Carnival of Divided Government TERTIUS DECIMUS Post-Memorial Day Fishing Holiday...

Carnival of Divided Government TERTIUS DECIMUS Post-Memorial Day Fishing Holiday Edition


A day late, but welcome to the May 29, 2007 edition of the Carnival of Divided Government. This edition brought to you from the global headquarters of the DWSUWF blog, temporarily relocated to an undisclosed location near a bass lake and a trout stream in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


As explained in earlier editions, we have adopted Latin ordinal numeration in order to impart a patina of gravitas reflecting the historical importance of the series. In this edition, as in all of the CODGOV series, we select volunteers and draftees from the blogosphere and main stream media on the singular topic of government divided between the major parties (leaving it to the reader to sort out volunteers from draftees).

Fishing for Divided Government Posts

Our first catch is from the Boston Dissentator, who secured top billing in this carnival by employing a fishing metaphor in support of his thesis that blogs can be a positive influence in moderating the polarizing partisan divide in Uniting Our “Divided” Nation” posted at The Dissentators:

“Our impulses and our emotions may sometimes cause us to take the bait when media and politicians dangle the partisan hook, but deep down inside I think we all know that the divisive culture is not helping at all and in fact doing real damage, and we also know deep down inside that no one agrees with everything every politician from one party believes. So we are ready for this change, and I think that this change can only come from the blogs, since the media and the politicians all benefit from the increase in attention they get from keeping the divisive atmosphere alive.”

There is much to like in this essay. It is thoughtful, optimistic and the dissentator practices what he preaches, maintaining an engaging, respectful and high level discourse with his fellow dissentators around the globe. But alas, “deep down inside”, as a skeptical realist, I conclude that the BostonDissentator makes more than a few mistakes in this essay. He assumes that a “unified” America is a desirable, even normal state, that partisanship is bad, and then compounds these errors by implying that polarized partisan bickering is a relatively new phenomena that can be attributed to modern main stream media and politicians. This blogger finds those assertions to be a bit naive and practically Un-American. This is ground that DWSUWF covered in the post “Unity08 and fellow travellers Tony Snow and David Gregory promote Un-American activities”, in which we outline the historical case that “Polarized Partisan Politics Promotes Popular Participation.” There is something to be learned about the postive effect of divided government and partisan wrangling in the recent legislative efforts on Iraq, immigration, and Congressional oversight…

Continued at Divided We Stand United We Fall.