loved, He wanted to fit in just like you and I. But that desire to fit in transformed itself into anger towards a society that shunned and ignored him.

    How many more times will we shun and ignore the one that doesn’t fit in, the one in the corner, the one that’s different? When all we have to do is listen, before it’s too late.

    But we won’t.

    Thirty-two human beings who did not know Cho Seung-Hui were murdered.
    They were sons, daughters, fathers and mothers, with dreams of futures that will never come and children that will never be born. The thirty-two leave behind people that love them. People that are now scarred for life by this horrible day of death.

    To most of us that have not been directly involved, this tragedy will become a memory and fade like all the others that came before.

    And the “Question Marks” will appear with more frequency, again and again, because we don’t listen.

    We never do.


  • Christine

    The people that I feel the most sorrow for are his parents and family. Imagine (I truly cannot) what they are going through… what their lives would be hereto forward… the last images of their son being that of the video he sent to NBC…

  • Mat

    hello..just to drop some opinions about this sad incident..actually i kinda agree to what jdk said about him, don’t be mad monica..i mean, asshole normaly refers to those who kills without a damn good reason and live to do again..this guy here, could be in some really tight and stressful situation, maybe words can’t really express that but it seems it’s sufficient to make someone commit such a thing..calling people whom you don’t know names is really not a nice thing, i mean, you did say that jdk doesn’t know you but do you actually know the shooter? what makes you think you’re in a position to call people such impolite names? for god sake, give this man some dignity will ya?
    So, the end word from me would be, God have mercy on him and may he and the innocent people he murdered rest in peace..

  • Donnie Darko

    Monica, shut the fuck up.

  • NO

    Monica sounds like a real firecracker. wanna go out sometime.