The numbers have been pretty consistent on this issue, but it certainly bears repeating when majorities from both parties keep saying they favor some form of legislation to grant illegal aliens a pathway to citizenship:

From LA Times:

WASHINGTON â€â€? A strong majority of Americans â€â€? including nearly two-thirds of Republicans â€â€? favor allowing illegal immigrants to become citizens if they pay fines, learn English and meet other requirements, a new Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll has found. […]

Only 23% of adults surveyed opposed allowing undocumented immigrants to gain legal status. That finding bolsters the view, shared by President Bush, that the bill’s opponents represent a vocal minority whereas most people are more welcoming toward illegal immigrants. […]

Although the pathway to citizenship is one of the most controversial provisions of the Senate bill, 63% of those polled backed the idea � as did 58% of those who identified themselves as conservatives and 65% of Republicans.

So what is Bush doing about it?

Republican opponents floated the idea to Bush that he ask Congress for a new spending bill — similar to the requests he makes for the Iraq war — to pay for the extra enforcement measures proposed in the new immigration bill before any of its other provisions take effect. Others sent Bush a letter insisting that existing border measures be enforced without a larger bill.

Bush acknowledged broad public skepticism about the government’s credibility on enforcement of illegal immigration.

“We’ve got to convince the American people that this bill is the best way to enforce our border,” Bush said. “I believe without the bill that it’s going to be harder to enforce the border.”

I don’t agree that this latest immigration bill is the right one to pass, and I think it’s going to go down in defeat. But I hope that only helps to refocus the earned amnesty arguments, because we all know it’s going to have to happen sooner or later.

  • Paul the American

    Poll question can be rigged to produce the wanted outcome. Some polls ask 100 quesitons then pick out 3 or 4 “loaded” questions that produced the answers that were wanted to back up a particular agenda. Another poll stated that 59% of Americans wanted ALL ILLEGALS deported. But of course you don’t see that statistic in the above article.

  • Mary

    These polls are all bogus because they only give the choice of amnesty or deportation. The DO NOT give the third alternative of attrition by enforcement — and this is by design. These so called mainstream media “polls” are designed to elicit the responses you highlight and that is why they are all consistent. Show us a poll with “attrition through enforcement” as an option and I guarantee the majority of Americans will chose that option — NOT amnesty.

    In addiition this poll did not ask respondants if they supported the Bush-Kennedy amnesty bill outright. They asked the respondants if they supported “central tenants” of the Bush-Kennedy amnesty bill. Not the same thing as well, and I wonder why they didn’t ask the question honestly? Were they afraid of eliciting responses of “hell no, I’m not in favor of this particular bill?”

    The Rasmussen poll recently found that only 20 percent of Americans want to pass the amnesty bill.

  • I’d be happy to allow these aliens into my country on several accounts.

    They accept felony charges and accept that they will be labelled a felon for entering this country illegally.

    A fence, complete with armed guards and surveylance is constructed along the ENTIRE US / Mexico border.

    If you are capable of manual labor, you have no need for Welfare. You can get a job, so I don’t need to support you.

  • Jeremy

    James, this is not to personally attack you or your position but who’s country is this really?

    I don’t feel any human being has an innate or intrinsic right to any patch of land regardless his argument, although contemporary geo-political reasoning would like to think otherwise. I do not agree.

    As I am a caucasian born American I don’t believe history’s precedence is on my side. My ancestors thought it perfectly okay to voyage to an alien land which their ancestors have never set foot on and claim it for themselves despite the fact that this country had been peopled for millennia before them.

    Through the use of religious dogmas, military superiority and and down right disregard for the age-old inhabitants of this land they intended to take “what God and King” had ordained them by divine and royal proclamation. The only problem is who gave this land to King George in order for him to give it to his subjects?

    Early Europeans saw it as their right to take and “use this land” as they often made justification, saying that indians do not fence in the land or own land like Europeans in the sense that Europeans claim land as property.

    My whole problem with this is that we seem to think since we came to this land and stole it that it somehow is ours now. Enough time has passed and enough “American” (i.e. white, European triumphalism) stories have been created to wipe away all the lies, death, destruction and unjustness we have rot upon this land in the name of God and “civilized” society.

    So, It’s my view that we white, Europeans now call this land our land, America home of the Red, White and Blue. No, it’s the land of thieves and their childrens’ children, which I might add continue to make excuses for their total disrespect of the land and the people that lived here long before them just like their fathers’ before them did. There is countless treaties that white men made with the people who first inhabited this country and almost without exception all of them were lies. When we told the Cherokee that becoming like us would ingratiate them among the white men, they did and it still wasn’t good enough. Unfortunately there was no way to take all the indian out of the indians, no matter what they did it would never be good enough.

    With all the “civilizing” and “reclamation” of this land we have so proudly done we’ve polluted and destroyed countless rivers, wildernesses and paved over this beautiful land from sea to shining sea.

    When you say these Mexicans can come and stay in “your” country as long as they follow your laws and become legal I can’t help but think who the true “aliens” really are in this country.

