For decades, researchers have puzzled over why rich northern countries have cancer rates many times higher than those in developing countries � and many have laid the blame on dangerous pollutants spewed out by industry.

But research into vitamin D is suggesting both a plausible answer to this medical puzzle and a heretical notion: that cancers and other disorders in rich countries aren’t caused mainly by pollutants but by a vitamin deficiency known to be less acute or even non-existent in poor nations. […]

What’s more, researchers are linking low vitamin D status to a host of other serious ailments, including multiple sclerosis, juvenile diabetes, influenza, osteoporosis and bone fractures among the elderly.

Excuse me, I’ve got to go to the pharmacy.

  • Thanks for helping me remember to take my multivitamin.

  • Alas, it is the curse of the white man. Vitamin D is so important to health, it is why pastey white skin has evolved in northern peoples exposed to less sunlight year round and colder weather that requires its denizens to wear lots of clothing.

  • sleipner

    Vitamin D is actually best attained via sun exposure rather than multivitamins. Just don’t overdo it and get skin cancer 😉

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