Video: More On Salt Water Into Fire Technology

Video: More On Salt Water Into Fire Technology


John Kanzius is all over the local Florida media, so here are a bunch of stories about his interesting new invention.

  • gary brown

    Does Mr. Kanzius mention what radio frequency & power range he is using to separate hydrogen atoms from the salt water? The possibilities of this accidental discovery are mind blowing. Furthermore, if he can control the separation process to just below the threshold of auto ignition, he could have a desalination process. I have seen a similar process used with fresh water also… oscilating copper bars were submerged into a flask of water, and the high frequency vibrations caused the hydrogen atoms to gasify. However, putting all this aside, I really do hope that Mr. Kanzius finds his cure for cancer – he’s earned it!

  • Scott Davis

    If this story dies with the idea, you know big oil and the Government do not want a free energy and a clean energy. This could be done and motors could be build around using salt water as fuel. If it burns it is energy. That energy could be used as fuel. If this fuel is stable, which I am sure it is they had better start working on it today. They have been claiming global warming and say they have been searching for alternative fuels! They should already be drawing up a design and implementing this. We no longer have to be addicted to oil and we do not have to pay the Middle East for oil anymore and they will not be able to fund terror. Its a win win situation

  • Jack Nachamkin

    I am speculating that the radio waves are dissociating the water into hydrgen and oxygen, which recombine as a flame. If that is the case, there is nothing gained. The Second Law of Thermodynamics predicts more energy is used than is released by the flame. A full analysis will require the frequency of the radio waves and the input RF energy. This will have to be compared to the energy released by the flame. It is difficult to believe that there is a “free lunch” here. Caveat Emptor.

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    The reason why petroleum is used for fuel is not because it’s combustion provides efficient energy output, but because the petroleum product itself is an efficient form of energy storage.

    Millions of years of geological activity has done all the work for us in terms of providing energy to make the fuel. Jack is right; human beings are going to have to put a lot of energy into the system to produce these radio waves. We will need some sort of fuel to do this anyway, and that will require burning something.

  • R. Clayderman

    There is no “free lunch,” but this process or a refined version of it could solve the problem of energy portability (as noted above). We can generate electricity lots of ways, even wind turbines and solar cells. Getting that energy to users, especially in vehicles that need combustion, is the problem. That’s why this is a great invention and could spur a new technology that can take place anywhere in the world: generate electricity -> produce radio emissions -> generate hydrogen -> bottle and transport hydrogen to wherever needed.

    Now — the conspiracy folks say that inventors of petroleum substitutes will be quashed or killed. Let’s all keep track and see if that happens with John Kanzius. A recent UK research team came out with another hydrogen fuel discovery just last week — none of that team has been assassinated yet. If Kanzius and the UK team survive and prosper, then perhaps we can dismiss the conspiracy theorists and their scare-mongering.

  • frankyzee

    This is simple technology that has been around for quite some time. All you have to do is a bit of research and you will see that people all over the world are experimenting with this technology and some are actually using it. Take a look at Stan Meyer (deceased) Browns gas, Hotsabi, Steve Meyer, J. Naudin, Tom Beardon just to name a few. There are many more researching this technology to take it to the next level and there are people using this technolody to power cars and generators. The sad thing is that so many of these pioneers who were trying to share this technology have died (why?) but…the information and patents are still accessable to anyone that is interested. Want to know more? email me [email protected]
    I am not selling anything, just sharing what is rightfully ours as humans on this planet.

  • Darren

    I’m 47 years old. I can remember the so-called rumors in the 1960s & 1970s about the how the Carburetor that got 100 miles to the gallon was discovered and how THEY made it disappear for ever. Who ever they are? I have no idea. And lets not for get about the infamous WATER CARBURETOR. That disappeared too.

    Now lets get back to reality here, OK?

    I remember watching my 7th grade science teacher plug in an old black AC/DC Transformer, a black tub of water and the electrodes mounted inside of the tubes of water and did the ELECTROLYSIS experiment. And to our complete amazement he made Hydrogen and Oxygen for us in his class. And of course only the two geeks in the class with our eyes bulging out of our skulls understood the implications of this and our mouths were hanging wide open as if God himself had just walked through the door at that very moment.

    At that time I also learned about the laws of Energy Conservation and rules of Thermodynamics. Most unfortunate but I had to get my feet back on the ground as well. There has to be a COST. NO FREE LUNCH.

    But Maybe we can CHEAT a little! Right? Margin of error in out understanding. Even if it is totally right, what If there is some kind of trade off and we come closer to the ideal rather than nothing at all. That is called Optimism.

    Like everyone else, I’m impressed by this video. However, I didn’t see or hear anything that suggests FREE energy here in this video. The cost nor the amount of energy spent here for creating these Radio Waves was ever established and therefore we really can’t say that there is anything Free about what we are seeing in this news release video. I just hope that this discovery will lead to something real and substantial in the area of liberating Hydrogen on demand for our homes and cars.

    Nobody; and I mean nobody wants to see this discovery succeed more than I. There isn’t a person living that is ready to tell the Middle East and big oil to go to hell more than I.

    We should all consider our selves very lucky to even be witnessing these types of discoveries in these days of high gas prices and WARS of Aggression over OIL. I do not want to see another American Soldier come home in a body bag when we can be energy independent. I also old enough to remember the body bags that came home from Viet Nam as well.

    Enough about that. From one Techno – Geek to the others here, I just hope that this pans out to be the real thing. It could save all of our lives and our children’s lives in the not too long future.

    Techno – Geek

  • goddog

    Techno, what you say is true. However cheating, even just a little bit is a real possiblity. By drilling deep water wells out in the sunny Southwest (320 out of 365 days) and using mirrored solar energy to “crack water”, would I think be a fine way to “cheat, just a little”. And I might add kill a few birds with one stone at the same time.

  • goddog

    Techno, speaks the truth. However cheating just a little bit is in the cards. Drilling deep water wells out in the Southwest, where sunny days prevail 320 out of 365 days and using solar energy to crack water is cheating just a little bit. But it’s good cheating, and I might add doing so could allow one to kill a few birds with one stone… so to speak.

  • Mr Science

    Why are you peons rubbishing on about “free Energy” I see nothing of the sort here. There is a fuel source (the ocean) which if you burn it all up, is gone unless you allow it to be replenished in some way. No free lunch here folks, but a possible remedy for the rising oceans due to global warming?

  • Jodie Williams

    Does anyone here know anything about M-state metals? Saltwater had high amounts of gold, thorium, and irridium. It had been said that saltwater has a pound of gold per every 500 gallons. David Hudson discovered them in the 70’s. Anyway to make a long story short could the radio waves striking the M-state element superheating them be causing the reaction?

    Here is a link to David Hudson’s work….

  • bzpapa

    Am I missing something? Some 22 years of my working career has been spent in the automobile business===but not as a mechanic. However, I have read so many folks questioning about the “no free lunch”, i.e. it takes energy to produce energy===perhaps “taking” more energy than is “produced” in a water/fuel scenario. Many say that the auto battery would not have enough lasting energy to continue giving more energy than is produced.

    But…..the battery only gets the engine turning. After that, the alternator takes over. As the fuel keeps the engine spinning, the alternator is continually turning and “producing” energy that keeps the electrical current going and firing the fuel in the cylindars. The alternator also produces current that re-charges the battery so that it can again start the engine turning for subsequent energy cycles.

    It seems to me that, whatever the fuel is that keeps the engine turning, the result would be that the alternator===or some beefed-up version of the same idea as an alternator===continuously produces electrical energy to fire the fuel.

    Stanley Meyer had developed a mechinism that would produce enough energy to actually power a normal automobile down the road. I understand that his brother is now trying to take the technoloty further. Has anyone heard anything on this?

    Think outside the box!


  • David

    Interesting discovery. Will be surprised if this invention ever ends up in a vehicle. In the meantime, there is a company in France that is currently manufacturing vehicles that run on compressed air. Will run close to 200 miles on one charge. No batteries, no fuel. Cold AC using the exhaust. Maybe we will see one of these in the near future.

  • Pedro

    If the RF generator can separate Hydrogen from the saltwater as shown in the video then what will happen if radio waves is directed to a human body that is composed of say 70 to 80 percent water and other elements?

  • Tex

    Perhaps the point of all the hullabaloo around an energy source is to draw attention to the fact that Mr. Kanzius woke up in the middle of the night with a potential cure for cancer. That is the real story, but would it have made the news?

  • J Mason Emerson

    A man’s hands use a tiny bit of energy to move a match so that it burns, a huge pile of wood that it burns uses the energy called heat which burns for a whole day or longer.

    The tiny bit of initial energy thus allows for the usage of a huge amount of energy.

    That is what this device does. It takes some energy to set the radio waves into motion but once in motion they can unlock a vast amount of energy in say a gallon or a barrow of salt water.

    There’s no “free” energy but the overall liberated energy by many magnitudes exceeds the initial starting energy.

    Also given the abundance of salt water it might as well be “free” in the sense of money.

    To use the process as a viable form of power for an auto engine the 3,000 degree temperature must be coped with as it is or else the temperature must be cooled down prior to application to physical parts.

    I tend to think the rocket, missile and jet engine folks may be helpful with that aspect. If not for powering cars and trucks, then another application might be for powering trains.

    An MIT research team has figured out how to safely use a magnetic field to wirelessly illuminate an unplugged light bulb from seven feet away etc. Details are in the June 7, 2007 issue of Science Express, an online publication of the journal Science; also look here:

  • darryloflife

    Well it seems that this man has stumbled on what Nicola Tesla had discovered back in the 19th century. The key to the experiment is the radio frequency able to light up the fluorescent tube. Tesla was using this in his displays of high frequency radio waves and their potentials between 1900 and 1910.
    The gas being released is similar to the electrolysis that takes place when you put stainless steel plates in water and apply a 12 volt current and produce a ignitable gas called “Brown’s Gas”.
    We need to set the internal combustion engine properly first before we set them up to run on Hydrogen.
    As Hydrogen is a gas it requires an engine that has a perfect temperature gradient with a variation of no more than 2 degree’s celsius.
    Water cooled internal combustion engines around the world have been suffering from a poor state of TUNE due to ignorance with regard to setting the standards with regard to Otto’s origional requirements for the four stroke engine.
    To rely on hydrogen as a fuel in gaseous form requires an ideal engine temprature alot hotter than we run them on the current range of fuels.
    WAKE UP MANKIND your internal fire is out of control.

