CNN/YouTube Debate Rescheduled?

CNN/YouTube Debate Rescheduled?


Giuliani and Romney are balking at the talking snowmen by saying that scheduling conflicts and the format were issues.

So CNN is now saying, “Okay, what time works for you?”

The GOP version of the CNN/YouTube debate is still scheduled for Sept. 17, but may be moved to a later date.

CNN spokeswoman Mara Gassman says CNN’s Washington bureau chief and debate executive producer David Bohrman is talking with the Republican presidential campaigns about scheduling issues.

Gassman could not say more beyond issuing a statement from Bohrman: “We’re working with the campaigns to resolve any scheduling issues.”

Some news Web sites stated this weekend that the debate is being moved to a later date, and Ron Paul’s blog says it’s being moved to December.

December? You’re kidding me, right?

Come on guys…just do it already. Even the Florida GOPers are saying you guys should do it…

“This debate is an unprecedented opportunity for people in Florida and across the nation to ask the Republican presidential candidates where they stand on the issues,” state party chairman Jim Greer said Friday. “It is also evidence of Florida’s growing and prominent role in the 2008 presidential election cycle, and we are excited to partner with the campaigns, CNN, and YouTube to bring the Republican presidential candidates to viewers across America.”

Mitt…Rudy…grow a pair.

  • bret

    There was an email circulated, purportedly from some CNN flunkie, that said the debate was still on for Sept. 17, period. Don’t know how reliable that is, of course, but it would be interesting if so! I hope they stick to it, they may have to because of rent clauses etc, heh. I’m fine with just seeing McCain and Paul duke it out (Tommy Thompson will likely be gone after Ames anyway).

  • Brad

    Just like the candidates are bowing out of the Iowa straw poll, they are trying to skirt these debates. Why? Because they know they cannot stand toe to toe with reasoned arguments, and they know that these debates just end up making them look like jackasses.

    Skirting the straw poll is telling because it’s obvious they are trying to set a new trend of taking the power out of the hands of the people and putting it back into the hands of the consolidated media, who will surely tell people what matters and what doesn’t in an effort to prevent them from having to think for themselves. Now whoever wins the straw poll will have the victory taken from them because everyone who was, in the media’s darling eyes, “important” wasn’t there.

    The American people should PUNISH this cowardice by refusing to elect someone who will not participate. You wouldn’t give a Super Bowl trophy to a team that forfeited, would you? Why award some coward a nomination for president? That goes for Thompson too, seeing as he is skirting all the REAL debating and lurking scared in the shadows of half-assed campaigning.

    Thompson, Giuliani, and Romney are the worst kind of cowards. They are all reading from the same playbook, probably written by the same criminals who are backing all three of them.

    They are doing what they are doing because they know that it is helping the competition to participate. They know that they can only control their message if the campaign is conducted on the playing court of the TV and radio through second hand soundbytes and political spin artists. These are their henchmen and without them to hide behind, these men are slithering swine too scared of their own shadow to conduct an honorable debate with the likes of Ron Paul, who is a true statesman.