    That’s just my personal take. I understand how you feel and I believe that we all can live together and share this world. I know from a technical stand point that we cannot have everyone come to the United States because there is only so much resources to go around. On that note, I would like to see a fair and honest immigration bill come about that would allow for people from other countries to come to America to seek a better life and I would also like to see all of us have respect for the law no matter your ethnic background.

  • These polls are predisposed to get a desired response. A good poll breaks down the feeling towards the related factors of an issue. A better form of polling would look something like this. If you ask people how they feel about people who commit crimes, what should be done with those caught breaking the law, and who should pay for the expense of detaining, training, and policing them.

    The poll asked about the feelings towards illegal immigrants who pay fines, learn English, and meet requirements. They don’t ask where the illegals should be held until these requirements are met, who is going to determine if they are met, and should tax dollars be spent to do it?

    I doubt that if the poll participants had to stare into the eyes of a mother whose little girl was killed by a car accident caused by an illegal immigrant that they would be so willing to brush off their impact. They talk about the jobs nobody else will do, yet the illegals are found landscaping, cleaning hotels, and drywalling. these are all jobs many Americans could make a decent living doing in the past.

  • When you say these Mexicans can come and stay in “yourâ€Â? country as long as they follow your laws and become legal I can’t help but think who the true “aliensâ€Â? really are in this country.

    I was BORN here… I’m an American.

    Don’t you dare claim I’m some form of trespasser on my own land.

  • Paul the American

    The latest poll I’ve seen says only 20% of people polled agree with the “amnesty” bill in its current form.

    Trent Lott has publicly stated that the “grand bargainers” don’t care what amendments get passed as long as the bill gets through the house and senate. Then, when the bill goes to committee, all of these amendments will be removed before it gets to Jorge W.’s desk.

    CALL YOUR SENATORS. If you already have THEN DO IT AGAIN!!

  • ivan

    Congress MUST PASS the bill NOW!
    God will judge all the racists if they don’t pass this bill.
    Millions of HUMAN BEINGS are depending on it. MONSTERS such as Sessions, Dobbs and Tancredo will burn in HELL!!!
    Explain to my mother who has a masters degree in chemistry but works in cleaning and was able to pay out of state tuition for me to go to law school why she couldn’t go home to bury her own mother last Christmas.
    This is a human tragedy. STOP the rhetoric. Stop the racism.
    If it was up to the “American people”, “separate but equal” will still be in place!!!
    Remember, the Creator is watching! The next person to say”But they are illegal” will face God’s wrath. We are all humans! We all have dignity!
    PS:”American” doesn’t mean “white-anglo-saxon-protestant” any more! We live in the XXI century!!! It is a different world we live in, gnetlemen from Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and other bastions of racism!
    America is about HOPE. Read what E. Lazarus said: it is on that famous statue!

  • cohen

    It is a human rights issue. Congress must act quickly.
    Status quo is unacceptable and the problem cannot be ignored any more. Maybe we can start by “deporting back in time to Nazi Germany” Tancredo, Dobbs, Sessions, King and other such racists.
    Millions are waiting! Congress must pass the bill. A hundred years ago it was a joke to get citizenship: you sign your name at Ellis Island and that’s that. The good ‘ole boy America is no more!!!

  • Cactus Wren

    Jeremy, if you’re worried about the environment … which I happen to be… then you should be SCREAMING YOUR HEAD OFF for securing our southern border. It has been TRASHED. Areas of if may not recover in our lifetime. Living by the border I know that first hand, and have seen FAR, FAR too much of it.

    BTW, are you aware American indians killed more of each other than any newcomers did? Indian tribes were often absolutely brutal to other tribes. Slavery, rape, stealing each other’s lands, etc. The strong tribes survived. That’s the way it was. That’s the way it is. That’s the way it always will be. Time for you to get used to it.

    well, ivan, if your mother spent all her money on you, that was her choice. Why didn’t YOU give her the money to go home?

    You are one selfish boy. The Creator is probably not too happy with you.

    and cohen, if it’s a human rights issue, then you should be taking it up with Mexico, China, and several other countries.
    yes, millions are waiting… and I don’t believe in rewarding those who cheat, then demand their tickets be punched first. There should be a fair and equal chance for others – or don’t you believe in fair and equal? Those now here illegally shoud be kicked out to the back of the line.

    Racism? Yeah, yeah, yeah… that’s the standard fallback for those who have no other argument.

  • Paul the American

    cohen Says:

    June 16th, 2007 at 1:51 am
    It is a human rights issue

    So it’s a “human right” that everyone can come to American and become a citizen?

    cohen says “A hundred years ago it was a joke to get citizenship: you sign your name at Ellis Island and that’s that.”

    A hundred years ago immigrants didn’t come to this country for free emergency room health care, free education which they demanded in their native tongue, and other government handouts. I wouldn’t have a problem with letting the non-criminals stay if they were to sign a pledge to NEVER RECEIVE ONE PENNY OF MY TAX DOLLARS IN GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE.