Who Do You Trust? Apparently Not Romney.

Who Do You Trust? Apparently Not Romney.


Gallup just conducted a recent poll about a few topics, and boy does Romney have some catching up to do. I guess the “empty suit” meme is sticking.

First Giuliani and McCain share the top slot, which could signal good news for the Straight Talker.

Now we move onto terrorism. Giuliani dominates because of his 9/11 status. Do note again how McCain sticks right up there with him.

No suprises on this next slide, but note that Giuliani is yet again tops on the Republican side.

And here’s the biggie. By all accounts, Romney is an extremely successful business man and the richest of all of the candidates by far.

And yet…


What this shows us is that Rudy is the one to beat, and the only one who looks like he’s close to beating him is actually John McCain.

Could the Repubs be backing a losing horse in Romney? After all, the guy has been out there for some months now and people know who he is. They’ve seen his commercials. They’re heard him speak at the debates. If after all this time he’s polling those “trust” numbers, his campaign better start doing something and quick.

Meanwhile, Real Clear Politics shows us that Rudy and Romeny are neck and neck in the key battlegrounds states of Iowa and New Hampshire, but in South Carolina Rudy dominates Romney.

  • JoeCitizen

    Nosing around in these numbers, one of the interesting tidbits to emerge is the extent that “Hillary Derangement Syndrome” infects Republicans.

    No surprise the Republicans dont trust Democrats on much of anything, certainly not security issues. But if you go to Gallup and read the break-outs, and look at some of the numbers for Republican confidence in the various Dem candidates you see something very interesting.

    Unlike Dems, or Independents, who rank Clinton as somewhat better than Obama on these issues, Republicans express almost TWICE as much confidence in Obama to handle security issues than Clinton.

    Now, I am an Obama supporter so it is not that I am upset with that. And I do think Obama can be trusted on these issues. But, if anything, Clinton would, obviously, be closer to the Republican approach on these matters than would Obama. Why is it that Republicans would prefer Obama to Clinton on security matters? It is totally irrational.
    I think HDS is the only explanation.

  • Brad

    These numbers are all about name recongnition. Romney and most others that don’t have immediate name recognition haven’t really introduced themselves to the other 47 states.

    You say that “they’ve seen his commercials.” ONLY IN IOWA, NH, and SC! DON”T YOU GET IT?

    If you want to see how voters respond to Romney, you need to look at the states where he has been campaigning. That should be a no-brainer for you guys.

    If you keep making more of these silly polls than you ought, you’re going to lose credibility.

    I’d like to see the exact same poll conducted in the states of Iowa, NH, and SC. I bet the results would be a lot different.

  • http://girlinshortshorts.blogspot.com/ Becky

    I know it is lame to talk about Romney flip flopping–but it is the story. He never could have been elected dog catcher in Massachusetts with his current positons.

    I lived in Mass, and he was actually a good governor–until he decided to use the Supreme Judaical Court’s decision on gay marriage to give him a national name as the heir apparent of the Rove strategy.


  • http://westanddivided.blogspot.com/ mw

    Yeah Romney is a flip flopper. Thats what makes him trustworthy. Trustworthy in the sense that you can reasonably predict what you will actually get if he is elected. The most interesting aspect of the guy is Romney’s seeming ability to to get away with wholesale changes in core Republican positions. Hehas a slick Clintonesque sincere-ish quality, even when explaining 180 degree flip-flops in core convictions. People want to believe him, even if his political platform is clearly found at the intersection of his ambition and the latest poll. It is clear that, like Bill Clinton, he will govern based on the polls and continuous compromise. Not a bad thing, since there will likely still be a Democratic majority in Congress in 2009. I am not opposed to a President that pays attention to the will of the American people. We will probably still Unionbe in the range of 70% of America wanting us out of Iraq by the time the next President takes office. As president, Romney will get us out of Iraq quickly, no matter what he says now to get the nomination. He can be trusted to blow with wind. Out of this batch of Republican candidates, it’s good enough for me.

  • http://www.donklephant.com Justin Gardner

    Jeezus Brad, calm down.

    And check the update before you go YELL AT US WITH ALL CAPS!!!

  • Jeremy

    It’s my guess that religion is not going to play as big a role as it did in the previous two elections. A good share of Republican conservatives feel put off by the level of scandal and corruption that took place in the
    Republican led congress.

    Religion is still a central issue for Republicans but I don’t think the Republican party is going to be able to generate as much voter excitement as they did in the last few elections. People feel lied to and
    it’s my guess that they will be voting for a “stand-up guy” rather than a “man of God.”

    Although Mitt Romney is technically a “Christian,” the vast majority of Republican Christians identify themselves as either “protestant” or “Catholic” not Mormon. I think if Mitt Romney were the right guy, people would be quick to look past his denominational affiliation and accept him like any other candidate, but he doesn’t seem to be presidential and I think that might have people thinking more about his religion and less about Romney.

    It’s hard to tell exactly what people think of this guy. I just don’t see him garnering enough mass appeal to be nominated. Not even as a vice president. Keep in mind that the Church of Latter Day Saints has grown enormously in the latter part of the 20th century. They make up about 13 million adherents total and my personal experience with the Mormon Church on the west coast U.S. says they have big aspirations. They are reaching out to a mass geographical expanse and they are one of the fastest growing denominations in the country.

    Perhaps with the Republicans in the dog house, they think courting the 13 millions strong Church of Jesus Christ might create
    a significant voter base for the Republicans.

    It will be interesting to see if the Republican party adopts the Mormon cause as their own in order to makeup for migration of Midwestern conservatives and Southern conservatives disaffected
    by all of the scandal of this Republican administration.

  • http://www.renbook.com Gene Berkman

    Mitt Romney has the most principles of any candidate in this race. He has at least two sets of principles for every issue.

    In a sense, Romney represents the real tragedy of this campaign. There is a constituency in the Republican Party for a candidate who is successful in business, and who takes a more liberal stand on social issues, as Romney did when campaigning in Massachusetts. In changing his stands to pander to a vocal minority of Republicans, Romney has thrown away his real opportunity in this election.

  • http://www.donklephant.com Justin Gardner

    In a sense, Romney represents the real tragedy of this campaign. There is a constituency in the Republican Party for a candidate who is successful in business, and who takes a more liberal stand on social issues, as Romney did when campaigning in Massachusetts. In changing his stands to pander to a vocal minority of Republicans, Romney has thrown away his real opportunity in this election.


  • Krim

    Totally agree with Brad, this poll is mostly about name recognition than knowledgeable choice.

    To think that Clinton, a socialist, or the political neophyte Obama are superior in matters of economy to a veteran capitalist Romney is a definite sign of misguidance. Similarly, it was Romney who devised and implemented universal health coverage in his state – compare that to Hillarycare. So to say that the democrats have stronger healthcare credentials is also a sign of misguidance.

    Now, if you compare national exposure enjoyed by Hillary and Obama to that of Romney, the democrats dwarf the Governor. So, without national advertising and campaigning Romney’s numbers are actually NOT that bad. Of course he has some catching up to do, but let’s get through the primaries first.