  • http://YourLeatherShop.Net Wondering

    Okay… if this information has been arounf for a long time, why are we getting so excited about it? Why aren’t we getting more excited about the fact that there might be another way of combating cancer? Doesn’t anyone think about the consequences of another cancer cure? Or a better way of attacking it? Saving lives? Cheaper way of doing it?

    It would actually be better if we found out what was causing it instead. Ya know…like, what’s in our water supply? Or, what’s in the food we are eating? The air we breath? Something is causing it! What?

  • Optimistic

    I have researched this before, I did an entire project on producing hydrogen from salt water. Unfortunately, I am not experienced on how a car engine works, so I was not able to get very far. But the amount of hydrogen that is produced from salt water is incredible! I believe once you get the hydrogen going, you can use the power from the hydrogen to recharge the battery that you’ve used to produce the hydrogen…a beautiful circle. All that is left from burning hydrogen is steam, h2o, or better known as…WATER. I am wondering why someone hasn’t used this method of energy…or is it just that the oil companies have a monopoly over the US…world?

  • vinbeazel

    There is some interesting discussions being generated on this blog; I found over 30000 sites under the name of this inventor! The use of videos to document the Oil2Windpower transition, as more of the oil companies and their engineers are compelled to dispose of the “unsightly profits”, for an industry that used to break even on light crude at about 25 dollars/gallon. The oil producers are anxious to get the billions off the books, with few places to hide so much money.

    There will be an attempt to control the outbreak of new energy; which we believe will fail, as more companies find ways to make the consumers into stakeholders, as we are starting to witness the expansion of power transmission lines across Texas; the billionaires are spending their oil profits on windpower plants in Iowa and Texas, and we have the videos that document this new development, and countless others around the globe…

    You want to see how this technology can be used by mechanics, who are teaching themselves how to build electic hybrids…check out the SAE Energy company of Wichita, which has shown the GM Engineers how to build a better hummer…one that uses a super turbine to charge capacitors; it is designed to go from 0 to 60 mph in five seconds, and guzzle biodiesel for 60 mpg…the name of the article is “MotorHead Messiah”, posted on

    I found it by typing it in on Google.

  • Hmmm

    I’ve seen a lot of unqualified speculation so far but no actual data.
    Everyone who has actually done comprehensive research into this subject and has quantified the energy input/output please raise your hand.
    All of you who raised your hand please provide the indicated values for review.
    Optimistic is the only one who says he has done the research but has not provided any data. I would be very interested in it.
    It should be easy to test.
    Get a high powered radio transmitter. You might have one in your kitchen. A microwave oven should do nicely.
    Try putting a vial of salt water in your microwave with a lit match above it and turn the microwave on.
    Well, maybe it’s the wrong frequency. Perhaps disassociation occurs at a specific wavelength. Teslas work involved excitation by additive electromagnetic fields. Perhaps playing with the frequency of the magnetron would work. It could be that the power necessary to exhibit the effect is reduced. I would not preclude the possibility. There are too many variables, known and unknown, for me to draw a conclusion either way.
    I don’t know. The wife would kill me if I blew up the microwave, killed myself, or worse yet, burned down the house or poisoned the family with released chlorine gas. I don’t have adequate facilities to safely test the theories. Maybe one of you scientists or theorists could put the theory to the test and get back to us with a full report.
    Until then, your pessimism and optimism is premature.

  • jptm1

    i’m no genius either; in fact all of this discussion for a ‘free’ energy baffles me when i begin to think about how the world would change if saltwater, i.e. the ocean were to become ‘fuel’.

    would you still be able to go to the beach and swim and surf? or would you be hindered by those who would want some kind of monetary payoff to gain access to the ‘fuel’? i know this must sound odd, but i just think that it’s an absurdly brilliant idea to create upon…

    ok, back to the chemistry…

  • Mike Hickmon

    I use NaOH for my electrolyte when I run my electrolyzers to make HHO. It works great and is very efficient.

  • Jasen D. Hayworth

    Wow praise God its been 5 years since the last post!I care very much about this if it happens it will save many lives!!!I was told that the special frequency was 13.56 Mhz and on a post right above were I found this one on the web someone wrote 13.56 Hz lets try them both and see if one could be the special one! Please lets in Jesus name can someone say Amen! P.s. this is the futher of clean renewable energy and a cure for cancer…God Bless you John Kanzious more Love less greed! HYour friend jasen aka GBH2o4u